Providence College 2010-2011 Budget Worksheet

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					Providence College
2010-2011 Budget Worksheet
                                                                                                                       Office of Financial Aid

This worksheet is intended to provide your family with a way to estimate your out of pocket expenses once the financial aid has
been applied towards the charges. The estimated charges for the upcoming academic year have been provided for you. Using
your most recent Financial Aid Notice from the Office of Financial Aid, complete the blank spaces below in order to estimate
your total resources and ultimate estimated out of pocket expenses.

                       Your Estimated Bill                                                             Notes

      Charge                  Resident           Commuter                 The charges for 2010-2011 are still pending approval by our
Tuition                           $38,610                $38,610          Board of Trustees at the time of this printing. Therefore, all
Activity Fee                         $320                   $320          figures listed on this worksheet are subject to change.
General Tech Fee                     $385                  $360
Laundry Fee                          $120                      ¯          Other charges a student may incur: Health Insurance ($1407),
Room/Housing                       $6,790                      ¯          various Lab Fees ($200) and Music Lesson Fee ($500). Not all fees
Board/Meal Plan                    $4,900                      ¯          listed here may be applicable to your individual situation. Please
Other                                                                     contact the Bursar’s Office at 401-865-2284 for questions relating
Total Charges                     $51,125                $39,290          to estimating your charges.

                   Your Estimated Financial Aid

                                              Amount                      Please refer to your Financial Aid Notice to determine if your
     Type of Assistance             (Write in amounts from your           awards are based on a resident or a commuter status. Your aid
                                   most recent Financial Aid Notice)      could change if you amend your housing status and you will need
Providence College Grant                                                  that information before completing this worksheet.
Providence College
Scholarship                                                               Federal Work Study is not credited to the student’s bill and
Providence College Merit                                                  therefore cannot be used as a credit when estimating resources.
Federal Pell Grant                                                        If you are expecting a resource and it does not appear on your most
Federal SEOG                                                              recent Financial Aid Notice, please complete an Award Letter
Federal ACG                                                               Response form (located on our website) or contact the office since
Federal Perkins Loan                                                      some adjustments to your award may be necessary.
Federal Direct Stafford
Loan                                                                      The Bursar’s Office requires payment of all direct expenses on
Federal Work Study                              N/A                       or before August 15th for the fall semester and December 15th
State Grant                                                               for the spring semester unless a payment plan has been
Outside Scholarships or                                                   established.
Total Financial Aid

           Your Estimated Out of Pocket Expense

Total Charges                                                             If you are interested in financing your out of pocket or any
Total Financial Aid                ¯                                      indirect expenses (i.e., books), please refer to the Financial
Total Estimated Out of                                                    Assistance Information materials that were enclosed with your
Pocket Expense                                                            initial Financial Aid Notice or visit our Alternative Financing
(subtract aid from charges)
                                                                          Section on our website for more information.

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