MISSA 2010 Supply List for Gesture, Humour the Figure by amd51223


									MISSA 2010
Supply List for
Gesture, Humour & the Figure in Clay

      1 box of Laguna *WSO (please see order form below)
      wire cutter
      various clay tools of your choice
      water spray bottle
      old t-shirt and garbage bag for covering claywork.
      Working base boards
      Rolling pin
      Plastic bucket or yogurt container
      Old towels, blankets and box for transporting artwork after workshop
      Old hand towels for clean-up

*Please note: Sculptures will not be fired. Please provide wrapping and packaging material to
take your sculptures home.
                                                 Victoria Clay Art
                                   654 Burnside Road W., Victoria BC V9A 4R9
                                    Phone: 250 384-3831 Email: dclay@shaw.ca

                                       Order Form for M.I.S.S.A. Students 2010

     Daytime phone number: (           )

                                                    Course Information
     Start date:

                                                    Order Information
     Quantity                                                    Item

     Item                                                                                 Cost per box (2010 prices)
     Coleman Porcelain Aardvark                                                                     $40.50
     Vegas Buff Smooth Aardvark                                                                     $28.85
     Laguna B-Mix Cone 5                                                                            $28.96
     Laguna B-Mix Cone 10                                                                           $28.35
     Laguna WSO                                                                                     $28.35
     Sculpt Buff 2 Seattle Pottery Supply                                                           $24.25
     Brunning Cone 10 Seattle Pottery Supply                                                        $23.85
     Vashon White Paper Clay Cone 6                                                                 $26.25
     Columbia White Paper Clay Cone 10                                                              $26.25
     LF-06 White Paper Clay                                                                         $26.25
     LF-06 Seattle Pottery Supply                                                                   $24.65
     Cone 5 or 10 Seattle Sea Mix                                                                   $25.75
     Vashon White Cone 6 Seattle Pottery Supply                                                     $23.25

                                                   Payment Information
     Credit Card #:
     Card Type:                                             Expiry Date: (month/year)
     Cardholder signature:

Your order must be placed by phone or email with Victoria Clay Art not through MISSA.
Prices are a special rate, and include shipping for orders received by May 1st for June courses or June 1st for July courses.
Orders received after the deadline may be delayed or subject to shipping charges.
Orders will be sent to MISSA to arrive on or before the course start date. On time delivery of special orders is not guaranteed.
If paying by cheque, payment must be received before your order will be shipped.
                If you have any questions or concerns, contact Dan Krystalowich at Victoria Clay Art at:
                                               250 384-3831 or at dclay@shaw.ca

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