WISH LIST by amd51223


									                                               WISH LIST
   It takes a lot of school supplies, clothing, snacks and office supplies to operate School
   on Wheels programs. Donating budget-relieving items from our wish list is a great way
   to help! Donations may be dropped off Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:00
   pm. Thank you for helping break the cycle of homelessness through education.

Uniforms (Children-Adult Plus Sizes)                 Non-Perishable Food
Girls, Boys, Women’s, Men’s                          Granola bars
Short Sleeved Collared Shirts                        Fruit cups
- plain colors white, blue or red; no patterns or    Cereal bars
large logos                                          Fruit snacks
Long Sleeved Collared Shirts or                      Individually packaged crackers/snacks
Turtlenecks - plain white, blue or red; no
patterns or large logos
Pants, Skirts, Jumpers, Shorts                       Gift Cards
- khaki, black or navy blue                          Wal-Mart
Sweaters and Sweatshirts                             Target
- plain colors red, white, blue, grey, black         Grocery
Belts – brown, blue, black                           Lands End
Supplies                                             Lowes
Plastic silverware                                   Pizza
Stickers                                             Starbucks
2 Pocket Folders
Copy paper – white, colored
Postage Stamps                                       ITEMS WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT
Dry Erase Markers (not permanent)                    Toys / Stuffed Animals
Dry Erase Marker Erasers / Cleaner                   Hygiene products
New Dictionaries                                     Textbooks
New Thesauruses                                      Encyclopedias, Year Books, Almanacs
New TV (32 inch or larger)                           Religious Items (devotionals, bibles, etc.)
Ziploc bags – all sizes                              Baby items
New Educational games and puzzles                    Coats (except fleece pull overs)
Kleenex                                              Hats/gloves
Hand Sanitizer                                       Stained, torn or heavily used clothing
Mini Staplers                                        T-shirts
Packing Tape                                         Undergarments
File Folders                                         Shoes
Hanging File Folders                                 Used Books
Large Rubbermaid Storage Bins with Lids              Bedding
Paper goods – plates, napkins, towels

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