HOW TO SPEAK IN PUBLIC

         For participants to review the basics of public speaking, and to think through what it
takes to prepare for and deliver a good public presentation.

Training Objectives:

   To review how to prepare a presentation outline and techniques and tips for good public
   To practice preparing for a public presentation. How can we do a better job of preparing our
   To role play a public presentation. How does it feel to have the shoe on the other foot?
   To evaluate the preparation for and delivery of the presentation.


(A) Introduction (5 min.)

(B) How to speak in public (5 min.)

 Summarize key techniques and tips related to preparing for and delivering a good presentation in
public (refer to WORC’s How To as a guide).

(C) Preparing for a public presentation (25 min.)

        Hand out the egg farm scenario and read it to everyone. Explain that we’re going to
break up into six small groups, and outline the tasks of the small groups. To save time, divide
people up into pre-assigned groups and designate one person in each group to be the organizer
and one person to give the presentation. Everyone else will play the role of members.

(D) Preparing for and delivering a public presentation (40 min.) SK

        Ask small groups 1-3 to reconvene on one side of the room divider, and small groups 4-6
to reconvene on the other side of the divider. Have the designated person from each small group
give her/his presentation with the everyone else as the audience. Evaluate the presentation itself
AND the preparation that went into the presentation (5 minutes for presentation and 5-7 minutes
for evaluation). Focus the evaluation by going back over techniques and tips for preparing a good
public presentation and what we learned from this role play in terms of applying those techniques
and tips.


   A better understanding of what it takes to prepare for and deliver a presentation in public.
   Practice preparing for a public presentation.
   Practice delivering a public presentation.
   A new micro to assist members and affiliates in preparing for public presentations.
Learning Objectives:

   As a member of a grassroots group, your knowledge and opinions are the lifeblood of your
    organization, so don’t let fear keep you from speaking out.
   When preparing to speak in public you should: know your purpose, know your audience,
    organize your thoughts, write your presentation, practice and revise.
   Always anticipate questions you may get, and prepare your responses.
   Use body language to your advantage.

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