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 Your monthly news from the                        Tampa Writers Alliance
                     Volume 15 Number 7                                                     July, 2000
The Tampa Writers Alliance is a self help group of published and aspiring writers. On the first Wednesday of each month we conduct
a General Meeting. During the month there are poetry, fiction and non-fiction critique sessions. TWA conducts an annual writing

Ever want to write a cookbook…and get it published?…
        Michael Bavoda, local cookbook author and writer, will be the featured
speaker at our next TWA general meeting at 7pm, Wednesday, July 5th in the
auditorium at the Tampa-Hillsborough County library, 900 Ashley Drive,
downtown Tampa. His topic will be “Writing and Publishing Cookbooks”.
        A Director of Seafood Sales in Tampa, Michael has been a writer for 21 years
publishing children‟s stories, newspaper feature articles, hobby and craft features and
authoring more than 160 pieces that have been in national trade magazines. In addition to
his nonfiction book, “The Seafood Lover‟s Bible”, published in April, 1999, by Clear
Light Publishers, our July guest speaker has just completed his first novel, “Spirit of the
        Michael will take us step by step through the process of developing a cookbook;
selecting a theme, researching the market, contacting publishers, selling the concept,
gathering the recipes, authenticating their value, the necessary photography, formatting
the text and pictures, and many other elements of a successful cookbook project that most
people wouldn‟t even think of. It will be a “how-to” seminar that shows the aspiring
cookbook writer what it takes, what problems to expect, and what the rewards can be.

June Program Review…
          Those attending our June general meeting got quite an education on writers and how the
IRS treats our tax returns. IRS Tax Auditor Teri Herbein-Williams covered the do‟s and don‟t‟s
of record keeping, what qualifies you as an artist/writer/photographer/freelancer, what expenses
are deductible. Example: If you and your mate travel to Europe (for a vacation) and write a travel
article, even if it‟s not yet sold in the year you go, can you deduct the trip expenses that year?
Can you deduct your mate‟s expenses? Would you like your return audited? Well, if you‟re not
an „established‟ writer, i.e., your writing contributes greatly to your income/support/livelihood,
ahhh… you might think twice about those deductions. Yes, you can deduct the expenses, but if
audited you must meet certain standards of proof… it‟s a gray area. Teri passed out several IRS
publications which explained in more detail the parameters artists/writers/freelancers need
concern themselves with. If you missed this one, we will have a few copies of those
publications at the July meeting. You’re welcome to them.

 “If only I knew now what I knew then,” Miguel Sansa, Latin author & Alzheimer’s patient.
    Write Connections                                        July, 2000   Page 2
“The Nightbird Sings”,
                 a message from our President… M. Lark Underwood.
       Each year for the past several years, the TWA has participated in the St.
Pete Times Festival of Reading on the Eckard College Campus. The past two
years we have conducted children’s workshops in poetry and story writing
which have been very well received. It is time to consider what form our Y2K
(haven’t heard that phrase in a while) participation will take this coming
       There is some feeling among the ExCom that as we are an organization
for adult writers, our focus should be on adults, not children. On the other
hand, a case can be made for offering some form of activity for young people
since they eventually grow into adults.
       TWA resources, while not vast, are deep. We have approximately 85
members who have a multiplicity of talent and skills, and who could, if
motivated, share these same talent and skills with others.
       Please consider the options for the St. Pete Times Festival of Reading
and let me (or any other ExCom member) know your opinion. Please also
consider actively participating by coordinating the event. Encourage a friend
to think about this and participate too. Fly high. Write well.
Only two current members come due for renewing their membership in July:
Maria Janner… and, oh-oh, El Presidente… M.Lark herself, the
Underwood lady. (Several members come due in August.)

Renewing members may bring their $25 annual dues to the July meeting
or mail it to our Treasurer, Carlton Blair, 1611 Hartley Road, Tampa

      TWA’s first “Writing Workshop” firmed up.
        TWA former President Tim Wright announced the final plans for the first Tampa
Writers Alliance “Writers Workshop - Beginning Nonfiction and Freelance Writing”,
Saturday, August 19, from 10am to 3pm. There will be a lunch break when those in
attendance cry out loud enough. Brown bag it or go out for a bite. The workshop will be
at the Northwest Regional Branch Library. Tuition is just $5 for TWA members, $10 for
non-members. Early registration is encouraged. Contact Tim Wright, 960-7556 or e-mail for information. Basics of nonfiction writing and the publishing
process will be a main focus of the sessions. Geared for the aspiring scribe, this workshop
will provide a wealth of basic information on form and procedures, what might tweak an
editor‟s interest, what markets are available and other useful elements of the successful
Ahhh, let’s see…Dopey, Doc, Sneezy, Happy, Grumpy, Bashful, and……?
_____________   Write Connections                                  July 2000
Page 3_
Notes from the Tampa Writers Alliance Critique Group…
                                                    by Group Coordinator Denis O’Connor
         Last meeting was Wednesday, June 14 with seven TWA members in attendance. The
first chapter of a work in progress entitled, “Joey”, by TWA member Rich Terio was the only
submission from the previous meeting and received the group’s full attention. Five
submissions were handed in for criticism for the next meeting; however, since time allowed
we read and critiqued Jim Chaplin’s submission, a short first chapter of his novel, “Lottie’s
Garden”. We’re delighted to have Jim (our TWA Newsletter Editor) join our group and add
his expertise to our discussions
         Members are reminded that the countdown for submissions to the annual TWA writing
contest has begun. Many previous winners have found it helpful to have their work critiqued
before submitting it to the contest.
         A member suggested that we consider having our Critique Group meet twice a month
so writers can have a quicker response to their work. This may be particularly important for
those writers entering the TWA contest. At our next TWA general meeting we would like a
response to this suggestion from all the members who have an interest in the Critique.
                                                            D O’Connor
         The Critique Workshop Group is looking for a few good manuscripts. We look at just
about anything; nonfiction, fiction, memoir, poetry, essay, whatever. Submissions should be
double spaced, no longer than ten pages, and with enough copies for all those attending, 10 to
15. This is a good place to road test your story ideas to see what works and what needs working
         The next meeting for the Critique Workshop will be at 7pm, WEDNESDAY July 12, at
the North Branch Library, Boulevard North just south of Busch Boulevard. All members are
welcome and encouraged to come make this part of your TWA experience. Your input is
Member readings… At the July general meeting, Denis O’Connor will
read a short piece from an article he wrote about being a charter captain
in Greece and M. Lark Underwood will present a piece authored by Jim
Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library presents…
      2000 Stories for the Year 2000
It’s a program for all ages. Stories can be personal, imaginary, fantasy or factual - whatever
the writer wishes to express. Open to children, young adults, adults and seniors, entries can
be prose or poetry. Entries limited to 1,000 words. Get an “official” entry form at any library
in the system. Deadline for entries is December 31, 2000. Stories will be placed in libraries in
the public library system with selected works appearing on the library’s home page on the

Mystery Writers of America comes to Tampa, Saturday, July 15th, at the
Double Tree Inn, 4500 West Cypress Street. MWA members and potential
new members are welcome. It’s no mystery how to get more information,
just call Patty Sprinkle at 786-268-0464.

PINAWOR, Pinellas Authors and Writers Organization, meets each Saturday at the Highlands
Recreation Complex, 400 N. Highland Avenue, Largo, 9:30am til noon. Contact Elenora Rose
Sabin, 727-345-3376. e-mail
Tampa Writers Alliance
  Write Connections
   c/o Jim Chaplin
   6020 S 4th Street
   Tampa, FL 33611

July, 2000 issue_____

Tampa Writers Alliance Annual Writing Contest…                                                                            EDITORIAL CONSULTANT
   The competition is open to all writers. There are four                                                               If I can’t help you refine,
categories; Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry and                                                                             polish and give your writing
Playwriting/Screenwriting. Fiction and nonfiction are                                                                   a professional flair, YOU
limited to 2,500 words. Poetry, up to 72 lines which may
contain up 3 poems. Plays must not exceed 10 pages
                                                                                                                        DON’T NEED ME! You’re ready
and must be complete works. All works entered must be                                                                   for publication. If you’re
unpublished at the time of submission, typed in 12 point                                                                not absolutely sure that your
standard type (Times New Roman, Courier, Ariel.)                                                                        writing’s error-free, maybe
Writers may submit one entry in any or all categories.                                                                  you need what I have to
There is no entry fee for TWA members. Non-members,                                                                     offer.20% off for TWA
$10 per entry. Get entry forms at any TWA general                                                                       members. Free consultation.
meeting or send SASE to Kathy Holland, 806 Settlers                                                                     Let’s talk at monthly
Road, Tampa, FL 33613. Entry deadline is October 1 .
                                                                                                                        meetings, or send double-

The next ExCom meeting is Saturday, July 15, 2pm, Barnes &
                                                                                                                        stamped S.A.S.E. TO:
Noble, South Dale Mabry. All members are welcome to attend.                                                             EditCon, Suite #1407, 400 E.
                                                                                                                        Harrison St., Tampa, FL.33602
 The next Poetry Workshop will happen Thursday, July 13,
7pm at Barnes and Noble, South Dale Mabry. All are
                                                                                                                        (813) 226-0196 Chuck Bush
welcome.______                                                                                                            This space available in August.
       TWA will give away one prize at the July general meeting; “The Weekend
Novelist” by Robert J. Ray. Your $1 donation to the TWA cause gets your name
in the drawing.
         Directory           (all 813)
President      M. Lark Underwood 254-1485
Vice President Judy Sullivan     949-6391
Secretary      Tim Wright     960-7556
Treasurer      Carlton Blair  622-8131
Mmbr-at-Lrg James Young       737-1688
Cntst Crdntr    Kathy Holland 265-8603
Membership Jim Chaplin           835-4255
Publicity     James A. Able   839-4675
Critique      Denis O’Connor    971-8201 denispatoc@aol.
Poetry        M. Lark Underwood (see President)

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