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					                                   CITY OF DUBLIN VEC

            SCC NEWS AND VIEWS
                               SPORTS AND CULTURAL COUNCIL

Battle of the bands
                             thanks to Danny Kenny
                             (Plunket) and Alan Kelly

                             SCC Table Quiz
                                                                                                            Pearse College -Quizmasters

                             The Annual SCC Table                                                   EVENTS
                             Quiz for VTOS and PLC
BATTLE OF THE                students took place in
                                                                                                    Athletics Prelims and Finals
                                                                                                    are being held on the one
BANDS                        Pearse College November         Patrick Gurr - Col Dhulaigh
                                                                                                    day this year in Morton
                             26, 2008.                                                              Stadium Santry, on Friday,
                                                                                                    May 15.
Every style on show, from    There were 7 tables
accordion solos to death     representing three centres,                                            Bohemian Shield and
metal!                       Pathways, Parnell                                                      Shelbourne Cup finals in
                                                                                                    Terenure on Wednesday,
                             Education Centre and
A packed Kylemore            Pearse College.
                                                                                                    April 1.
College saw the              The winners were Pearse
running of the SCC’s 4th                                                                            Belgrove Cup Blitz for Senior
                             College.                                                               mens soccer in Terenure on
Talent Show and Band         Thanks to all of the                                                   Wednesday, April 29.
Competition. We were         teachers and students for
entertained by 23 acts,
                                                             A Pruteanue -Dominick Youthreach
                             participating in an                                                    Junior Bouldering
from 7 CDVEC centres, by     enjoyable evening. Our                                                 rescheduled for Colaiste Eoin
every style on show, from    thanks also to                                                         on Wednesday, March 25.
accordion solos to death     colleagues from Pearse
metal.                       College, Sarah Timmins,
                                                                                                    Boxing Finals in the National
                                                                                                    Stadium on the evening of
                             quizmaster and Antoine Ó                                               Wednesday, March 25.
The standard was so high     Riain, score keeper.
that judge Danny Kenny
had no option but to award                                                                          Exhibition in Colaiste Eanna
multiple first prizes.                                                                              Cabra, on April 29.

The winners were Camille                                     Megan Whyte -Larkin                    Poetry and Short Story
Christophe (Kylemore),                                                                              presentations in the Teachers'
David Core Hughes,                                                                                  Club , Parnell Square on
(Larkin) and Megan Whyte                                                                            Thursday, April 30.
                                                                                                    Rounders moved to
                                                                                                    Wednesday, May 6 in
Close by in second place                                                                            Whitehall Grounds.
was Patrick Gurr (Colaiste
Dhulaigh) and Adrian                                                                                Pitch and Putt on
Pruteanu (Dominic Street                                                                            Wednesday, May 13 .
                                                                                                    NEW Senior Girls Gaelic
The third prizewinners                                                                              Blitz in Terenure on
were Larkin's Clara                                                                                 Wednesday, April 22. Contact
                                                                                                    Sabena Power, Crumlin
Hilliard, Ashleigh Mullen,
                                                                                                    College for more information.
Jane Nevin and Keji                                                                                 Junior Girls Gaelic Blitz also on
Otemolu who sang                                                                                    Wednesday April 22nd. in
'Issues'. Well done to all                                                                          Whitehall.
the performers and special
                                                           Winner!! Camille Christophe - Kylemore
BASKETBALL                               PUBLIC
Colaiste Ide dominated the Senior        The SCC Senior Final was held
events. In the mainstream girls          as a blitz in the Studio of St.
competitions, Larkin CC                  Kevin's College on December 11,
dominated by winning the three           2008.
events. It was a disappointment
not to have a junior final, after a      Students from Whitehall College,
no-show from Presentation,               Rathmines College, Pearse
Terenure.                                College, Pathways and St.
                                         Kevin's College aired the whole
The Minor final was well                 gamut of topics that impinge on
contested, while the Inter final         our lives in 2008.                                                                        Winners!! Col Ide Senior Girls
was won well by the Larkin girls.        Barak Obama, Islam,
On the boys side, Plunket won            Multiculturalism and the Internet
the Inter crown, while Kylemore          were all brought to life by
scooped two victories. In the            students from Rathmines &
Minor final they stopped a three         Whitehall.
year Larkin streak winning in            Dreams and a new life either after
beating Plunket, and their Junior's      prison or with another chance in
beat Larkin in the tightest game         education or indeed, in a new
of the day.                              home became the often poignant

                                                                                                                                 Winners!! Whitehall Inter Boys

          Winners!! Larkin minor girls

                                                       Frank Locke, Pearse
Inchicore and Coláiste Íde kindly
offered their halls for the              but powerful personal
preliminary matches and both             presentation of students from
venues proved to be excellent.           Pearse & Pathways and St.
                                         Kevin's College.
For the finals, the National             Under 25 winners
Basketball Arena in Tallaght was         1.Jade Costello (St. Kev’s)-
again used. In a change from last          Winner Liam Arundel trophy
year there were only two courts in       2. Edel Nic Caba (St. Kev’s)
play, which forced us into an            3. Juanita Muldowney (St. Kev's)
earlier start.                           & Andy Hynes (St. Kev's)
Mary Whelan refereed
preliminary matches in Inchicore         Over 25’s
and Pat Maher covered Coláiste           1. Tiarnan Lee (St Kev’s)
Íde. Thanks to all involved.             Winner of Jonathan Philbin Cup           Tiarnan Lee, St Kevin’s, winner of the Jonathan Philbin Cup for Public Speaking
                                                                               Damien Fee (principal) presenting Tiarnan Lee with the Johnathan Philbin Bowman Cup
                                         2. Frank Locke (Pearse)

SCC Basketball
                                         3. Deirdre Creasy (Whitehall) &
                                         John Keyes (St Kev’s)
National Basketball Arena,
Tallaght, 4th February 2009              NELSON
                                         MANDELA CUP
Senior Boys Final
(39) Coláiste Íde V Crumlin CFE (29)
Senior Girls Final                       The Nelson Mandela Cup for the
(32) Coláiste Íde V Inchicore (20)       CDVEC inter colleges Senior
Intermediate Boys Final                  Public Speaking
(20) Plunket Col V Col Dhúlaigh (16)     competition for International
Intermediate Girls Final                 Students was held in the
(40) Larkin CC V Coláiste Éanna (4)      Teachers' Club on March 4.
Junior Boys Final                                                                                           Public Speaking in St Kevin’s College in December
(8) Kylemore Col V Larkin CC (6)                                              spoke on the topic: The Culture of
(After Extra time)                       Results as follows:
Junior Girls Final                       First Mahalia Masuka (South
Larkin CC V Pres., Terenure (Larkin      Africa) and from Marino College                                                  Contributers
                                                                              SCC Committee
win by walkover)                         who spoke on Integration into
Minor Boys Final                         Irish Society.                       Chairperson: Brigid Coleman                 Public Speaking -C. Lynch
(22) Kylemore Coll V Plunket Coll (10)   Second Silviu-George Dadu            Vice Chairperson: Eithne Davey              Talent/Bands -G.Flanagan
Minor Girls Final
                                         (Romania) of Plunket College         Hon Treasurer: Eamon McGinley               Basketball -R.Barrett
(10) Larkin CC V Marino (7)

                                                                              Happy St Patrick’s Day!
                                         who spoke about Communism.           Hon Sec: James O Dea                        Table Quiz-E.O’Riordan
                                         Third Malwina Tretowska
                                         (Poland) from Crumlin CFE who