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10-     Tim & Nancy Danielson
        Alan & Linda Blum          18-    Max & Bonnie Pelzer          August
        Curt & Jenny Finn                 Tom & Sherry Fuhrman         01-    Grace Spalding
                                          Chris & Abbie Fuhrman               Albert & Carol Swartz
17-     Steve & Micki Bradburn                                                Steve & Jo Planting
        Arlyn & Sue Omtvedt        25-    Eldon & Shirley Fain
        Irene Garness                     Leroy Joachims               08-    Dave Seylar
                                          Dick & Judy Taylor                  Alan & Linda Woldruff
24-     Larry & Linda Niles                Lavida Hildreth                    Steve & Joan Lauritsen
        Jim & Linda DeVore                                                    Travis & Tammy Grange
        Steve & Michelle Matson    May
                                   02-    Paul & Donna Fredrickson     15-    Carolyn Martin
31-     Steve & Pat Watt                  Steve & Sheryl Christensen          John & JoAnn Ashton
        Carol Ridout                      Don & Wanda Christensen             Joann Christensen
        Ron & Rojean Jacobsen                                                  Steve & Beverly Egeland
                                   09-    Darlene Ross
                                          LaVonne Slingerland          22-    Terry & Edna Lutzow
                                          Ardis Hanson                        Doug & Marcine Jacobsen
07-    Gary & Charlotte Ewing
                                          Steve & Kim Phillips                Don West
       Herbie & Effie Nielsen
       Kathleen Tirevold
                                   16-    Deb Tolzmann                 29-    Jim & Alice Zimmerman
                                          Keith & Susan Kuchenbecker          Chet & Tara Pyawasit
14-     Ken & Judy DeVore
                                          Jim & Karen Butler                  Tim & Mary Jo Burrell
        Julie Montandon
                                          Nancy Hanby
        Betty Steen (greet only)
        Sandy Hecht
                                   23-    Bob & Dorothy Weir           12-    Bob & Esther Day
                                          Dorothy Pierce                      Steve & Holly Hansen
21-     Darvin & Marilyn Schnell
                                          Harold Danielson                    Nancy Anderson
        Garry & Kathy Culbertson
                                          Lee & Kieja Evans
        Curtis & Laurie Harvego
                                                                       19-    Terry & Mavis King
                                   June                                       Sue Truog
28-     Shane & Michelle Ingvall
                                   06-    Dennis & Sharon Ross                Kim & LuAnn Swanson
        Stan & Mary Larson
                                          Joan Christophel
        Ryan & Holly Jensen
                                          Nancy Ford                   26-    Jim & Suzanne West
                                           Ryan & Kristen Ross                Lue Schwidder
                                                                              Wilbur & Marilyn Merrill
07-   Heidi Dalen                  13-    Shirley Custer
      Jeff & JoAnna Jensen                Gary & Donna Lauritsen       October
      Roy & Berniece Jensen               Jim & Joyce Zeilger          03-     Steve & Karen Hanson
                                                                               Patty Hasbrook
14-     Warren & Pat Evans         20-    John & Liz Graham                    Gilbert & Bonnie Amdahl
        Jerry & Diane Burrell             Evelyn Kirchner
        Doug & Kathy Knudson              Dorthey Christensen          10-    Herman & Jean Blom
                                                                              Steve & Jan Lange
21-     Bob & Sharon Lowe          27-    Steve & Peggy Danielson             Dawn Claypool
        Roger & Amy Lowe                  Mike & Deb Clague
        Doug & Sue Evans                  Dick & Janice Swartz         17-    Don & Pat Erickson
        Lisa Lowe                                                             Donna Brobst
                                   July                                       Mike & Deb Karels
28-     Wayne & Mona King          11-    Don & Barb Fisher
        Randy & Holly Ouellette           Dan & Larinda Mueller        24-    Barry & Marcia Huntsinger
        Pat & Barb Reardon                Brian & Lynn Kesler                 Heidi Goebel
                                                                              Bob & Peggy Manwarren
April                              18-    Roger & Sue Guge
11-     Alice Prentice                    Keith & Donna Probst         31-    Arlen & Kathy Tirevold
        Byron & Shelley Lindell           Keith & Gladys Godfrey              Glen & Marvis Lundgren
        Greg & Gwen Williams                                                  Connie Greig
                                   25-    Marlis Tribby
                                          John & Jenny Christensen
                                          Irene Tirevold
07-   Richard & Karen Petersen
      Tony & Jody Condon
      Jack & Lynette Schoon
                                      PLEASE NOTE
                                       The Worship Committee has
14-        Barb Mace                 compiled this list of greeters and
           Bret & Sherry Mace        coffee hosts. PLEASE make a note
           Verlyn & Dorothy Vedder   of your date and SAVE this sheet
                                     for reference. Youth and children in
21-        Lance & Wanette           your family will be listed in the
             Zimmerman               bulletin, and have nametags. If you
           Gary & Linda Myers
                                     are unable to serve when scheduled,
           Matt & Beth Reineke
                                     PLEASE CALL A SUBSTITUTE.
28-        Ralph & Marge McDonald    Let the church office know AS
           Brian & Ruth Moorberg     SOON AS you have changed with
           Daryl Johnson             someone.
                                       Greeters should be at the door
December                             to greet at 9:00 a.m. Your
05-   Don & Shannon Edwards          nametags will be made for you.
      David & Marcia Forsyth         Each couple or individual is to
      Kalcey & Candace Harvey        bring 6-dozen cookies or bars
                                     and a box of snack crackers.
12-        Justin & Alicia Koppman
                                       Before church divide cookies
           Bob & Shirley Higley
           Ron & Barbara Carlson     between the baskets on the counter
                                     in the kitchen and cover them with
19-        Alice Koen                clean dish towels. Fill the coffee
           Steve & Julie Miller      warmers with hot water so the
           Tim & DeEtta Koen         coffee stays hot later. Then go to
           Stella Miller             greet. During offering or last hymn
           Sara Montandon            return to the kitchen and put
                                     baskets on the tables and fill the
                                     coffeepots for each table. Coffee
                                     will be made and ready when you
                                     get there. Juice is already on trays
                                     in the refrigerator to put out on the
                                     counter. A pitcher of ice water
                                     along with empty glasses should
                                     also be set out on the counter. Cups
                                     and glasses can be washed with
                                     dishwasher or by hand. Helping
                                     with cleanup and laundering the
                                     wet     towels     is    also   your
                                     responsibility for that Sunday.

                                     Some dates have been omitted
                                     since we are no longer scheduling
                                     greeters for:
                                                 New Years
                                               Memorial Day
                                          July 4 (if on a weekend)
                                                 Labor Day

                                      Thank you for taking part in our
12/28/09                               worship and fellowship hour!