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How to Plan a Benefit Concert, by Lillian Man (Lman@virginia - DOC by country


									Steps to Planning a Successful Benefit Concert, by Lillian Man
  1. Pick a date for the concert
        a. Sunday afternoons are popular days for benefit concerts
        b. Do not pick a day that potentially might be inconvenient for students – e.g. right
            before exams week, the weekend of Fall Break when many students go home, etc.
  2. Book a venue
        a. First, estimate how big an audience you anticipate. For instance, closer to 100
            attendees or closer to 300?
        b. A majority of groups hold benefit concerts on Grounds, because it’s convenient
            for attendees and it’s usually free of charge.
                   To reserve a room on Grounds, use the Source
        c. Some auditoriums on Grounds frequently used for benefit concerts that are also
            free of charge:
                   Gilmer130 (seats 354 people)
                   Chem402 (seats 495 people)
                   Maury209 (seats 300 people)
  3. Find performing groups
        a. There are several groups on Grounds that you can ask to perform. Be sure to ask
            them well in advance and be prepared for the fact that at least one group will
            probably back out the week before the concert.
        b. Some groups on Grounds include:
                   Mahogany Dance Troupe
                   Hullabahoos
                   Academic Village People
                   Hoos in Treble
                   Remix
                   Sil’hooettes
                   The Wethermen
                   Virginia Belles
                   New Dominions
                   Virginia Gentlemen
  4. Apply for funding
        a. If this is a charitable event, you have a pretty high chance of getting funding from
            the University for at least some of your concert expenses.
  5. Get sponsorships or donations from local businesses
  6. Secure sound equipment for the concert
        a. Some places you can rent sound equipment from are:
                   Student group: First Year Players
                         o $100 fee, which includes the rent and set-up)
                   t group: Shakespeare on the Lawn
                   Heinz Musitronics (store on Ivy Road) (434-977-2797)
                         o Price varies depending on how much equipment you need
7. Publicize: This is probably one of the most important steps to planning a successful
   benefit concert.
      a. Print everything out at the SAC. If you are a registered student org, copies are 1
           cent per copy.
      b. Print concert tickets!
      c. Table at Newcomb and the Lawn
                i. You must reserve table space at both of those places using the Source
                   (; be sure to reserve well in advance
                   because both are popular tabling spots.
               ii. The folding card table you can use to table at the Lawn can be borrowed
                   from the SAC; simply tell them that you reserved space on the Lawn then
                   check out a table using your student ID card
      d. Flyer
                i. Print flyers on neon-colored paper and keep the amount of text on the flyer
                   to a minimum. Make flyer catchy-looking and aesthetically-pleasing.
      e. Print handbills
      f. Paint Beta Bridge
                i. Buy spray paint, paint, and paint rollers
               ii. Arrive to paint around 5 or 6 AM
              iii. Be prepared for the fact that the bridge is sprayed over every two days at
                   least, if not every day
      g. Make a Facebook invitation
      h. Chalk at places people tend to stand around at, like the Chemistry bus stop
      i. Post your event on the Student Calendar (go to
      j. Email a blurb of the concert out to mailing lists, such as:
                i. VPSA Connections
                       1. To submit a blurb, go to
               ii. Hoos Sober
              iii. Us! (Virginia Service Coalition!) Email to get your
                   blurb sent out in our weekly mailing list

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