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                                                                     Great Health Teaching Tools

                                                     Lexington-Fayette County Health Department

The     Lexington-Fayette   County    Health                   Dietary Guidelines Display
Department has a variety of health education                   This display, titled “Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle”
displays, props and other materials that are                   focuses on the Dietary Guidelines for
available for you to borrow free of charge*.                   Americans. Tips and recommended servings
Call early, some items are popular and are                     for adults from each food group are shown,
often “checked out”. Pictures of many of our                   plus a section on “ways to get moving”.
displays are available on our website,
www.lexingtonhealthdepartment.org.        To                   Soft Drink Display
reserve items, please call 288-2423.                           This display, titled “Get the Real Facts”,
                                                               contains facts on the amount of sugar in sodas
                                                               and the health problems associated with
Nutrition Displays                                             drinking them. It is brightly colored and works
                                                               best for middle-school age children to adults.
                                                               Props are included that visually demonstrate
Benefits of Breastfeeding Display
                                                               the amount of sugar in a 20 oz. soft drink or
This display lists various benefits of
                                                               fruit flavored beverage. Teacher lesson plans
breastfeeding for babies, mothers, and
                                                               and ideas are also available to accompany this
communities. The rolled, laminated content
sheet is 3’ by 6’ and attaches by Velcro to a
table-top board or bulletin board (not included).
                                                               Fast Food Display
                                                               Our display, titled “Value Your Meal” outlines
Low-Fat Dairy Display
                                                               six ways that you can eat healthier on the run.
This display, titled “Choose 1% or Less”, is
                                                               High fat menu choices and their healthier
colorful, simple and informative. It contains
                                                               alternatives are pictured.
facts on the fat content of whole, 2%, 1% and
skim milk. It also contains examples of low fat
dairy foods other than milk. Included are props
for students to compare products and labels of                 Tobacco Displays
a variety of 1% or less dairy foods.
                                                               A Closer Look at Tobacco
Kids MyPyramid Display                                         Identifying "starter" products as well as smoke
This display, called “Eat Right. Exercise. Have                and smokeless tobacco products and their
Fun.” reviews the new MyPyramid for Kids and                   paraphernalia, this 3D table-top display
includes examples of healthy foods and                         exposes common progressions of tobacco
snacks. It encourages children to find a                       addiction. The realistic models are enclosed
balance between food and fun, and is best                      behind Plexiglas.
used to supplement a nutrition lesson or
presentation. It may also be used as a stand-                  Don’t Give Up Giving Up
alone display at a health fair for older children.             This display outlines reasons to quit smoking,

                                                     Lexington-Fayette County Health Department
                                                     650 Newtown Pike
                                                     Lexington, KY 40508
                                                     (859) 288-2395
ways to get ready to quit and how to stay          changes were made between the old food
smoke-free.                                        guide pyramid and this new version. Learn to
                                                   navigate the MyPyramid.gov website and how
Effects & Hazards of Secondhand Smoke              to use it to create your daily eating plan. CD
Many people don't realize that the smoke           with presentation and lesson plans for all ages
produced by a burning cigarette can be just as     available.
deadly as that which the smoker inhales. This
folding display points out that secondhand
smoke puts nonsmokers at risk for developing
a number of serious conditions and diseases.

Smoking and Your Baby
Exposure to tobacco smoke poses serious
health risks, especially during pregnancy. This
folding display clearly outlines the hazards of
smoking during and after pregnancy. Also
contains information on the dangers of low

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of
Tobacco – En Espanol!
This Spanish-language display shows the
benefits of smoking cessation and tobacco-
related Hispanic death statistics in the U.S.      Secrets of Good Health
                                                   This beautiful hatbox is chock full of props
                                                   that demonstrate different health messages.
                                                   Using interactive audience participation, the
Other Health Topic Displays                        “Secrets of Good Health” is a dramatic and
                                                   memorable        way    to    reinforce    health
Arthritis Display                                  messages. For example, a rubber band
This display gives an overview of what arthritis   symbolizes the importance of developing
is, gives statistics of how many people suffer     flexibility and the class is invited to do some
with this condition and offers tips on             stretching. A pillow reminds the group to get
prevention.                                        enough sleep. The kit includes a “tried and
                                                   true” script that has pertinent facts, as well as
Derma Scan/Skin Cancer Prevention                  practical ideas for incorporating healthy
Did you know that 80% of the sun damage to         behaviors into our lives. The props in the box
our skin occurs by the age of 18? This damage      can be adjusted to address the health issues
is invisible to the naked eye, but will become     of the audience.
more visible as we age. The Derma Scan is a
box that uses UV light to show you sun             Tyrone Tooth
damage. Even more important than the vanity        Tyrone is a tooth-shaped pillow that teaches
aspect is the information presented in the         children about which foods “stick” to the teeth
accompanying display about melanoma (the           and which “slide off”. A script is available,
most deadly form of skin cancer). This display     along with props such as a jumping rope that
is only available only with a health department    is used to “floss” the children. This program is
employee.                                          appropriate for children 3rd grade & under.

Presentations/“Kits”                               Props & Costumes
MyPyramid                                          Clem's Phlegm Model
Explore the new MyPyramid throughout this          Graphically demonstrating one of the nasty
PowerPoint presentation.  Discover what
consequences of smoking, this attention-
getting, sealed jar contains about 2 weeks of      What’s Really in Cigarettes?
the phlegm that would be coughed up by a           A collection of various containers of ingredients
smoker with COPD. Great discussion starter         used to produce cigarettes. Used as a visual
for any anti-smoking lesson or program.            for young children and even adults.

Giant Mr. Gross Mouth                              What Mommy Does, Baby Does Model
This hand-painted, 3-D model easily shows          With cigarette butts, pills, and beer bottle caps
the effects of gingivitis, carcinomas, and tooth   suspended in plastic, this model graphically
decay; and provides good reasons for people        illustrates how alcohol, tobacco, and other
to avoid smokeless tobacco. Includes a 4"-         substances can cross the placenta and
wide cancerous tongue made of realistic            damage a fetus.
BIOLIKE™. Comes with a jar of tobacco that
can be used to make tobacco juice.                 Produce Man Costume
                                                   Need a 6-foot tall fruit and veggie guy for your
Harry’s Scary Tongue                               health promotion activities? Produce Man is a
Providing a graphic look at what using             lettuce lovin’, pepper packin’, watermelon
tobacco does to the tongue, this display is a      wearin’ messenger for 5-A-Day promotions.
great way to encourage kids to say no to           This is a mascot style costume that
cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Harry’s          completely covers the wearer in fruits and
giant tongue, made of BIOLIKE 2™, portrays         veggies. (*There is a $25.00 rental fee and a
three scary conditions that can result from        $100.00 refundable deposit for this costume,
tobacco use: hairy tongue, leukoplakia, and        as it is very expensive to maintain.)
tongue cancer. Accompanying text explains
each condition.                                    Other Nutrition Props:
                                                   Fat & Muscle Blobs, Food Picture Cards,
Lung Lou Wheeze                                    “How Much Fat?” Tubes, and “How Much
Students get a shockingly accurate picture of      Salt?” Tubes are available as well.
smoking-related lung damage with this
interactive display. Lou-Wheeze has two
flexible latex lung models. One representing a     Screenings
healthy lung, and the other depicts the
damage done by emphysema and cancer.               Body Fat Analysis
Comes with bellows pump and instructions.
                                                   Our Tanita machine looks like a scale, but
                                                   uses bioelectrical impedance to analyze your
Innocent Smoker Demonstration Model
                                                   weight, body mass index, body fat %, fat free
Young children are often the innocent victims
                                                   mass and your hydration status all in less than
of adults' secondhand smoke, as this
                                                   two minutes! This machine is only available for
interactive display powerfully demonstrates.
                                                   use with a health department employee.
This model is not available to borrow; it must
be accompanied by health department staff.

Spoiled Milk Model
A graphic visual aid, this plastic baby bottle
filled with cigarette butts and simulated milk
(acrylic) is a powerful reminder of the dangers
of smoking and inhaling secondhand smoke
during and after pregnancy.

Teeth in Tobacco Juice
Sealed in a jar of simulated tobacco juice, this
model of damaged and decayed teeth and
gums sends a clear message about the effects
of smokeless tobacco use.
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