; 6th Grade Language Arts Multimedia Presentations
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6th Grade Language Arts Multimedia Presentations


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									             Language Arts Multimedia Presentations
                                    Marie Sontag, 2007

The following multimedia presentations, worksheets and handouts are available to teachers
for classroom use from http://www.timetrek.org. Once you are on the site, go to Interactive
Presentations and download the presentations to your computer.

   A. Figurative Language/Literary Devices
      1. SOS_MAP Words PPT: Direct Instruction and Worksheet
      2. SOS MAP Words Skit PPT: Direct Instruction and Interactive Lesson
      3. Literary/Poetry Elements PPT: Jeopardy Game
      4. Shades of Meaning PPT: Direct Instruction (includes art masterpieces such as the
         Mona Lisa and Michelangelo’s David)

   B. Poetry KaMOO Lesson Plans and Virtual World
       1. PoetryKaMOO Lesson Plans: The KaMOO Lesson Plans include the study of 11
          literary devices, 24 familiar poems, and a virtual world where students take on
          the identities of the different poets. Each of the poems can be found on the
          following webpage, and each has an audio file reading the poem to the student,
          including background music. The webpage also includes an iPod download link
          so students can download the poems to an iPod or computer for personal study.
       2. Poetry KaMOO webpage
       3. Poetry Worksheet
       4. 24 Poems download from http://www.timetrek.org/6LA//24Poems.doc
       5. Poetry Test
       6. Poetry Test Answer Key
       7. Poetry Master (for virtual world)
       8. Poet Pics (for virtual world name tags)

   C. Step Up to Writing
       1. Narrative vs. Expository Introduction PPT and Worksheet
       2. Common Language (Narrative vs. Expository Manipulatives)
       3. T-Chart Direct Instruction PPT (color-coding) and Worksheet
       4. Expository Colors PPT (direction instruction) and Worksheet

   D. Writing Expository Essays
      1. Koalas Essay Examples
      2. Expository Prompts Student Worksheet
      3. Friends Essay Example Student Samples
      4. Dogs Essay Example Student Samples
      5. Good Friends p. 1 and Good Friends p. 2 Student Samples
      6. Friend Student Essay Example
      7. Expository Essay Requirements

   E. Narrative Writing
      1. Story Boarding and Writing a Short Story: Teacher Directions
      2. Story Board videos from Shrek creators
   3.   Plot Chart Student Worksheet and short story assignment
   4.   The Luck of Roaring Camp PPT
   5.   Online story: The Luck of Roaring Camp by Bret Harte
   6.   Short Story Rubric

F. Writing Persuasive Essays
   1. Four Elements of Persuasive Writing PPT (Direct Instruction) and Worksheet
   2. Persuasive Examples PPT (Step Up to Writing, Direct Instruction)
   3. Three Types of Persuasion PPT and Worksheet
   4. www.americanrhetoric.#1EF6A6 Website for Lincoln/Douglas Debate, including
       audio files and pictures. Listen together as a class, pausing to discuss persuasive
       elements when noticed
   5. Lincoln/Douglas Debate hard copy (online historical persuasive speech ex.) This
       can provide you with a hard copy of the speeches so that students can locate the
       CORC elements either by color-coding them, or writing in the words for CORC
       where each item is found. in the text of the speeches.
   6. ERA Editorial Published Persuasive Writing Sample. Have the class analyze the
       elements of persuasion used in the example, and whether they use CORC
   7. Persuasive Essay Speech Critique sheet.doc
   8. Persuasive Speech Assignment.doc
   9. Rubric to grade students written Response to Literature Essays

   G. Response to Literature
   1. Teacher Directions for “Unwritten” Response to Lit
   2. Response to Literature Graphic Organizer
   3. “Unwritten” PPT and Song by Natasha Bedingfield - Intro to themes/metaphors
   4. Response to Literature T-Chart (Step Up to Writing) Student Worksheet
   5. Literature Themes Interactive discussion on clichés and themes
   6. The Hidden Treasure short story worksheet
   7. You Go Your Way Short Story and Response to Lit. Prompt
   8. Theme from Freak the Mighty - song and words
   9. Freak the Mighty Response
   10. Gonzalo ResLit Example
   11. Parrot short story theme - "You Don't Know What You've Got 'Till It's Gone" PPT
       and Taxi song
   12. Tuck Everlasting Chapters 1-7 Review Questions
   13. Tuck Everlasting Quiz
   14. Tuck Chapter Summary Worksheets
   15. Tuck MovieWorks project MovieWorks Directions and Scene
   16. Esperanza Response to Lit and Self-Evaluation

H. Compare/Contrast
   1. Compare/Contrast Student Worksheet and T-Chart

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