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                                     Barbara M. Morris R.Ph.
                                           PO Box 937
                                   Escondido, CA 92033-0937

Magazines and newsletters                         Miscellaneous
Don’t know where to start to educate              Blood Tests:
yourself? Here are a few suggestions for
newsletters There are many other good             Life Extension Foundation (
ones, but these are my favorites.
                                                  Acceptable Non Nutritive Sweetners
Life Extension Magazine        Stevia
Julian Whitaker,                                  Xylitol
(Newsletter)                                      Calcium Ascorbate crystals
Stephen Sinatra,                                  Bronson Pharmaceuticals
M.D. (Newsletter)         1-800-235-3200

Books                                             Whole Grain Breads
The Antioxidant Miracle, Lester Packer,           Alvarado Street Bakery – Available online at
Ph.D.w/ Carol Colman                     for mail
Any of the Zone books by Dr. Barry Sears          order.
Cosmetic Surgery: Before Between &
After, Susan Gail                                 San Diego area: Alverado Street Bakery
The Perricone Prescription, Nicholas              Breads available at:
Perricone, MD.                                    Albertsons, Jimbos
The Perricone Promise, Nicolas Perricone,
MD.                                               Trader Joe’s
Don’t Stop the Career Clock, Helen                Psyllium – can be purchased at any health
Harkness, Ph.D.                                   food store
Lipitor: Thief of Memory, Duane Graveline,
MD.                                               Anti aging physician referral
Fantastic Voyage, Ray Kurzweil & Terry            San Diego area:
Grossman, M.D.                                    Greenfield Pharmacy – Vista 760-631-1010
Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser                  Ask for John
Over 40 & Gettin’ Stronger, Phyllis Rogers        University Compounding Pharmacy – San
Put Old on Hold, Barbara Morris                   Diego – 619-693-2006
Natural Hormone Therapy for Men
Women & Children, Michael Platt, M.D.             Outside San Diego area:
Smart Drugs & Nutrients, Ward Dean, M.D 
How to Make the Rest of Your Life the
Best of your life, Art Linkletter and Mark        Dov Oshri’s Comprehensive Anti-Aging
Victor Hansen                                     Program

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