How to write a press release by country


									                             How to write a press release

There is a set format used for press releases

Top of Page
1. Your Organisations name and address
2. the Date
3. Whether the Press release is for immediate or delayed release;
       eg "For immediate release" or "Embargoed until" or "Not to be used Before"

Main Text
1. Header: Treat this like a newspaper headline, try to come up with something
   concise but catchy, there can be more than one header.

2. Main body: Don’t underline text or write in capitals, text should be double spaced
   and ideally should fit on single A4 sheet.

3. "Ends": The word "ends" is used to denote the end of the main text

4. Multi-page press releases: Try to avoid this but if it does happen then don’t split
   sentences between pages, put the word contd. at the bottom of the first page, put
   clear page numbers on each page.

Contact details
At the bottom of the page, you must have contact name(s) and phone number(s) so
that a journalist can contact your group to confirm the story. If you are a contact then
keep a copy of the press release with you.

Keep it short and simple, try to get the essential points in the first paragraph. State the
facts as clearly as possible and try to avoid jargon or unnecessary wordiness or

Other issues
There are two styles, a simple statement format or a newspaper article format. Simple
statement format is a straightforward, dry statement. An alternative approach is to
write your own "newspaper article" complete with reported quotes from your
spokesperson. If you wish you can back up your own newspaper article with a
separate statement. This may seem a bit cheeky but it is actually a standard
technique, like anyone else, journalists are stuck for time if you can give them your
story in a format that is ready to go to press they may be more likely to use your press

Remember, you are competing with other groups for media coverage, if a journalist
has an hour to go to deadline and needs to spend at least a half hour rewriting your
press release then another story might get preference.
Galway Media Contacts and Deadlines

Connaught Tribune         Deadline 12 pm Wednesday
City Tribune              Deadline 12 pm Thursday
Connaught Sentinel        Deadline 12 pm Monday
Fax 091 567970

Galway Advertiser         Deadline 12 pm Wednesday

Galway Bay FM

E mails / Fax Numbers (National Media)

 Irish Independent / Evening   01 8720304
 Examiner /Evening Echo          01 6762831 / 021
 Irish Times               01 6772130
 Lorna Siggins (Galway
 RTE News                        01 2083080
 RTE Jim Fahy                      091 568827

                               Other RTE e mails

 Today FM                      01 8049099

 Star                                                       01 4907425

 Sunday World                                               01 4901838

 Sunday Business Post               01 6796238
 Ireland on Sunday        01 6718882

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