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Yachting Knives


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									Yac hting Kni v es
Victorinox Yachting Knife

 Victorinox has developed two special knives for seamen:    The tips act as marline spikes and can also be used as an
 Skipper and Helmsman. Their exceptional quality has        emergency awl. The cylindrical grinding of the large,
 proved invaluable in many situations when sailing and      lockable blade makes it possible to sever even thick
 boating. The integrated shackle opener, for example,       ropes. Other important tools for use on board are: Phillips
 permits simple opening of large and small shackles.        and other screwdrivers, can opener and bottle opener.

      Helmsman (8 functions)                                 Skipper (12 functions):

      Part no. 35004                                         Part no. 35005

Ibberson Yachting Knives
 “Double Sharp” serrated blade edges
 specially developed to cope with         “2000 Series”
 modern rope fibres such as kevler.       Yacht knife
 The improvement in terms of cutting
                                          3-piece folding knife incorporating
 performance and edge retention is
                                          “Double Sharp” serrated rope
 staggering. They feature Shackle keys
                                          blade, double shackle key and
 with bottle opener and mini shackle
                                          bottle opener, locking marline
 key for use on awkward to reach
                                          spike, screwdriver and white
                                          cotton lanyard housed in a white          “4000 Series” Offshore
                                          ABS plastic handle with moulded
                                          finger grips for control.                 Yacht Knife
                                                             Model No: 2007         All stainless yacht knife with satin
                                                              Part no.   35045      finish & exposed rivets. Incorp-
                                                                                    orating special survival ring-pull
                                                                                    serrated rope blade, double
 “Bosun” Sailing knife                                                              shackle key and bottle opener,
                                                                                    locking marline spike, screw-
 2-piece folding knife and                                                          driver and white cotton lanyard.
 shackle tool with a strong                                                         Supplied in black plastic
 moulded weather-proof ABS                                                          presentation case.
 plastic handle.
                                                                                    Model No: 4008 Part no. 35044
 Model No: 33 Part no. 35042

Ibberson Rigger Kits

                 1-piece                             3-piece                                     5-piece
                 yachting kit                        yachting kit                                yachting kit
                 Containing                          Containing stainless                        Containing stainless
                 stainless steel                     steel fixed blade                           steel fixed blade
                 fixed blade                         yachtsman knife with                        yachtsman knife with
                 yachtsman knife                     red moulded handle,                         red moulded handle,
                 with red moulded                    combined marline,                           combined marline,
                 handle in a leather                 spike and shackle key                       spike and shackle
                 belt sheath.                        and a pair of 6” pliers                     key, 6” pliers,
                                                     in a leather belt                           chrome plated
                 Part no.   35048/1                  sheath.                                     adjustable spanner,
                                                                                                 and screwdriver in a
                                                            Part no.   35048/3                   leather belt sheath.
                                                                                                 Part no.   35048/5

366       www.chmarine.com
                                                                                                    Gener al Kni v es
Fisherman’s and General Purpose Knives

Opinel Folding Knife                                             Victorinox
    World-famous, French knife. Multifunctional.                 Folding
       Carbon-steel blade, with lock.
                                                                 Versatile pocket knife made by the
              No. 6: Part no. 35006                              renowned Swiss-army knife company.
                 No. 7: Part no. 35007                           Stainless-steel blade. Available with brass
                    No. 8: Part no. 35008                        or aluminium body.
                       No. 9: Part no. 35009
                                                                 Red/Aluminium: Part no. 35001
                          No. 12: Part no. 35012
                                                                 Red/Aluminium with ring: Part no. 35003
                                                                 Black/Brass: Part no. 35002

Loewen Messer                          Loewen Messer                             Loewen Messer
Fixed Blade                            Fixed-Blade                               Filleting Knife
Loewen Messer’s most                   Cod Knife                                 Hygienic, plastic handle,
popular and                                                                      Twin-edge tip for
                                       Excellent large-fish
economical                                                                       filleting. Stainless Steel
                                       gutting and bait knife.
knife is ideal for                                                               blade
                                       Carbon Steel blade
mending nets.
Fixed handle with                      Plastic handle:
carbon steel blade.                    Part no. 35020
Wooden handle:                                                                                                       Available
Part no. 35026                                                                                                    with narrow
Plastic handle:                                                                                                 or wide blade
Part no. 35027
                                                                                               Narrow blade: Part no. 35029
                                                                                                 Wide blade: Part no. 35030

Victorinox Fixed-Blade Knife                                      Loewen Messer Folding
Stainless-steel with black nylon handle.                          Pocket Knife-Carbon Steel Blade
Available with straight or serrated edge.
                                                                  This range of knives are the number-one choice
Serrated edge: Part no. 35000                                     for fishermen. An option of either straight-edged or
                                                                  pointed-tip blades, and plastic or wooden handles.
Straight edge: Part no. 35000/1

Knife Sharpeners
                                                                       35015                35016              35017

                   12 inch Sharpening Steel
                   Part no. 35062

                                    Whetstone Knife
                                    Part no. 35061                Straight-tip blade/plastic handle:           Part   no.   35015
                                                                  Curved-tip blade /plastic handle:            Part   no.   35016
                                                                  Longer curved-tip blade/plastic handle:      Part   no.   35017
                                                                  Curved-tip blade/wooden handle:              Part   no.   35039

                                                                                                  www.chmarine.com              367

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