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									                             POETRY Thematic Collection                        (Last updated September 2009)
      Author                            Title               Difficulty        Content               Poetic Form              Uses
Adoff, Arnold          *All the Colors of the Race            Easy       Family                  Rhythm, rhyme
Adoff, Jaime           Song Shoots Out of My Mouth, The      Medium      Verbal equivalents      Rhythm                   Read aloud
                                                                         of jazz                 Figurative language
Agard, J. & Nichols,   *Caribbean Dozen: Poems from          Medium      Island life             Rhythm, rhyme            Read aloud
G.                     Caribbean Poets, A @                                                      Dialect
Altman, S. &           *Followers of the North Star @         Easy       U.S. History            Rhythm, rhyme
Lechner, S
Angelou, Maya          *Life Doesn’t Frighten Me              Easy       Courage                 Figurative language
Angelou, Maya          *Now Sheba Sings the Song             Medium      Women                   Figurative language      Read aloud
Atkin, B. S.           *Voices from the Field @              Medium      Migrants                Rhythm, rhyme             Bilingual
Baylor, Bryd           Way to Start the Day, The              Easy       Ceremonies to           Rhythm, rhyme            Read aloud
                                                                         celebrate the                                    Supplement
Bedard, M.             *Emily                                 Easy       Dickinson               Prose
Begay, S.              *Navajo: Visions and Voices Across    Medium      Native American         Word/image
                       the Mesa                                          Nature                  Storytelling
Bing, Christopher      Casey at the Bat                      Medium      Baseball                Rhythm, rhyme            Read aloud
                                                                                                                        Readers’ Theater
Bradby, M.             *Momma, Where Are You From?           Medium      Family history          Figurative language     Writing prompt
                                                                                                                          Read aloud
Burleigh, R.           *Hoops                                 Easy       Basketball              Figurative language      Read aloud
Carson, J.             Stories I Ain’t Told Nobody Yet @     Medium      Appalachia              Storytelling
Clinton, Catherine     *I, Too, Sing America@                Medium      African-American        Rhythm, rhyme           Writing prompt
(comp.)                                                                                                                   Supplement
Clinton, Catherine     Poem of Her Own, A                    Difficult   History, Biography      Figurative language,     Supplement
                                                                                                 rhythm, rhyme
Crossley-Holland,      Once Upon a Poem: Favorite Poems      Medium      Narratives              Form                     Read aloud
Kevin                  that Tell Stories                                                                                 Writing prompt
Dawes, Kwame           I Saw Your Face                        Easy       African American        Free verse              Writing prompt
                                                                         heritage through a
Dillon, Leo & Diane    *To Everything There Is A Season       Easy       Bible verse, historic   Poetic prose             Read aloud
                                                                         art styles
Engle, Margarita     Poet Slave of Cuba, The: A Biography   Medium      An account of         Free verse
                     of Juan Francisco Manzano                          Manzano’s life told
                                                                        from multiple
Feelings, T.         *Soul Looks Back in Wonder@            Medium      African American      Figurative language      Writing prompt

Fleischman, P.       *Big Talk                               Easy       Everyday activities   Rhythm, rhyme            Choral reading
Fleischman, P.       *Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices    Medium      Insects               Rhythm, rhyme             Read aloud
                                                                                              Figurative language
Fletcher, R.         *Twilight Comes Twice                   Easy       Dawn and dusk         Rhythm, rhyme
                                                                                              Figurative language
Fletcher, R.         Buried Alive                           Medium      Teenagers             Indirection, inference   Writing prompt
Fletcher, R.         Relatively Speaking                    Medium      Family                Free verse, Linked       Writing prompt
                                                                        relationships         characters
Frank, J.            *Snow Toward Evening                    Easy       Seasons               Word/image                Read aloud
Frost, R.            Birches                                Difficult   American literature   Figurative language
Garland, S.          *Lotus Seed, The                        Easy       Immigrants            Poetic prose              Read aloud
Geis, J.             *Where the Buffalo Roam                 Easy       American              Lyrics
Giovanni, N.         *Knoxville, Tennessee                   Easy       Family                Word/image               Choral reading
Giovanni, N.         Shimmy, Shimmy, Shimmy Like My         Difficult   African American      Variety of forms          Read aloud
                     Sister Kate@                                       U.S. History
Granfield, L.        *In Flanders Field                     Medium      WW I                  Rhythm, rhyme             Read aloud
Greenberg, Jan       *Heart to Heart@                       Medium      Relation of poetry    Figurative language      Writing prompt
(Ed.)                                                                   to art
Grimes, Nikki        Tai Chi Morning                        Medium      Visit to China        Word/Image                Supplement
Hamanaka, S.         *On the Wings of Peace @               Medium      Peace                 Variety of forms         Writing prompt
Hesse, K.            Out of the Dust                        Difficult   Dust Bowl             Free verse format for
                                                                        Family                prose
Hopkins, Lee (Ed.)   *Hand in Hand@                         Medium      U.S. History          Rhythm, rhyme             Read aloud
Hughes, L.           *Block, The                            Medium      African American      Word/image                Read aloud
                                                                        Urban living
Hughes, L.           Dream Keeper and Other Poems, The      Medium      African American      Dialect                   Read aloud
Igus, T.            *I See the Rhythm                      Medium      African American     Rhythm                 Readers’ Theater
Johnson, A.         *Other Side, The                        Easy       Childhood            Free verse              Read aloud
                                                                       memories                                    Writing prompts
                                                                       Southern U.S.
Kennedy, X. &       Knock at a Star                        Medium      Poems illustrates    Form                    Writing prompt
Kennedy, D.                                                            aspects of poetry
Kerley, Barbara     Walt Whitman: Words for America        Medium      Biography            Free Verse               Read aloud
Lasky, Kathryn      Voice of Her Own, A                    Medium      Bio of               Excerpts of rhymed       Research for
                                                                       Phillis Wheatley     poetry                   more poems
Lawrence, J.        *Harriet and the Promised Land          Easy       Harriet Tubman       R%hy                     Read aloud
                                                                       U.S. History
Lester, Julius      God Went to Beauty School              Medium      Humor, beauty in     Form                    Writing prompt
                                                                       everyday things
Lewis, J. P.        *Black Swan White Crow                  Easy       Seasons              Haiku                   Writing prompt

Lewis, J. Patrick   Swan Song                              Medium      Humorous post-       Figurative language      Read aloud
                                                                       mortems of extinct                           Writing prompt
Lewis, J. P.        Verses: A Celebration of Outstanding   Medium      Biographies of 13    Figurative language,     Supplement
                    Women                                              women                Rhythm, rhyme           Writing prompt
Locker, T.          *Home                                   Easy       Home                 Figurative language     Writing prompt
Locker, T.          *Water Dance                            Easy       Water                Figurative language     Writing prompt
Livingston, M.      *Keep on Singing                        Easy       Marion Anderson      Rhythm, rhyme            Read aloud
Longfellow, H. W.   *Paul Revere’s Ride                    Medium      American             Rhythm, rhyme            Read aloud
Longfellow, H. W.   Song of Hiawatha, The                  Medium      Native American      Rhythm, rhyme,           Supplement,
                                                                                            Figurative language      Read aloud
Marsalis, Wynston   Jazz ABZ                               Difficult       Bios of jazz             Variety         Writing prompt
                                                                            musicians                                Poetic forms
Mora, Pat           Library for Juana, A                   Medium      First Latina poet    Figurative Language      Supplement
                                                                                                                    Bilingual poem
Mora, Pat           My Own True Name                       Difficult   Multiculturalism     Bilingual; rhythm,      Writing prompt
                                                                      Social issues          rhyme
Morrison, Lillian    More Spice Than Sugar                Medium      Women’s issues         Rhythm, rhyme             Writing prompt
Myers, W. D.         *Brown Angels                         Easy       African American       Figurative language       Writing prompt
Myers, W. D.         *Glorious Angels                      Easy       Family                 Figurative language       Writing prompt
Myers, W. D.         Here in Harlem                       Difficult   Portraits of           Rhythm, rhyme            Readers’ Theater
                                                                      neighborhood                                     Choral reading
Neil, Phillip        *War and the Pity of War @           Medium      War                    Rhythm, rhyme             Writing prompt
Nelson, Marilyn      Fortune’s Bones                      Difficult   Reconstructed          Free verse                Writing prompt
                                                                      Bio of slave
Nelson, Marilyn      Wreath for Emmett Till, A            Difficult   Famous racist          Crown sonnet               Read aloud
                                                                      murder                 Word/Image                Writing prompt
Niven, Penelope      Carl Sandburg: Adventures of a       Medium      Biography              Free Verse                 Read aloud
Nye, N.              *Tree Is Older Than You Are, The@    Medium      Mexico                 Figurative language       Writing prompt
Panzer, Nora (Ed.)   *Celebrate America in Poetry and     Medium      U.S. History           Rhythm, rhyme             Writing prompt
                     Art@                                                                                               Read aloud
Paulsen, Gary        *Work Song                            Easy       Work                   Rhythm, rhyme             Choral reading
Raschka, Chris       *Mysterious Thelonius                 Easy       Music, Thelonious      Correlation of color      Writing prompt
                                                                      Monk                   with musical notes
Ray, Deborah         To Go Singing Through the World      Medium         Early childhood          Free verse            Figurative
Kogan                                                                      with poems                                    language
                                                                        integrated in text                                Images
Reef, Catherine      E. E. Cummings                       Difficult    Biography of poet      Modern free verse        Writing prompt
                                                                          and artist with    without capitalization
                                                                       excerpts of poetry
Rochelle, Belinda    *Words with Wings@                   Medium      African American       Rhythm, rhyme              Read aloud
(Ed.)                                                                 Experience
Rochman, H. &        Bearing Witness @                    Medium      Holocaust              Prose and poetry           Supplement
McCampbell, D.
Rogasky, B.          *Winter Poems @                      Medium      Winter                 Imagery                   Read aloud
Rylant, C.           *Something Permanent                 Medium      Great Depression       Word/image               Writing prompts
Schnur, Steven       Autumn                                Easy       Nature                 Acrostic                 Writing prompt
Schnur, Steven       Spring Thaw                           Easy       Nature                 Acrostic                 Writing prompt
Schnur, Steven       Winter                                Easy       Nature                 Acrostic                 Writing prompt
Schoonmaker,         *Poetry for Young People: Edna St.   Medium      Childhood              Rhythm, rhyme             Read aloud
Francis                 Vincent Millay
Schroeder, A.           *Carolina Shout                    Easy       Shouts               Rhythm                   Read aloud
                                                                      Southern U.S.
Shange, Ntozake         ellington was not a street         Easy       Famous visitors      Figurative language     Read aloud
                                                                                           Free verse             Writing prompt
Shange, Ntozake         *I Live in Music                  Medium      Music                Word/image              Read aloud
                                                                                           Figurative language
Shore, Diane &          This Is the Dream                  Easy       Overview of the      Rhyming                   As a quick
Alexander, Jessica                                                    Civil Rights                               introduction to the
                                                                      Movement                                       Civil Rights
Sidman, Joyce           Song of the Water Boatman         Medium      Denizens of          Variety                 Writing prompt
                                                                      A pond through the                              Figurative
                                                                      seasons                                         language
Sidman, Joyce           World According to Dog, The        Easy       Poems & essays to    Rhythm, rhyme             Read aloud
                                                                      celebrate dogs       Writing prompt
Siebert, Diane          Tour America                      Medium      Favorite             Variety                Writing prompt
                                                                      American locations
Siegen-Smith, N.        *Welcome to the World @            Easy       Birth                Word/image             Writing prompt
Simon, S.               *Ride the Wind                     Easy       Nature               Word/image               Read aloud
                                                                                           Figurative language
Simon, S.               *Star Walk @                      Medium      Solar system         Word/image             Writing prompt

Smith Jr., Charles R.   Hoop Queens                       Medium      WNBA basketball      Imagery                Writing prompt
Smith, Hope Anita       Way a Door Closes, The            Medium      Narrative about      Figurative language     Read aloud
                                                                      father who leaves,   Writing prompt
                                                                      returns home
Stone, Mariam           At the End of Words               Difficult   Diary kept during    Figurative language   Writing prompt
                                                                      Mother’s terminal
Thomas, J. C.           *Brown Honey and Broomwheat Tea    Easy       African American     Figurative language    Writing prompt
                                                                      Family history
Thomas, J. C.           *I Have Heard of a Land            Easy       African American     Figurative language      Read aloud
                                                                      Pioneers             Poem format
Turner, A.              *Mississippi Mud                   Easy       Pioneers             Poem format              Read aloud
Turner, A.              *Shaker Hearts                    Medium      Communities          Repetition, rhythm,      Read aloud
Volavkova, H.         *I Never Saw Another Butterfly@          Medium   Holocaust             Word/image               Writing prompt
                                                                        Children and war
Walker, Alice         Langston Hughes: American Poet           Medium   Biography, Harlem     Figurative Language       Supplement
Weatherford, Carole   Remember the Bridge                      Medium   African American      Storytelling, rhythm,     Supplement
Winter, Jeanette      Emily Dickinson’s Letters to the World   Medium   Biography with        Rhythm, rhyme             Read aloud
                                                                        embedded poems        Figurative language
Wood, N.              *Spirit Walker                           Medium   Native American       Figurative language       Read aloud
                                                                        Women                 Word/image
Woodson,              Locomotion                               Medium   Narrative about boy   Form                     Writing prompt
Jacqueline                                                              who loses parents
Yolen, J.             *Once Upon Ice@                           Easy    Winter                Word/image               Writing prompt
                                                                                              Figurative language
Yolen, J.             *O, Jeruselum! @                         Medium   World history         Rhythm, rhyme             Read aloud
Yolen, J.             *Sacred Places                           Medium   Religion              Rhythm, rhyme             Read aloud
Yolen, J.             *Welcome to the Ice House                Medium   Nature                Figurative language      Writing prompt

*=Picture book         @=Anthology                   Easy = Level 1           Medium = Level 2                 Difficult =GED Level

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