BULLETIEN TENDER BOOKLET
                                                ADRA DIVISION

 Mini Bulletin No.   15/2009-2010 Dated: -18.01.2010 OPENING OF TENDER DATE & TIME: 08.02.2010 At.14.15 Hrs.
 TERMS & CONDITIONS: - Sealed Quotations are to be dropped in Tender Box available in AMM/ADA’s Office on Or Before 08.02.2010
  Within 14.00 Hrs.
      I. 100% Payment against receipt & acceptance of Materials
     II. Inspection will be done by consignee after receipt of Materials OR other wise stated for PO value above Rs.1, 00,000/- (one
         lakh) inspection shall be entrusted to RITES/RDSO
    III. Free delivery to consignee by road will be preferred.
    IV. Railway standard warranty & guarantee clause are applicable.
     V. Separate Seal Quotation is to be made for each item with Bulletin No., Tender No., and Date of opening which are to be
         Written on the top of each Sealed Envelop.
    VI. Rly. Approved firms and the firms who have Sale Tax /VAT No. Can also be submitted Quotation with documents of it to be
   VII. Validity of the Quotations should be minimum 60 days.
  VIII. All other terms & condition will be as per IRS conditions of contract.
   IX. All bulletin tenders are available in web site www.serailway.gov.in/ada
     X. The Tenderers are requested for clearly mentions Delivery Date in their quotation.
   XI. Tenderers are requested to clearly indicate the name of manufacture and Brand if any of the Stores Tendered.
   XII. The Tendered should quote the exact percentage of VAT or other TAX that they will be charged extra.
  XIII. Firms should give their Fax No. Tele No. & contact person Mobile No. for chasing of supplies.
  XIV. The Tenderers are requested to any correction in Quotation should be dully attested.
   XV. The Tenderers are requested to clearly mention their VAT NO/ SALE TAX No. in their quotation other wise the
         quotation Will be treated as Invalid.VAT No. or SALE TAX No. IS MUST TO PARTICIPATE in Tender.
  XVI. The Rate quoted should be stated both in words and figure.
 XVII. For the sample/Drg. The Tenderers may contact with consignee.
XVIII. Firms are requested not to use different type of INK in Tender quotation.
  XIX. If the supplier has failed to deliver the material within the period fixed for delivery in the supply order, they will
         be treated as defaulter and action will be taken as per extent rules.

         Tender No.                   Description of Stores Drg. No. & Specification.      Unit    Total        Place of delivery
Sl.                                                                                               Quantity             &
No                                                                                                                 Consignee

01 S/72/98/09/0432      Digital vernier calipers 8" Make- Mitutoyo or similar              NOS    01 NOS     SSE/WRS/ADA

02 S/83/98/09/0433      Tonner Cartridge for fax machine Model No-HP Black –21(b)          NOS    10NOS      Sr,DOM/ADA

03 S/83/98/09/0434      Tonner Cartridge for Ricoh photo copier Machine Model No-          NOS    10NOS      Sr, DOM/ADA
04    S/75/98/09/0435   Auxiliary Hoist wire rope nominal dia-22mm. Length 120             NOS    01NOS      SSE/C&W/BKSC
                        mtrs. Layood direction of Lax –Right (RGG) Tensile strength
                        1960 N/mm² Breaking strength 372.0KN. Construction 35 x
                        7. The wire rope sling should be compact wire rope core,
                        flexible Non-rotating (IS-2266 in general) CASAR STAR
                        LIFT type. Make- Bharat wire ropes Ltd. Or Equivalent

05    S/83/98/09/0436   Samsung Tonner (Samsung C/P 310N) for Printer (One set             SET    03SET      Sr,DEN/ADA
                        equal to 4 colour i.e Black, cyan, Meganta and Yellow)
06    S/83/98/09/       HP Pro 8000 (Tonner) for printer (one set equals to 4 colours      SET    03SET      Sr,DEN/ADA
      0437              i.e Black, Cyan meganta and yellow)
07 S/80/98/09/          Engine OIL CF4-15W/40 Make- Servo or Equivalent                    LTR.     200      SSE/TRD/RRD/ADA
   0438                                                                                             Ltr
08 S/65/98/09/          Bolster Helical spring gauge (9CF) A Make- Paragon or Equivalent   NOS    02NOS      SSE/C&W/ADA
09    S/65/98/09/       Bolster Helical spring gauge (9CF) B Make- Paragon or Equivalent   NOS    40NOS      SSE/W/EAST/ADA

10   S/75/98/09/   Double Braided light weight high pressure Hydraulic Hose end fitting   NOS   08NOS   SSE/C&W/BKSC
     0441          alloy steel Zink plated working pressure 10,000 PSI and Bursting
                   pressure 20000 PSI 2 Mtr length, Make- Crimpwell or equivalent

11 S/65/98/09/     Melisa Gauge cum Level sprit                                           NOS   20NOS   SSE/PW/CNI
12 S/65/98/09/     Pivot pin hole gauge Drawing No-WD-84073-S/20 RC Alt-3                 NOS   01NOS   SSE/C&W/ADA
   0443            Make- Evergreen or Equivalent
13   S/65/98/09/   Lock hole gauge Drawing No-WD-84073-S/10RC ALT-3                       NOS   01NOS   SSE/C&W/ADA
     0444          Make- Evergreen or Equivalent
14   S/65/98/09/   Lock chamber minimum gauge Drawing No-WD-84073-                        NOS   01NOS   SSE/C&W/ADA
     0445          S/9RC ALT-3 Make- Evergreen or Equivalent
15   S/65/98/09/   Pulling Lug gauge Knuckle side Drawing No- WD-84073 –                  NOS   01NOS   SSE/C&W/ADA
     0446          S/7RC Alt-3 Make- Evergreen or Equivalent
16   S/65/98/09/   Bottom anti creep vertical location gauge Drawing No-WD-               NOS   01NOS   SSE/C&W/ADA
     0447          84073-S/2RC ALT-3 Make- Evergreen or Equivalent
17   S/65/98/09/   Pivot pin hole gauge Drawing No- YOKE-157, Make-                       NOS   01NOS   SSE/C&W/ADA
     0448          Evergreen or Equivalent
18   S/65/98/09/   Lock parallel and thickness gauge Drawing No-WD-84073-                 NOS   01NOS   SSE/C&W/ADA
     0449          S/59 RC ALT-2 Make- Evergreen or equivalent
19   S/65/98/09/   Lock contour gauge knuckle side Drawing No-WD-84073-                   NOS   01NOS   SSE/C&W/ADA
     0450          S/57 RC Alt-4, Make-EVERGREEN Or equivalent
20   S/65/98/09/   Lock contour gauge guard arm side Drawing No-WD-84073                  NOS   01NOS   SSE/C&W/ADA
     0451          S/56RC Alt-3, Make- Evergreen or equivalent
21   S/65/98/09/   Knuckle pin hole gauge Drawing No- WD-84073-S/47 RC                    NOS   01NOS   SSE/C&W/ADA
     0452          Alt-4, Make- Evergreen or equivalent
22   S/65/98/09/   Knuckle Top pulling lug gauge Drawing No- WD-84073-S/45                NOS   01NOS   SSE/C&W/ADA
     0453          RC Alt-1, Make- Evergreen or equivalent
23   S/65/98/09/   Knuckle pivot pin gauge Drawing No-WD-84073-S/96 RC             NOS    01NOS    SSE/C&W/ADA
     0454          Alt-3, Make- Evergreen or Equivalent
24   S/47/98/09/   Spare parts for Mark-III Tower wagon (1) Engine Mode            NOS    09NOS    SSE/TRD/RRD/
     0455          selection switch 2110011950=02Nos, (2) Direction selection                      ADA
                   switch 2110010650=02Nos, (3) J-1 Safety Valve 522001000
25   S/52/98/09/   Ahuja cordless Microphone (colour) AWM-690 VL,                  NOS    05NOS    SSE/TL/ADA
     0456          Make- Ahuja or better
26   S/80/98/09/   Compressed oxygen Gas to IS-309/1992 (3rd Rev) with             Cu.     1250    SSE/C&W/ADA
     0457          AMDT- No-1)                                                     Mtr.   Cu.Mtr
27   S/43/98/09/   Supply & installation of split type Air conditioner materials   NOS    03NOS    SSE/EL/S/ADA
     0458          for body of indoor unit ABS nominal cooling capacity
                   (K.Cal/Hr) 4500 power consumption (max) watt 2000 Mini
                   room discharge Air flow (cum/Hr) 700 Guaranted cooling
                   capacity (mm) K.CL/Hr.4275 Conf to IS-1391 (Part-2)/1992
                   With amnd-1 (1.5 TON)
28   S/43/98/09/   Energy efficient BEE Labeled 3 star and above rating 1.5        NOS    06NOS    SE/EL/DEV/ADA
     0459          Ton window model AC Machine with hermetically sealed
                   compressor operating on Non CEC Refrigerant suitable for
                   230 V AC Supply conforming to IS-1391 (PART-I) Make-
                   LG, USHA, VOLTAS
29   S/38/98/09/   Bevel Wheel Drg.No.W/DW-196 for BOB, BOBYN Type                 NOS    50NOS    SSE/ROH/BKSC
     0340RT        wagons
30   S/46/98/09/   Horn link (Tin Bronze) for 25KV D.O.Fuse switch as per          NOS    35NOS    SSE/PSI/ADRA
     0324RT        RDSO Specn. No-ETI/PSI/14(1/86) & RDSO Drg. No-
                   ETI/PSI/032 Complete with connector, Make- PEC or
                   Similar RDSO/CORE approved source. (Only RDSO/CORE
                   Approved supplier should sent their offer only)
31   S/46/98/09/      Swivel with Hook (Tin bronze) for 25 KV D.O. Fuse switch as     NOS     50 NOS    SSE/PSI/ADA
     0323RT           per RDSO Specn No. ETI/PSI/14(1/86) & RDSO Drg, No-
                      ETI/PSI/032 Make-PEC Or similar RDSO/CORE approved
                      source. (Only RDSO/CORE Approved supplier should sent
                      their offer only)
32   S/79/98/09/      Foam made port folio Bags, Size-16" x 12" x 5" front side       NOS    487 NOS    Sr,DPO/ADA
     0460             standard lock and Handle with belt size 42" make DLS
                      Leather (Sample will be available at Consignee &
                      AMM/ADA Office)

                                                                                    Assistant Materi als Manager/S.E.Rly/ADA.
        Is Requested to depute one SO for witnessing the opening of the Bulletin Tender at 14.15hrs on 08.02.2010 and
        7) All Branch officer of ADRA Division For kind Information.

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