Introduction to NLP by oxu11283


									                Introduction to NLP
                         What is NLP and what can you expect to Learn?

   Discovering the Power within Us - First Steps
                                                                                       Where is it?
                                                                                       De Vere-Milton Hill House,
Moving Paradigms and Step Off are very excited to be offering this                     Steventon. 5mins from the
introductory course to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). In the current
                                                                                       A34 Milton Interchange.
economic climate it is time to invest in you and discover why people at the
top of their game have the success they do.                                            When is it?
                                                                                       6th and 7th March 2010
What is NLP?                                                                           Sat     10am-6pm
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a collection of models, tools and
                                                                                       Sun     10am-3pm
techniques that enable you to:

                                                                                       How Much does it
            o   Communicate more effectively
            o   Achieve excellence in your professional and personal life
            o   Change unwanted behaviours                                             £195 + VAT (Not including
            o   Positively influence your unconscious mind                             accommodation and evening
            o   Improve your overall performance in whatever you do                    meal)

During this interactive weekend course you will learn about some key aspects           Booking Details
of NLP including:                                                                      To book your place and for
                                                                                       further info send an e-mail to;
            o   Why NLP can improve how you do what you do                   
            o   What makes NLP the ‘Difference that makes the difference’              or call 07800 967215
            o   How to apply some of the basic NLP techniques
            o   That NLP has applications in all aspects of our lives
            o   Taking your NLP learning further

       If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got! - NLP Presupposition

                                            The Trainers

    Bring a friend                          Fiona Smith of Step Off is a certified NLP Trainer, Executive Coach and
    Book 2 places on the course             Business Improvement Consultant and has held senior management posts
    for the price of one                    in the not for profit and private sectors. In all that Fiona does she is
                                            passionate about empowering the people she works with to help them
    Future Course Dates                     and their organisations fulfil their potential.
    20 Day NLP Practitioner
    starting May 2010             

                                             Ian Robertson of Moving Paradigms is a certified NLP Trainer, Executive
    (Book on to our NLP
                                            Coach and Six Sigma Consultant and has previously worked at senior
    practitioner course, after              levels in industry and management consultancy. In all of these roles Ian
    attending our NLP                       has delivered results through empowering others and this approach is at
    Introduction, for a discount to         the heart of how he works.
    the value of this course)

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