Hardship by tyndale


									Hardship Letters
Transcribed by members of the North East Telford Studies Group

A number of Letters concerned with hardship due to Industrial accidents &c.

5/90      Dec 17,1821       a) Letter dated Dec 8 from Wm.Mainwaring, Agent for Lord Viscount Dudley and Ward.
Gentlemen, The bearer John Pickring and his Family are proper Objects of Charity; owing to his having meet with
several very serious misfortunes on account of which he has done very little work for the last half year he has now
one Child; and his wife near her down lying – I have no doubt that when his case is stated to you – but you will do
that for him which is just. I remain Gentlemen your most Humble Sert. Wm. Mainwaring Agent for Lord Viscount
Dudley and Ward..
Copy of G.S. reply:
Dear Sir, Yours dated the 8th Instant I rec’d per the bearer Jno Pickering and yours being laid before the Magistrates
on Monday last with the Doctor Note the bearer stated to them that you ad stop’d the Field Clubb 7s for an week
although the Doctor Note expressed he was under his care for the last six weeks, and I have ad him Examined by the
Doctor for Wrockwardine Parish and he states to me that the man his unable to follow his imployment from his
Bruises therefore he considers him Intitled to his pay – the Parishioners of Wrockwardine have no objection to the
man being their parishioner and want to do what his right to assist the man and his family and therefore having had
the pleasure of noing you myself I ham fully convinced that youl inquire into the particulars of his case & if you can
place him in any situation that the man may get something towards supporting his family will much oblige
                  Your Most hble. Sevt. Geo Shepherd
NB. Allow him 13/- (Jno Pickering 31 years, wife 27, Boy 2).
b) note from Jas.Rice, Surgeon, Dudley. I hereby certify that John Pickering hath been under my care the last six
weeks and is unable to follow his employment.

5/94     Dec 31,1821       Letter to Mr.G.Shepherd, O/S of Wrockwardine from Wm.Mainwaring, Dudley
Sir, Since the bearer John Pickring Brought your letter the Club as allow'd him £1 I think if the Parish would allow
him another pound he would thereby be able to purchase two asses, and by carrying Coals into this town, I am in
great hopes that by so doing it would prevent any further expence to the parish as far as I know of him he is an
honest and industrious man that would not without necessity be troublesome to the parish. I hope you will (do) all
you can to serve his family consistent with justice and in doing this you will Sir, highly gratify your most
         Humble Servant Wm.Mainwaring
Jany 4th Received pr. the hands of Geo.Shepherd as allowed by the Parishoner the Sum of One Pound, Promising not
to come again to be trouble some to purchase a Ass.
                           The mark of X Jno. Pickering

5/122 Mar 04,1822            Letter to the Gentlemen of Rokerdam parish from Thos.Wakefield
These are to Certify that Thomas Martin is employed by Thomas Wakefield and has had no employment for this
fortnight as the Pits are entirely Drowned out with Water and his Wife and Children almost in state of starvation and
when he is employed he has but 3 Days or 3½ in a week.
         As Witness my hand this 4th Day of March the Mark X of Thomas Wakefield
Note below: I believe the above to be a correct statement      Wm.Maurice O/S
(Note says Robt. Martin of Dudley, allowed 12s 0d and 5s 0d extra).

5/128 Mar 21,1822           Letter from Timothy Davies, March 17,1822,Tipton nr.Dudley.
Mr.Sheppard, I am under the necessity of applying to you for relief on acct. of the slackness of work and in another
week I expect to be intirely out of employ as the Colliers have had notice to abate their wages My 2 Eldest Boys are
hurt and not able to do anything one lies with broken limbs and is not likely to do anything for a considerable time
my wife would have come herself but the youngest child an infant lies at the point of death therefore I trust you will
consider my case and send what you (can) by the barer who is my daughter I do not wish to become troublsome but
I cannot at this time do otherwise
                            I remain Sir, your Humble St.       Timothy Davies Tipton March 17,1822
Note says allowed 10s 0d.
5/138      Apr 01,1822     Receipted a/c from W.Robinson(X), Constable for Wrockwardine Wood.
           Making out and delivering duplicates for the Militia 10s 0d; To sending for Coroner and summoning a
Jury over the body of James Jarvis killed in a pit 5s 0d; to ditto for Rd.Howells wife who died suddenly 5s 0d; to
Ditto for Tho.Colley who was hurt in a pit 5s 0d; to Ditto for Jos.Ickes Dau. who dropt into a pit 5s 0d.
Total £1 16s 0d. (But note at bottom, F.Clayton's hand?, says at Select Vestry Feb 6,'22 that above 10s be disallowed,
not being a customary charge).

6/7        Apr 24,1822        Letter from Jno.Wellings, Bilston April 24th 1822 to Mr.Sheppard, Overseer, to be left at
Mrs. Turners, Sun Inn, Wellington
Sir, It is with much reluctance I presume to lay the situation of myself and family before the parish which calls for
immediate assistance for added to the trouble I have just experienced in the Death of my Child at a season of so
much distress as rendered it impossible for me on my own strength to have committed its body to the Earth but for
the assistance of a friend - the principle part of our Work is now standing and the men which occupied the whole of
the work in which I was employ'd being 12 in Number are now to assist at our Furnaces, consequently our wages
which only amounted to 12s pr week in regular Employment will only afford 3s and two of this is expected to be
paid for rent, so that our present inextricable embarassment renders us impossible to procure even food for ourselves
and three small Children - It is very far from my inclination to throw myself and family entirely on the Parish and on
this account I have endeavoured to give you a just delineation of my circumstance that you may take into
consideration my present necessic... state and afford us the means of support until I resume my usual Employment.
As my case is urgent it will be necessary for you to decide upon it immediately that I may be prevented from taking
the necessary steps which the Parochial Law demands in conveying myself and family under your protection.
I think Sir it is necessary to inform you we have received no kind of support since you gave my Wife the 6s 6d also
to state that this person who stood my Friend at the interment of my Child is from the same cause as myself
necessitated to make a demand on me for the return of his money - the person who Delivers this Letter will bring
your Answer back as its certainly impossible that we can remain at Bilston without some alteration is made in our
With submission I am Sir, Your Obedient, Humble Servt, John Wellings
Mr.Sheppard requested me to enquire of you the particulars of the person that belongs to that Property at Sarah
Pearces Joseph Mars of Macclesfield, Silk weaver.

Note says: A letter from Jno Wellings of Builstone addressed to Mr.Shepherd O/S to be left at Mrs.Turners, Sun Inn,
Wellington. To be laid before the Select Vestry April 24th 1822
April 27th 5s 0d gave the man - no work.

7/59       Dec 09,1823       Letter to the Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Wrockwardine
This is to certify that Richard Fox a parishioner of the parish of Wrockwardine but now residing in the Town of
Wolverhampton with his wife and three children is in that ill state of health so as to be unable to work for the
support of himself and family being afflicted with a disease in his Eyes arising from a blow he accidently received by
a fall of Coals while at work in the Monmore Green Colliery and that he the same Richard Fox is a proper object to
receive relief from his parish during the continuance of his present illness. Given under our hands this 8th day of
December 1823 -
Thomas Green, Joseph Moore Overseers, W?B.Homer Asst. Overseer.
Added is: Richard Fox is a patient of the Wolverhampton Dispensary with a violent inflammation in the Eye from a
blow received at his employment and he is not at present able to work
                                                        Edwd. Coleman, Resident Surgeon
Note says: allowed 9s 6d.

8/29      May 25,1824 Letter dated May 24,1824. We the Undersigned Ch.Warden and Overseer of the Parish of
Essington do hereby certify that John Glover has been lame by an accident in the Coalfield a Fortnight on
Wednesday, he has a family consisting of himself his wife and five small children and moreover the man and part of
his family are attacked with a violent dangerous Fever which at this (time) prevails in the neighbourhood, and cannot
obtain medical assistance without a line from you. Neither have they any support but from the benevolence of their
neighbours in short the Family is in a state deplorable
                           Signed by us: Thos.Bradburn, Ch.Warden; William Heap, Overseer, Essington

10/55     Sep 07,1825      Letter dated Aug 10 from Mr.Jones, Clerk to Mr.Onions of Broseley
Gentn., A poor lad named George Mason received a serious accident at our work last week by which his hand was
dreadfully crushed and but for excellent surgical treatment must have been cut off. He will certainly be unable to
work for some time and his Gmother being a poor widdow cannot possibly support him without assistance.
                                 I am Gentn. Your Obedient T.Jones
Note says Geo.Mason badly hurt with the Engine Aug 10. Allowed at Meeting Sep 7, 5s.

11/4       Apr 01,1826     Letter dated Mar 20,1826 from T.Shorthouse, Dudley O/S
Gentn., Thomas Martin late of this Parish but a Parishioner of yours was last week killed in a Coal Pit. He has left a
Widow now pregnant and five children Sarah aged 13 years, John aged 9, Hannah 5, Mary Ann 3½, Thos. 1yr
9mths. As she cannot do without immediate relief I think you had better see them and make them such allowance as
you think necessary, sooner than have them removed. I have no doubt she can do with less here than with you. Your
immediate answer will oblige Yours respectfully T.Shorthouse O/S
Copy of reply from J.S.Shepherd Apr 1,1826
Sir, Yours dated the 20th Ulto came to hand I ham sorry to See in yours that Thomas Martin being killed and leaving
such a large family behind him but I suppose the Girl and Boy work but as you inform me that you say the family
being destressed Inclosed his a Shifnall One Pound Note No.C-2675, Dec 1,1824 signed John M.Pidcock which will
thank you to give the Widow and she must attend Wrockwardine and be their at 12 o'clock so that she may be
informed what will be paid in future, and acknowledge the receipt of this sum by her.
Note on back "direction Ann Martin in Bodpit Lane near the Love and Lam Dudley".

11/130 Feb 03,1827             2 Letters, a) from Ed.Underhill, Surgeon,
I do hereby certify that Thos. Ratcliff now residing at Darlaston was in the beginning of August last, very badly hurt
on his Back and Hip as also several bruises on his other parts and which hurt on his hip now renders him unable to
work and in my opinion he will not be able to do his regular work for several weeks to come. Edwd. Underhill
Surgeon Tipton, Feb 3,1827
b) from S.Lowe, Rector of Darlaston 5th Feb 1827.
Gentlemen, I beg leave to recommend to you the case of Thomas Ratcliffe as one with which I have been well
acquainted throughout and which I know to have been one of very deep distress. In addition to his personal affliction
(of which the medical man's certificate will be the most satisfactory evidence) I have to state that one of his four
children (the eldest of 11 years of age) has been so painfully oppressed with fits as to render rather a burthen than a
help to her poor mother, who has been effectually prevented from doing any thing but attend to her family, by her
two youngest children having gone thro' the smallpox one of them having been long in a very dangerous way. Under
these circumstances you will be surprized to hear that the maintenance of the family has with difficulty been
provided for, while Rent and Levies have run painfully in arrears; so that they are in imminent danger of being
stripped of their little all and consequently of throwing the family wholly on their Father's Parish. So anxious has the
poor man been if possible to prevent this that he has made an attempt to resume his work before he was fit for it, and
by doing so has I fear considerably retarded his permanent recovery. Your attention to his case will be esteemed an
obligation by Gentlemen, yr. obedient Servant S. Lowe, Rector of Darlaston
Allowed 15s.

12/133 Mar 10,1828         Letter from Sarah Carter, Bilston March 10th 1828 addressed to Elizabeth Ward, Ketley
Wood Nr. Wellington
Dr. Father and Mother,     This with my Duty to you Hoping these few lines will find you in Good Health I am
Sorry to have to Inform you of a unfortunate Accident that we have had for we have Got Robert badley Burnt on
Saturday Morning last in the Pit and His Brother in law Freeman and five others beside it is in a Fresh Feild He Had
but Worked there one week and we Fear we shall be Badly off as it is in a Strange Feild and we Hope you will have
the Goodness to take these few lines to the Overseers of Wrockwardine Parish and we hope you will Go to Pincher at
Wellington and See if Freemans letter is Come for they have sent it to the overseers we shall be Glad to see you over
here as soon as Possible, Robert sends his love to his Brother John and His Sister and Family
                  I Remain your
                  Dutiful Daughter
                  Sarah Carter
Robert Clark and his wife send their love to their Father and Mother and his wife will be over with them Next
Sunday so hope you will take the trouble to tell them.          S.C.
Added: To the Overseers of Rockerdine Parish.
Gents, Robert Carter a pauper of yours is unable to work from a of severe burn he received in Barbersfield Colliery,
Thos.Smith, Surgeon also signed by John Dean, Geo.Perry O/S and the Chapel Wardens, Thos.Banks, Joseph Price.

12/143 Mar 25,1828        Letter (dated Mar 21) from Thos.Smyth, Surgeon also signed by John Dean, George
Perry, Thos.Banks (O/Ss, Chapel Wardens) Bilston. Robert Carter is unable to work from being burnt in
Barbersfield Colliery. Note says allowed 12s. (Rough monetary calculations on back).
13/3     Apr 05,1828        Letter from Thomas Smyth, Surgeon witnessed by Adam Hill, M.Taylor, O/Ss, Bilston.
Robert Carter still unable to work. Note says pd. 12s Apr 11.

13/23     May 10,1828 Letter from Thos.Smyth, Bilston, May 1st 1828. Robert Carter has been under my care
for some time being severely burnt in the mines, but will be able to work in a few days. Note says May 10, allowed
12s being the last payment. Countersigned by Josh. Price, Thomas Banks Chapel Wardens.

13/40      Jun 12,1828       Letter from Robt.and Sarah Carter to Elizabeth Ward, Ketley Wood, Nr. Wellington
(endorsed by Thos.Myatt, Surgeon and Montague Taylor O/S).
Bilston June 9th 1828
I do certify that Robert Carter is unable to follow his employment from having Inflamatory fever
                                                Thos. Smyth     Surgeon
(Note at foot of letter in pencil says: Robt. Carter 32
                                        Wife 32          Boy 7

On the other side of this is the following letter addressed to
Elizabeth Ward, Ketley Wood, near Wellington Shropshire

Dear Mother
         I write these few lines to Deiser you to come over if you wich to see your son alive he [went] to is work last
wensday and came back by Breakfast and as Neave been able to be Moved from is bed since and two of the Children
are very hill with him I hope you will Come as soon as Posable give my love to Hall the Familey
                                     So no more from your
                                     Distress Children
                                     Robert and Sary Carter

Note on front says
"A letter from the Doctor and O Seer of Builstone Cong. Robt. Carter Ill of Rheumatic Fever June 9th 1828 Sent by
his Mother June 12th 12s. 0d."

13/44     Jun 25,1828       Letter dated Jun 21 from Thos.Smyth, Surgeon and Adam Hill, O/S, Bilston, certifying
that Rbt.Carter is unable to work. Note says pd. 12s June 25.

13/96     Dec 13,1828      Letter dated Dec 13 to the O/Ss of Rockadine from Jno.Evans, Princes End, Staffs,
Gentlemen this is to Curtify that Robart Carter is at this time in the Greatest Distress throw misfortiance the Place
that he worked at was stopt through fire stink and he has been very ill likewise he has one Childe lies A D(y)ing
given up by the Doctors and this morning his Eldest boy was kild by Droping Down my pit. Robert Carter is A
honest hard working man this is a true statement of the Case of Carter
                  I am Gentlemen yours obed Sarvant
                                              Jno. Evans
Note says "15/- allowed"

13/97      Dec 14,1828     Letter from Robt,Carter. Dec 14 1828, Princes End
Sirs, I Right to inform you that that other Child is Dead it Died on the 13 instant and the are Both in the House I do
not no what to Do to get them in the Ground. Gentlemen if you Please to Help me for I stand in Great Wont
          your Ob servant Rob. Carter
          yours Thos. Foster
Note says "8/- allowed Dec. 16th 1828"
Letter is addressed "For Elizabeth Ward, Ketley Wood nere Wellington Salop - Spead"
Note on front states "allowed 8/- towards Burial Expenses"

14/10.     Apr 11,1829     Letter dated Mar 26,1829 from Saml.Turnbull, Manager, Hanover Mills, LongMill? Gate,
Sir, This comes to inform you that the late John Pickering Engineer for Norris & Hodgson and the husband of Alice
Pickering was accidently killed March 5 in the Engine House belonging to his employers. He has left a wife and 3
children of which he was the chief support viz Girl Mary 11 years of age, boy John 5, Mercy 2 very sickly and needs
much attention (wife) pregnant. She appears to stand in need of immediate assistance as she has no other support but
a few shillings the Eldest girl gets with weaving. She would prefer remaining in Manchester because (her) eldest
Girl has employment If she could be relieved from you in Manchester.
Reply from J.P.Shepherd April 11.
Sir, yours dated March 26th came to hand concerning the late Jno. Pickering Wife and family and the same being
laid before the Select Vestry and his father attending to give evidence as to his Settlement which appears that he hath
not gained any Settlement separate from his father and that they will allow her Three Shillings pr. week commencing
from this date they are informed that he was in Friendly Society Club which she must have received £9-£11 from or
will Receive so that she cannot be very badley off having had a steady sober man for her husband if you will be
pleased to pay the sum of three shillings per week shall be paid at any time you may think or I will send it by any
Out Rider you may commission to receive the same. Your compliance will much oblige...J.P.Shepherd Asst. O/S.

15/24      May 02,1830 Letter from James Holmes, Governor, Bilston Poor House.
Gent'n, I am ordered by the Overseers of this Township to inform you that our Select Vestry have made a
determination not to pay any more out Parish Paupers unless each respective Parish remit our Overseers cash in
advance. The above determination is owing to the very great difficulty we find in collecting our Rates.

15/34       May 12,1830 Letter dated May 12 from Alice Pickering, 26 Pilgrim St., Longmillgate, Manchester.
Gentn, I am very much surprised you have not sent me some more money before this time, I am very ill distressed
for want of some, and all the few things which I had are in the possession of the Landlord and must be redeemed
very soon or be sold and I hope you will take it into consideration and not let me and my poor children be turned out
into the street, an answer from you as soon as possible will oblige yours respectfully Alice Pickering

Copy of reply May 12,1830
Alice Pickering, Your Letter came to hand on the 3rd Instant and you state that you are very much surprised that no
money hath not been sent you. If you had to collect the rates from those persons as have to pay to you and others
you would not be surprised at what difficulty the Overseers have to collect money and the money that you will
receive his my own therefore youl not Right in that high tone in future. You was paid up to Feby 13th with extra
allowance 12s and as you have but two children besides the little girl which must get more than would be allowed to
you there cannot but be allowed to you more than 3s 6d pr. week and this would not be allowed but being informed
the last little one being ill and likely to live but a short time. Therefore Inclosed his a Post Office order amounting to
£1 19s 11d which will pay you from Feby 13 to May 8th including the expences which I hope youl receive safe
from yours etc, J.P.Shepherd

15/37      May 24,1830 Letter from G.T.Taylor, O/S, Vestry Room, Stoke upon Trent, dated May 20,1830.
Gentlemen, I write on behalf of Ann the wife of Thomas Johnson whom we removed to your parish about 18 months
ago. The poor woman is very ill, and unable to travel to your parish, she has Buried one Child, and has one along
with her, her husband is a drunken scoundril, does not live with his wife, spends all his earnings, and her and her
child are in a state of starvation, they have applied to us for releif, which we shall be obliged to give them, and get
suspended orders, unless you attend to their case immediately, and get her husband punished.
                              I am Gentlemen your Ob. St. G.T.Taylor, Overseer.
Copy of reply May 24
Sir, Yours dated the 20th Instant came to hand concerning the wife of Thomas Johnson and her Child being much
distressed, you may give her a few shillings which shall be repay'd, and if her husband is near you will thank you to
send the constable after him and take him before the Magistrates to repay the sum you pay to his wife and Child with
the Expences you are at in Procuring him, and if he will not pay it let him be committed to prison and inform me the
Expences and I will remit the amount by any person that you wish. If he his not near you will thank you to right and
inform me where the drunken scoundrel his as he promised to relief her and childe without being Troublesome to
your parish or Wrockwardine therefore I should? to punish him as the Law directs
                                       And remain etc. J.P.Shepherd

15/51      Jun 29,1830     Letter from John Howard
To the Overseers and Gentlemen of the Parish of Rockaden, County of Salop
This is to inform you the Bearer George Richards and his Family is in A Miserable Situation and many hundreds of
his felow workmen in consequence of Failure on the part of of Mrs.Walker Milfield Iron Works therfore he Most
humly Prays you will be Pleasd to Resceu him from the Fangs of his landlady which has taken an Inventory of our
Goods as I can testify both him and his family lives on the Charity of theyr Naybers for some weeks past. I am your
humble Servant John Howard. Signed also by John Morris and Rd.Evans, O/Ss, Bilston.
Note says Geo.Richards A Bastard of Mary Richards, Wrockwardine. M.30, W.31, Boy 6, Girls 4, 2. Allowed 1s 0d.

15/168 Feb 12,1831           Letter from James Claten of Wolverhampton dated Jan 27,1831
Mr.Shiperd, Sir I Right to informe you that I meet with John Pickrel the son of William Pickrel last thursday Night
in the street crying at Eight o Clock he tould me he had no Place to go to and I took him in and he is with me now
and he says he is wealing to stay with me and I will keep him and use him weel if you will clothese him and make
me some Recompence for he is very Bare Now Please to send me a answer to tell me what I am to doe with him and
withere you wish me to come over
                             I am your humble searvent
                             James Claten
Place to Deret for James Claten at Mrs. Garbet nere the green man Bilston Street Wolverhampton

Note says A letter from James Clayton of Wolverhampton about Pickering Lad to be hired to him for 2 years and
then bound Jany 27,1831. Agreed and allowed 10s towards clothing him Feby 12,1831.

16/120 Dec 06,1831          Letter from Henry Pitt, Coal Master, Wednesbury, Staffs.
Gentlemen, this is to certify that the Bearer James Davies is in a state of starvation and unless you releve him his
familey must come to your Parish with a pass for the miners the have all struck for advance in wages and it is
uncertin when it will be settled. I ham your Obedient Sarvant Henry Pitt Coal Master Wednesbury.
Note says James D. brother to John Davies, six in family. Allowed 5s.

16/126 Dec 13,1831           Letter dated Dec 12 addressed to Mr.Jno. Shepherd, Overseer, Wombridge from James
Davenport, Navigation House, Bilston St. Wolverhampton. (Countersigned C.S.Clarke, O/S, Thos.Walker, Perpetual
Curate, W.Horner?, Asst.O/S).
Sir, I make Bold to sende thees few Lines to you for the Distress of James Taylor and wife childrin Likewise is
Dreadfull Being out of work 3 wickes and having nothing but Labour to keep them Standing for wagers tho he
whold be glad to work at the Presant Wagers Suner than Starve but if he was to go he whold Loose his Life therefor
he is compeled to trubell you tho quite contrary to is wish as all the ??(torn) no and for myself I ham well convinst of
is Sustition therefore I hope that you will call it into consideration. James Davenport.
Allowed 7s.
On back of this letter is copy of letter from JPS dated Dec 16, 1831 to O/Ss, Great Barr
Sir, Ann Smith as applied here and states that she has lived 13(15?) months or more with Mr.Thos.Ruston and as
gained a Settlement in your Parish. Therefore I hope you will take too her without any further trouble if you
Remove her we shall appeal to the order and that will be putting Parishes to unnecessary Expense.

17/6        Apr 01,1832     Letter from Rowland Moxon for Thos.Fowke? & Sons, Surgeons, Wolverhampton,
Addressed to Mr.Sheappord, to be left at Mr.Brown's, Ketley Sand.
I certify that Sarah Smith, who dropped down a coal pit four weeks last Thursday and broke both her legs is still
unable to get out of her bed. Signed also by P.Sidney O/S, W?B.Horner Asst.O/S, Jas.Underhill C/W.
Note at bottom says: Sir, W.Smith is not Able to work at Times he as five in family and is not able to git above 5s
per week and sometime nothing.
Note says: Wm. Smith of Wolverhampton Daughter drop’d in pit. Allowed 17s.

19/152 Dec 16,1834          Letter dated Dec 10,1834 from W.Turner, O/S, Allesley
Sir, We have received instructions from the Poor Law Commissioners to reduce the Pay of the Out Poor, will you
have the goodness to ascertain how Thos. Ward and James Ward are situated and say to what extent you think their
Pay can be reduced by doing so you will greatly Oblige
                            Your Very Humble Servant            W.Turner, Overseer
Will you have the goodness to write in a Day or two and inclose your account up to the present time and say how
many children James Ward has that are earning nothing.
Copy of JPS reply Dec 16,1834
Sir, Yours dated the 10th came to hand and I have taken the Earliest Oppertunity of complying with your request
having visited James Ward and Family yesterday The Wife being ill for several weeks and Confined to the House
nearly 2 months and obliged to have the Doctor which compelled her to have a Little Girl about 12 years to be with
her or I should have reduced her pay 1s per week in last account the(y) having a Little Boy ab't 1 yr old and girl 7
and that about 12 yr old his in a bad State of Health and the Man stripped to shew his burns which he cannot do but
Little Work but as the Woman being better I informed them they must do with in future 5s per week in lieu of 6s
and Thomas Ward and Wife was at home the Woman 63 having a bad Eye so long cannot see but Little with it and
being obliged to have something from the Doctor the man (57 yrs) a cripple you no and having but little imployment
the cannot do without the same allowance as usual which I hope will meet the Gentm's approbation and under I have
stated the Sums paid to your parishioners which please to remit to Reynolds & Co. Bankers as the last being Very
Right with your future orders
                           Will oblige your Hble Ser't J.P.Shepherd Asst. Overseer Wrockwardine

Copy Acct. sent shows Sep 20 to Dec 13, Thos.Ward 12wks 23s, Jas.Ward 12wks at 6s plus 2s postage of letters,
total £5 10s 0d.

19/183 Mar 07,1835          Letter dated Feb 26,1835 from Thos.Lewis, No.16 Blakeley St. Manchester.
Sir, I am sorry to inform you that in consequence of being employed in damp works as a Colier I have got cold
which has caused me to swell all over my Body rendering me incapable of going out and am now twenty one weeks
in that deplorable state under the medical advice of the Doctors of the Manchester Infirmary. I am with my Wife and
Child reduced to a situation of the most wretched distress, owing for lodging £1 0s 0d without food or means to
obtain it and if not immediately assisted I will have no shelter as no further trust will be given me, and will be turned
into the Streets. I have had some small relief from the Manchester association, it is now withheld and am quite
destitute to remove me with an order would cost me my life as I am not fit to leave my Bed, but I am benefiting
from Advice and Medicine and I purpose if I could get a little round to go to my Children to the Potteries in
Staffordshire who might if there help me, but I cannot expect to get well or live without food or nourishment and I
hope you will not neglect me. My Father & Mother kept the Poor House in Rockwardine and are well known to
Mr.Clayton I served my time with Mr.Samewells? in the Long Lane. There
is no fund in this Country for Colliers out of work. Your answer will be expected by return of post as I have nothing
but your relief to depend on for food or shelter
                                      I am Sir Yr most obt Hble St. Thomas Lewis
                                      No.16 Blakeley Street Manchester
I certify that Thomas Lewis is a home Patient under the Manchester Royal Infirmary and unable to follow any
                    J.Burrow 26 Feb 1835 Infirmary
Answered: This letter being laid before the Select Vestry meeting on Wednesday last the ordered 10s to be sent
which being sent a Post Office order to that amount and the Postage paid. JPS March 7,1835

20/1         Feb 28,1835   Letter from Mary Ashley, Dukinfield, dated Feb 28,1835
Sir, I received yours Dated Novr 13th,1834 with a Post Office order of £2 19s 11d which paid me and my Mother
up to the 15th of the above date Novr for which we both cordially thank you I still labour under the same complaint
viz Rheumatic my hands and fingers are in such a state that I am obliged to have them continually wrapped in
Flannels and have not been able to get one Penny for the last Nine weeks it happens very bad for me that it lies
mostly in my hands my Occupation being a coverer of Rollers for Mule Jennies I cannot possibly stitch on the
Leather my situation as well as my Mothers is bad in the extreme I hope you will consider our situation and remit
our pay due by return of Post which will give great relief at this time to
                                     Sir, Your Humble Servant Mary Ashley
PS. My Husband is still at Warrington I believe at least he Was there I heard not long since and I am persuaded he is
there still.

23/11 Sep 07,1832            Letter from James Holmes, Governor, Bilston Poor House.
Gentm. I am requested by our Select Vestry to inform you that Saml. Beards a Parishioner of yours has been
applying to us repeatedly for relief he as a Wife and 4 small children I can assure you we have no end of applications
since this dreadful contagion brok out in this Township calld the Cholera I judge you have seen the Accounts in
public Prints. We have buried about 640 different individuals lately & I have lost 19 out of this Poor House, I have
to beg of your early reply to this case & I believe we have been relieving some more of your parishioners, have the
goodness to state what you would wish me to allow Beards family, & am in haste your Obedt. Servt. James Holmes,
Note of reply Sep 10, to allow 4s/wk for month or what he may think proper.

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