Poetry Anthology Directions and Scoring Sheet

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					                       Poetry Anthology Directions and Scoring Sheet
Why am I doing this?
The purpose of creating this poetry anthology is to demonstrate your knowledge of the poetic terms,
literary devices, and figurative language we’ve studied. It can also serve as a showcase for your
creativity, as it should include many of your original works of poetry.

Where can I find my original poetry?
I have provided you with numerous opportunities to write your own poetry. I’ve listed these
assignments for you below:
             Autobio Poem (bellwork)
             Life Metaphor Poem (bellwork)
             “Birches” Poem (from imagery notes)
             Onomatopoeia Acrostic
             Sound Effects poem (Creating Sound Effects assignment p. 338)
             Format model poem (from Poetry Quiz)
             Extended Metaphor poem (Using Similes, Metaphors, and Personification assignment p. 247)
             Simile, Metaphor, Personification poem (Identifying/Analyzing Figurative Language sheet)
             Poetry Forms: Limerick, Haiku, Epitaph, Epigram, Cinquain, Quatrain

What should be included in the anthology?
Your anthology should include the following: a cover page (title, name, date, period), a table of contents
(title, poem titles with page numbers), and your poems (each on a separate page).

How many poems do I need to include?
You must include at least 8 poems.

Can I include poems from other sources?
The collection must be 75 % authored by you. This means 25 % can be written by another author. (So,
if you have 8 poems in your anthology, only 2 can be from an alternative source.)

What terms, devices, and language do I need to indicate with my poetry?
Please refer to your Poetry Terms list and/or the Poetry Anthology Scoring Sheet to see what must be
evident in your poems.

What should be included with each poem?
With each poem, please include: title of the poem; author’s name; poem; a reference/example of the
term, device, or language evident; and the definition of each. See the Example Poetry Page included
with these directions.

How many items can I demonstrate with each poem?
You may indicate up to 4 terms with each poem.
Can I include illustrations with my poetry?

Should the anthology be typed?

How do I keep all of the papers together?
Please present your anthology in some type of binding—report cover, folder, three-ring binder, etc.

When is this due?
The collection is due by the end of the day on Monday, April 18th (First, Third, and Fifth periods)
                                              Tuesday, April 19th (Second and Sixth periods)

How much is this project worth?
The anthology will be worth 250 points.

                                           Example Poetry Page

                                                     Love Whisper
                                                        by j. heinzel

                                             Lovely breeze blowing
                                        Through green grasses and tall trees
                                              reminds me of love.

                  haiku: 3 line nature poem of 17 syllables
                  alliteration: repetition of initial consonant sounds (“green grasses,” “tall trees”)
                  assonance: repetition of similar vowel sounds followed by different consonant
                    sounds in words that are close together (lovely, breeze, green, trees, reminds, me)
                  near rhyme: words with similar vowel sounds, but are spelled differently
                    (breeze, trees)


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