Our Most Prestigious Installations Black Friday Ho-Hum by juanita


									Our Most Prestigious
My good friend asked me the other day what was the most prestigious installation of
Peerless mounts. I swelled with obvious pride and suggested The White House, several
big-time TV station headquarters, most of the stores of a really huge retailer, most of the
sports stadiums in the US … Do you want me to name-drop some more?

He replied, “Well, what about my house? Will your product work in my family room?”
And then it occurred to me that the most prestigious installation any of us has is the one
that is most personal to us. In the trade, it is the next professional installation. In the
home, it is our own TV. No one other than government people care that the Defense
Department uses our mounts all over the world. No one except the hospitality folks really
cares that many hotel rooms use Peerless. How many doctors do you think worry about
what kind of mount is in their patients’ hospital rooms?

What we do care about is how the mount works that we use the most, whether that is in
our home or a place of business.

So the next time someone asks me about prestigious installations, I’ll have a better
answer. Our mounting solutions are made to meet your needs. Whether you are
involved with an airport renovation, or digital signage, or a rehab-your-basement project.

                                       Black Friday
                                       In consumer electronics, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. On
                                       Black Fridays, retail prices for video electronics drop precipitously as the
                                       big manufacturers and retailers try to win market share. So the Holiday
                                       Season really is a great time for the consumer to shop. And you even
                                       have battles amongst technologies, as LCD is trying to push out Plasma
                                       which is fighting CRT which is struggling against Projectors. And the
                                       image qualities and features of these TVs continue to improve, even as
                                       the price points drop. So whether you buy a flat-panel TV now or later,
                                       be sure to Insist On Peerless as the mounting solution you want.

What do you know about mounts? What do you care? Is there much to get
excited about with mounting solutions? You just need them to finish a job.

Most people who turn down the opportunity to look at our mounts do it
because of indifference. Making a decision about whose mounts to buy is
not a priority. Or people buy another line out of habit.

That’s too bad. We understand, but we don’t like it. Because we think we
have a pretty good story to tell. So do the one million people who bought
our mounts last year.
So the next time you buy mounts … Insist on Peerless.                                     www.peerlessmounts.com

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