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					  The world’s
most advanced
training system
 for teachers.
               The Teacher Education Crisis

➡ Teacher quality is the most important factor in student

➡ Teacher development is a $25 billion per year market.

➡ “No area of the teaching profession is more plainly
 broken today than that of teacher...professional
 development”. US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

➡ Teacher attrition has increased 50% in 15 years.
 Annually, national turnover is 17% and costs $7.3 billion.
                                (NCTAF, 1996, 2007; Duncan, 2009; Ferguson, 1998; Goldhaber, 2002;
                                Goldhaber, Brewer, & Anderson, 1999; Hanushek, Kain, & Rivkin, 1999;
                                 Wright, Horn, & Sanders, 1997; Edmondson, 2006; Darling-Hammond,
                                                    2000; Joyce & Showers, 2000)
            What is effective teacher training?

➡ Coaching: observation & feedback.
➡ Individualized
➡ Contextualized
➡ Immediate
➡ Ongoing and iterative

                                   Darling-Hammond, 2009;
                          National Staff Development Council, 2009;
                             US Department of Education, 2009
                  Bill Gates on Teacher Education

“It is amazing how little feedback teachers get to help them
improve. A new system from students,
parents, and peer teachers and an investment of time in
reviewing actual teaching. Tools like video can be used
so that a teacher can send peers a video showing
him trying to do something hard, like keeping a class focused,
and ask for advice. Instead of people coming into the
classroom, which is quite invasive, a webcam can be used to
gather samples for evaluation.”

Bill Gates, 2010 Annual Foundation Letter
              IRIS enables effective teacher training

➡ IRIS Connect enables effective
 teacher training with classroom
 observation and feedback

➡ IRIS Connect saves schools money
➡ Patent pending technology leverages
 thereNow’s deep knowledge of
 education and learning psychology

➡ IRIS addresses security and privacy
Shawn Edmondson, BA, MS, PhD Psychology, Research &
 Evaluation Methodology (REM). Co-founder of five companies,
 doctoral dissertation research on IRIS Connect.

Tom Shuster, BS, MS, PhD Psychology, REM; CEO of Spectrum
  Education Group; expert grant writer, 30 years in public education
  as a teacher, curriculum specialist, administrator, researcher.

Ken Meyer, BS Economics. former US Department of ED Deputy
 Assistant Secretary, former state representative for TN General
 Assembly, SVP for Governmental Affairs for technology company.

Jason Murri, BS, MS Business Information Systems. Software and
  Web applications programmer, IT system administrator.

➡ Direct sales to school districts
➡ Direct sales to colleges of education
➡ Direct sales to university research studies
➡ Ed Tech distributors / resellers
➡ Federal grants for R&D funding
              IRIS Connect Sales

➡ $1.3 million in R&D grants from US Department of ED
➡ $300,000 in direct sales in the US and UK
➡ $100,000 to University of Michigan / Gates Foundation
➡ $200,000 to Ogden School District, Utah
➡ $874,800 to Harvard Graduate School of Education
➡ $6.9 million MoQ from European Distributor Steljes
                    Financial Outlook

➡2005-2009 [startup phase]: $1.3 million in grants, $500k in sales
➡2010: $3.1 million in revenue, $1 million in grants
➡2011: $16.8 million in revenue, $1 million in grants
➡2012: $36.9 million revenue, $1 million in grants
➡2013: $80.3 million revenue, $1 million in grants
➡2014: $140.9 million revenue, $1 million in grants
           The Deal

  Capital seeking: $1.5 million

Pre-money valuation: $15 million

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