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					When most people are making a decision about what type of software to install on their
computer, they will often turn to computer monitoring software reviews.

If you decide to explore computer monitoring software reviews in order to make a
decision about which software works best for you, remember to fully investigate many
such computer monitoring software reviews.

Some of the criteria you will be looking for are as follows:

      It is easy to install quickly and has a one time cost, also it can be uninstalled, if
       necessary, remotely or from the actual computer it has been installed on.
      The program runs invisibly in the background, so that no one is aware that it is
       installed on that computer. It should not slow the computer down in order to
       operate effectively. A program that slows a computer down may prompt someone
       to run an antivirus or spyware search program to locate such a monitoring
       program. Most of these types of monitoring program cannot be located with
       normal anti virus programs.
      Certain monitoring software programs will capture and copy to you any emails
       web based or not. Some do not capture those emails – from hotmail, gmail, yahoo
       or any other web based type email account. You need to decide if this is a feature
       that you would like, and then choose a program that offers this option.
      Is the program password protected? You should be able to have password
       protection in the rare case that someone discovers this program and tries to
       remove it from the computer.
      How easy is it to access and view the logs that are saved by the monitoring
       software? Do you need to be on that particular computer to access the logs, or
       can it be done remotely from another location?

Once you have decided which features you require in a monitoring program, all you need
to do is locate the one that you like best.

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