How to send and receive a COR through email

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					                    Articulation/Curriculum Development

 How to send and receive a COR (Course Outline of Record)
                      through email

Files ending in “.exe” cannot be transmitted by email. However, they must end in
“.exe” in order to be opened.

To resolve this problem, follow the instructions below:

The Windows' default is to hide the suffix of known file types. You must first be
able to see the file extensions before you can change them.
Do the following:
1) Open any folder.
2) From the "Tools" menu at the top of the opened folder, select "Folder Options"
3) From the “View” menu Scroll down and uncheck "Hide extensions for known file
4) Click "OK" and close the folder window you opened.

To send an executable course outline of record (COR) to someone:
1.      Right click on the file and rename it by removing the final letter "e" at the end of the file
name (so “.exe” becomes “.ex”).
2.      Say "yes" to the “Rename” dialog box that warns you the file may become unusable if the
file name extension is changed.
3.      Create/Attach the file to your email.
4.      Be sure to include instructions on how to handle CORs via email.
5.      You may either highlight, copy and paste these instructions into your email or attach a
separate instructional sheet.
5.      Send your email with the COR named “…ex”

To change the file name extension back to an executable ".exe" file and to be able
to use the course outline file:
1.     Right click on the attachment and save it in your desktop.
2.     The “Save Attachment” dialog box will appear.
3.     In the “Save in” drop down menu “٧”, left click on “Desktop.”
4.     On your desktop, right click on the file, go to the right of the name, and rename it by
adding the letter "e" at the end of the name.
5.     Save the executable file.
6..    You will be able to open and use the file.

Attention all; particularly to those accessing VCCCD Lotus Notes on-line with an
anti-virus program:
1.      Please note your anti-virus program may give you a notice warning you that a virus-
infected file is being transmitted.
2.      It is fine to proceed with renaming the VC Course Outline back to “.exe”--do not be
alarmed as this notice is false.
Good luck and contact the articulation office if you have any questions.

                Paulette Johnson                         Christina Madrigal
                       U-12                               U-6; 648-8936
                                                                              August 18, 2006