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									Increase sales on

    Snoozester’s 2008
    Black Friday Wake Up
    Call Campaign Brings
    More Customers to
    Your Doors.
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      Bring More Customers to Your
      Doors With a Branded, Interactive
      Wake Up Call Campaign

Snoozester creates award-winning wake up call market-
ing campaigns that increase product, brand, event and
cause awareness. Boost your bottom line with a custom
wake up call campaign during the upcoming 2008 holi-
day season. Encourage your customers to wake up early
and head to your stores to take advantage of the holiday
sales. The campaign allows your customers to go online
and schedule wake up calls to their home or mobile

The program will be customized to meet your needs and
it can be easily integrated into any other promotion that
you are planning for this holiday season. The call audio
can be the voice of a celebrity or you can choose from a
pool of Snoozester’s voiceover talent professionals.

Contact your Snoozester representative
to learn how Snoozester can help your
bottom line on Black Friday.
Snoozester Business Solutions
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