Anglo-Saxon Poetry Study Guide

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					                         Anglo-Saxon Poetry Study Guide

1.   What is The Exeter Book ?

2.   List three facts about the Anglo-Saxon culture.

3.   List and define the poetic elements of Anglo-Saxon lyrics.

4.   What is an elegy?

5.   What are the three types of kennings?

6.   How is historical context important when reading literature?

7.   Who is the speaker in a poem?

8.   What is the speaker’s message at the end of “The Seafarer”?

9.   Find a reference to the Anglo-Saxon pagan beliefs.

10. What is the reason, despite all the hardships, the narrator in “The Seafarer”
    continues to follow a life at sea?

11. Identify three images related to weather in the first stanza.

12. What does each convey about the speaker’s experiences at sea?

13. Who are the speakers in “The Wanderer”?

14. What does the author of “The Wanderer” seem to miss most? companionship

15. What is the theme of “The Wanderer”?

16. What are the contrasting tones in “The Wanderer”?

17. In “The Wife’s Lament,” what does the wife assume about the husband?

18. Why was the wife commanded to leave her home in “The Wife’s Lament”?

19. Is the wife justified in her anger and sorrow?

20. All three poems are what types of poems?

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