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The Newsletter of the Jubilee Yacht Association (Vic) Inc.

Presidential Notes
The 2005 Victorian Titles were held at RBYC over the long weekend in March in
excellent conditions. All who participated enjoyed the series immensely. See the
report elsewhere in this issue. The RBYC Long race was also held in perfect
weather, and again, it was the best navigators who were the victors. At least the
Jubilees all finished in the allowed time. Most of the Dragon fleet got themselves
completely lost, sailing half way to Werribee looking for one of the marks. The
crews races gave some frustrated skippers a turn on the tiller, with J123 doing
exceptionally well with the skipper elsewhere in the boat!

Beer and Prawn Night (RBYC)
On Saturday April 30th, another successful end of season function was held at
RBYC. Nearly 100 Prawnaholics filled the members lounge for a great feed of
"endeavour" prawns with a few "tigers" in the mix. Thanks again to Geoff Grant for
sourcing such sweet juicy prawns and arranging delivery from Far North Qld.

The Simmat Award
Presentations were made for the Simmat award (for exceptional service to the
class) and the Rusty Shackle ( for exceptional disservice to one's personal
reputation as a jubilee sailor ). The Simmat award was presented to Steve Wright
for his meritorious service to the class, being closely involved in the production of a
number of new jubilees, especially following the purchase of the mould from the
previous builder. He was innovative in many respects in the design and building
process (getting resin to cure in winter in Ballarat for example). He has been a
worthy sailor and excellent competitor and served as Commodore at BaYC. A Rusty
Shackle award rounds out his sailing CV. (The particular event occurred at Sorrento
several years ago, when he "took out" not one but two Couta Bouts in the one

Huntingfield Cup 2005
Please make plans NOW to sail (or not to sail) in this regatta. We need to know
which boats might be available for charter by Sydney based Jubilee sailors who
wish to participate but are unable to bring their own boats down. There may be 3 or
4 boats needed. If you might be able to lend a boat, or alternatively, might need
some crew, please contact a JYA Committee member SOON. Suggestions for
accommodation for visiting sailors gratefully accepted. As you know this is a very
busy time at Sorrento. The record fleet for the Huntingfield is believed to be 31
boats. Let us see if we can test the record!

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The Newsletter of the Jubilee Yacht Association (Vic) Inc.

Rusty Shackle
To prevent any dispute, independent judges (Fred Allen and Harry Tedstone)
assessed the Rusty Shackle entries using specific criteria which will perhaps become
standard in years to come. Entrants were graded using robust criteria and points
totalled to produce a worthy winner. Needless to say, no communication with the
judges prior to the announcement was allowed,            nor further correspondence

The judging criteria
1.     Danger 0-5 points
2.     Stupidity 0-5 points
3.     Originality 0-5 points
4.     Overt 0-5 points
5.     Previous winner 5 points
The overt category perhaps needs further explanation. This aspect refers to
visibility of the event for all nearby to see, or whether shrouded in mystery with the
perpetrator hoping that it was unobserved.

1.   The Current Holder (Michael Morrow)
2.   Jemima's transport co-ordinator
3.   Richard Coleman
4.   Peter Furze - for taking personal safety on the boat to ridiculous extremes.
5.   An un-named entrant for various safety omissions when setting off on a trip.
6.   Ballarat City Council - (I cannot remember a local government or corporate
     entry previously)

Rusty Shackle entries (abbreviated for reasons of space)
1.   A certain Skipper in the recent regatta at RBYC failed to read the course board
     on the start boat and sailed course 1 instead of course 2 (course 2 being
     shorter by two legs). Instead of finishing, Michael turned to complete another
     windward and return, allowing J123 Stella to sneak through to victory in the

2.   J116 Jemima was cited for a number of collisions (her fault) but especially for
     one involving breach of a certain Racing Rule of Sailing which states that the
     overtaking boat shall keep clear. In this instance, of the vehicle towing her
     down the road when she appeared in the rear view mirror far too close to the
     towing vehicle!

3.   Richard Coleman parked his boat in the pen at RBYC very nicely tied up, but
     unfortunately neglected to allow for the slackening of the mooring ropes when
     the tide went out. The stern of the boat drifted back under the jetty which
     wasn't a problem until the tide (as it tends to do several hours later) rose.
     The stern was jammed under the jetty leaving the bow pointing somewhat
     upwards, the boat's buoyancy finally partly lifting the timber jetty off its piles!
     (photos were published in the previous Jubilation to which the reader is

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The Newsletter of the Jubilee Yacht Association (Vic) Inc.

Rusty Shackle (Cont.)
4.  Everyone is much more safety conscious these days and it is good to see
    Jubilee sailors are getting the message. Standing on the deck of J100 Peter
    Furze slid one arm through the arm hole of his PFD then passed the jacket
    behind himself incorporating the runner between the jacket and himself
    before placing his second arm through prior to zipping it up. Peter certainly
    takes seriously the advice to stay with your boat. The first tack was going to
    be interesting!

5.   Again with safety as the theme, a story of a proposed journey in a jubilee was
     submitted, with various serious omissions in the safety department. Allegedly,
     missing were charts, lifejackets, wet weather gear, bailing buckets, bilge
     pump, flotation, basic toolkit, and a centreplate unable to be lowered from the
     "up" position. This entry was ruled invalid because its veracity could not be
     established, and the events described may have not been within the relevant
     period ie. the current sailing season. That said however, the JYA Vic. is
     anxious that boat owners take safety issues very seriously, and encourages
     those unsure of the requirements, to ask for advice.

6.   Tidal influence in inland waters is generally limited. The enclosed picture of
     the incredibly low tide at Lake Wendouree is certainly not due to the
     gravitational influence of the moon, but to the prolonged drought and the
     incompetence of the Ballarat City Council for which they received this Rusty
     Shackle nomination. We can only hope that rains come and that sense
     prevails so that Ballarat can be a sailing venue once again.

7.   Several other nominations were ruled out of order, being not in writing or for
     some other fundamental reason (like being a total fabrication).

And the winner was:- Richard Coleman once again. The shackle was duly hung
around Dick's neck, and he wore it elegantly as usual having been a winner on a
number of occasions previously.

The raffle raised a useful amount which will contribute towards the restoration of
J54, otherwise known as the Brighton Fleet Folly. The excellent ticket sales being in
no small part due to the charm of the Weatherly girls and their persuasive skills.
Thanks again to the prize donors and also to the individuals who donated fine wines
and jubilee port for the raffle.

Lake Wendouree

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The Newsletter of the Jubilee Yacht Association (Vic) Inc.

Beer and Prawn Night Prize Donors
Thanks goes to the following major prize donors, as well as all the skippers who
donated fine wines and beer.

                                                    “Pre Owned Yacht Gear
                                                       (Yachting store)”
                                                   Geoff Simpson and Glissade
                                                          0412 552 085
                                                18C / 358 Reserve Rd, Cheltenham

Jubilee Promotion
Brett Stewart, Secretary of JYA (Vic) has begun the task (with much help from
Harry Tedstone, Scott Nunn and Fred Allen) of collecting information suitable for
publishing on the internet. Yes, there are many that are scared of the internet,
but, trust me, it doesn’t bite and can even be used as a wonderful promotional tool.
We are planning to display information relating to the class, the clubs, the people
(including rusty shackle recipients!), etc. We would love to hear further ideas for
content to be included on the site. So please, send a note to
(Brett Stewart, Secretary) with ideas, or even actual (preferably digital) content
including, text, images, and video.

Sailing some Different Waves
The following email was recently received from Michelle at Yachting Victoria.

Sailing is back on the radio. Yachting Victoria will be broadcasting a report each
Saturday morning at 7.55am on SEN1116am.
It would be terrific to build up a listening audience and to get any information from
your clubs regarding upcoming events or activities that can involve the general
Information needs to be sent to or fax 9598
7384 by the Thursday prior.
'Go Sailing!!'
Kind regards

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The Newsletter of the Jubilee Yacht Association (Vic) Inc.

2005 J.A. Linacre Memorial Trophy
Heat 1. 1pm. 5 kn. SSE. 3 laps windward / return
Stella had the best start with good boat speed at the gun. Those on boats near the
committee boat mightily impressed with the loud starting signal. Light steady
breeze, with J136 working her way to the lead and staying there. J133 was close
behind. J113 ran third for a while but couldn't hold back J108 (it only takes one lap
it seems for Donald Allen to get back into the groove) and J132. The Rear (John
Spencer) managed to find himself at the rear, presumably having a good excuse.

Heat 2. 5 kn. 2 laps windward/ return
A shift in direction just before the start made the line difficult to cross on starboard
tack. J 132 who just loves a port tack start did best. J136 was well boxed in. J133
miraculously squeezed around the pin end on stbd. tack without touching. J136
recovered well but J132 set a cracking pace up the first beat, succumbing shortly
before the weather mark, J108 also right up there. The downwind leg was sedate
until the bottom mark where quite a bit of argy-bargy ensued. J113 claimed room
to gybe inside J131 but they tightened up quickly missing J 113's transom by a
coat of paint. J 133 rammed them however blaming them for slowing down at the
mark! J 123 were having a good race in 3rd spot on the second downwind leg and
couldn't believe their luck when J136 and J108 rounded the leeward mark for
another beat. J123 sailed on downwind for another 50 metres to get the gun. J113
felt they had second spot ahead of the rapidly finishing rear commodore (who had
made a good run from - you guessed it - the rear!) Unfortunately the race
committee saw it differently and awarded him second place.

Heats 3,4,5
Unfortunately the scribe was unable to sail these races for reasons beyond his
control, but was told subsequently that good sailing was rewarded and errors
punished. See the results sheet for the final placings.


Other Winners
The winners of the Mornington Yacht Club Trophy for the 1st placed finisher in the
last race was Balcombe Bay, sailed by Michael Morrow and crew. The winner of the
Porge and Ray Lady Skipper’s Trophy was Leonnie Crosby of Jemima.

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The Newsletter of the Jubilee Yacht Association (Vic) Inc.

2005 J.A. Linacre Memorial (Cont.)
Any of the images below, may be purchased in full quality from:
Teri Dodds Photography
P.O. Box 687 Ocean Grove Vic 3226
Ph: 0407 093603

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The Newsletter of the Jubilee Yacht Association (Vic) Inc.

The Restoration of J54, Jubilant
Several months ago, someone spoke to someone, who spoke to an older RBYC
member, who spoke to John Spencer, who mentioned that a Jubilee was sitting in a
Sydney CBD office block basement where it had been sitting untouched for 30
years! The owner of the boat who also owned the building had to get rid of it after
all these years as the building had been sold. J54 was built in Sydney in 1938 by
Riddells who operated a boat works on the Spit, originally for Mr. A.G. Muston.
Subsequent owners included Messrs, Smith, Wilson, Syd Moray and Lloyd Waddy.
The last owner, Kevin Raymond sailed the boat only briefly before medical problems
arose preventing any further sailing. The boat was then loaned to the RSYS as a
training boat and had a chequered history for a few years until the Squadron
decided to build the hard stand in the early 70's and the boat had to go at short
notice. Kevin bought a massive trailer with a triple axle set up, big enough for a 25
footer and had the boat moved into his basement where it sat until a few weeks
ago when it was purchased by the RBYC Jubilee Fleet. In the days of team racing
for the Huntingfield Cup, Victorian sailors did use the boat, and Harry Tedstone for
one, does recall sailing on her.

The hull is generally fair but there is some cupping of the planks and evidence of a
knock at the skeg where both garboards have split. Restoration will entail
replacement of a fair number of ribs, including all aft of the tuck, and probably the
garboards, and also new floors and bearers. The plate case will need replacement
having false ply sides, the opening slot having been bogged up presumably because
of leaks. The boat last sailed with a motor by the look of it! Longer chain plates
need to be fitted. The deck is in good condition and the hull shape looks fast with a
fine entry.

Professional restoration by Ian Cockman of Nepean Boats has commenced, but the
boat is available for purchase at any stage along the way. Any donations of good
but unwanted gear may help the project along. Please let us know if you can assist
getting this boat going. We have offers of a new boom section and some new
sheets already. The old rudder may be salvageable. Does anyone have a spare
centreplate? Sometime in the next year or so we hope to see Jubilant back in the
water and sailing.

J54, Jubilant

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The Newsletter of the Jubilee Yacht Association (Vic) Inc.

Measurers News
The committee is anxious to preserve the stability of the rules as far as modification
of Jubilees is concerned. This enables boat owners to compete in the knowledge
that they can, provided they set up the boat well, sail it well and have their share of
luck, succeed in a race or regatta. Occasionally possible improvements are
suggested, and they are considered with the above in mind.               The issue of
spinnakers has been discussed several times over the years and so a new design
was tried late last season with the support of Fred Allen and Michael Morrow. Mark
Rimington made a more full kite of greater area but fairly short along the foot. With
the standard length pole the results have not been exciting, but it needs to be
trailed with a shorter pole to test it properly. If anyone wishes to try it out just

The measurers are also anxious to measure all new sails as soon as practicable
after delivery. It is not unknown for sail makers to inadvertently err, and fellow
competitors who generally are delighted that you have some new sails, would be
reassured that the measurer has run an eye over them and OK'd them before you
beat them. No-one wishes to protest another sailor over un-measured sails.

Please read carefully the proposed amendments to the specifications which are
enclosed in this issue, as these proposals will eventually go to referendum.

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The Newsletter of the Jubilee Yacht Association (Vic) Inc.

The 70th Anniversary Function
As most will be aware, 2005 is the 70th anniversary of the launching of the first
Jubilee Freydis at RBYC. To commemorate this milestone, an anniversary luncheon
will be held at RBYC on Sunday Oct. 16th. We are hoping to see as many present
and past jubilee sailors as possible on the day. A number of sailors from the early
days are, believe it or not, still in reasonable shape, and we hope to contact as
many as possible for this celebration. Various memorabilia will be displayed,
including some old jubilee gear, an early timber jubilee, the dunny door from the
golden jubilee celebration which has been restored, and other items of interest. If
anyone has archival material of interest could they let one of the organisers know.
If you know the whereabouts of any old jubilee sailors who still remember what it
was like please let us know.

The Jubilee Raffle
Enclosed with this issue for all Jubilee skippers are tickets for the 2006 Jubilee
Winter Escape Raffle. This great prize of a week in North Queensland for two
aboard a comfortable cruising yacht has been kindly donated by Geoff Grant.
Accommodation is in own cabin with en-suite. Winners are responsible for their own
transport to the departure point and for a share of food costs. Date of the cruise is
by arrangement with Geoff but must be taken up by the start of October 2006. The
prize is not redeemable for cash or other prize. Tickets are $10. Please do your best
to sell your allocation. Please contact your regular skipper, or the JYA (below) for
more tickets. The raffle will be drawn at a Jubilee function during the coming
season, but not before 300 tickets have been sold. Please return ticket stubs and
money from ticket sales to Gary Bunyard, Hon. Treasurer JYA Vic. c/- RBYC. 253
St. Kilda St. Brighton 3186. All proceeds to JYA Victoria.


I would like to purchase     ticket(s) at $10 each in my name*.

and / or

Please send me       extra tickets and I will forward payment and names of
purchasers when sold.


I do not require tickets but am keen to support the Jubilee Yacht Association and
am happy to donate $



* Tickets not valid until payment is received.
** Please send all tickets, stubs, moneys to:
Gary Bunyard, Hon. Treasurer JYA Vic. c/- RBYC. 253 St. Kilda St. Brighton 3186.

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The Newsletter of the Jubilee Yacht Association (Vic) Inc.

Jubilee for Sale
As some will know, J113 Pindiwirra is for sale. Obviously in this electronic age a
vendor will naturally use the internet to advertise. One does get some rather
unusual responses as the following illustrates.

"Hello, Thanks for the response on my purchase. I am okay with the details and
condition you stated. What is your final offer. I am located in the UK
(Bedfordshire),but I want to present the it to an uncle of mine, who resides in
NSW-Australia. The payment will be made by Euro Bank Draft, as there is a client
of mine in the Republic of Ireland, who I can instruct right-away to make-out the
payment to you via a Euro Bank Draft payable in Australian Dollar. So I want you to
please confirm with your Bank, the shortest-duration it will take for the Bank Draft
drawn on an Europian Bank, payable in Australian Dollar will get cleared at your
Bank, as I want the sales finalized on time. I will also want you to provide me with
the following payment information as follows:
Name the Bank Draft should be made payable to:
Address of the recipient:
Phone #:
Concerning the pick-up, i will contact a carrier or shipper to come over to your
location for the pick-up, shipping and delivery as soon as you receive the payment
and give your consent.

Awaiting your response. Kind regards.


--- R and J McDonald <> wrote:
> Hello
> Thank you for your interest. A Jubilee Class yacht is an 18ft. ballasted
centreboard one design yacht. It does not have a motor.
>Please let me know if you are still interested.
> Kind Regards
> Bob

Other offers are, needless to say, still being sought.

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The Newsletter of the Jubilee Yacht Association (Vic) Inc.

Communications from Rob Golding, Jubilee Sailor
The following communication was received on 13 July. We appreciate Rob’s email
and congratulate him on flying the Jubilee flag so high, so far from home.

I was looking at Jubilee Assn. website* and noted that you have details of boats
and their locations. I noticed J11 Tahiti was shown as being at Ballarat.

I have J11 Tahiti, which was at Ballarat, but I took it with me to Adelaide in 2001.
It had been out of the water for about 18 months and was in pretty poor condition
as a result, with gaps big enough to fit fingers between the planks.

I relocated her to Port Adelaide Sailing Club in the Port River and sunk her on a
mooring for a couple of weeks. After pumping out found that the planks had taken
up very well. Following a solid refurbishment I commenced using it in competition
with the keel boats of the Club until winter 2003 when after winning the Cartwright
Cup I found myself unable to sail due to commitments elsewhere.

Until April this year old Tahiti sat quietly on her mooring at the Club gathering a
fine crop of weeds and barnacles!

April this year saw her rebirth as I now found time to get re-involved with sailing
and so after a few days on the slip Tahiti was ready to tackle the five race Port
Adelaide SC Winter Series in competition once again with keelboats (ranging from
22 to 36 feet)....a bit out of her class but handicaps do help.

So far there have been four races and in fleets of about 10-12 we have managed a
2nd, a 7th, a 1st, and a 3rd on handicap.

This relative success has stirred a bit of interest in the class with a couple of people
thinking that it might be good to attempt to get a couple more into the fleet. If you
hear of any for sale we would be interested to have details.

Rob Golding
0408 471962

* This website is vaguely current.
Please see article in this edition of Jubilation titled “Jubilee Promotion”. Details are
being gathered and it is hoped an all new website will be launched by 2006.

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The Newsletter of the Jubilee Yacht Association (Vic) Inc.

Forthcoming Events

JYA AGM (RBYC), Thursday 13th October
Please see attached Agenda.

70th Anniversary Celebratory Luncheon (RBYC), Sunday 16th October
Please see attached flyer.

Season Opening
• RBYC, 1st October 2005
• SSCBC, 12th November 2005
• BaYC, Pray for rain…

2005 Huntingfield Cup (SSCBC), 28 – 30 December
Start planning now, if you haven’t…

The recollection of one individual from one boat, especially when there are multiple
races in a day must be a bit suspect. Serious errors of fact are possible but not
intended. In fact, any sailors wishing to add to, subtract from, correct, exaggerate
or otherwise embellish any accounts written herein are welcome to do so in writing
for the next edition. In fact, the long suffering editor would be pleased to have
multiple accounts of the racing in future regattas (Please, ed).

JYA (Vic) Committee 2004—2005
President: Bob McDonald
Hon. Secretary: Brett Stewart
Hon. Treasurer: Gary Bunyard
General: Ian Cockman, Geoff Grant, Andrew McLaren, Michael Morrow
Measurers: Fred Allan, Chris Dunbar, Bob McDonald

                     Jubilee Yacht Association (Vic) Inc.
                        Registration Number A0038756P
                          c/- Royal Brighton Yacht Club
                   PO Box 74, Brighton, Victoria, Australia 3186

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