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					           Australia’s premier organisation for people interested in poetry

                          2010 Membership Form

We value your support…
Your membership will enable us to produce the Poets Union journal ‘Five Bells’, stage the
biennial Australian Poetry Festival and Headline Poetry Seminar, publish the Members’
Anthology and to raise funds to support Youth Fellowships, Poetry Tours, Poetry Prizes,
Readings and to advocate on behalf of poetry.

                                ABN: 39 802 500 356

Poets Union Inc: PO Box 755, Potts Point NSW 1335
                 Tel.   (02) 9357 6602

                                                State:                  Postcode:
Email:                                           Mobile:                Phone:

 I enclose my 2010 renewal/membership fee (please tick):

                •   $45   Full
                •   $29   Concession
                •   $55   Institutional
                •   $60   International (full)
                •   $45   International (conc.)

The Poets Union is trying to raise funds for a Prize for Indigenous Verse, for Poets
Union Fellowships, for a Poets Union Poetry Prize and to fund poets to tour rural and
regional Australia. Donors are most welcome to discuss their ideas for these or
different projects – please let us know and Brook Emery will be delighted to hear
from you.
and I would like to make a donation to support the work of the Poets Union:

                      • $………… Donation (fully tax deductible) is enclosed

                      • $………… Total             (to: Poets Union Inc.)

Please make cheques payable to Poets Union Inc. PO Box 755, POTTS POINT NSW 1335

                            Payment method: (please tick)

• Cheque/money order                 • Mastercard                      • Visa

Card number                                                        expiry date _ _ /_ _

Name on Card                                     Cardholder’s signature_____________

Total amount paid    $                           Date                             _

               Thank you for your support of the work of the Poets Union.

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