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Happy Thanksgiving! by juanita


									                               Daves Avenue Home & School Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . November/December 2007

     Next Home & School                           Presidents’ Message
         Club Meeting
    Thu., Dec. 6th, 8:30am                        Dear Daves Families,
           Staff Lounge
                                                  During the month of October we have been teaching our children about “Warm
                                                  Fuzzies”. We have taught the children about the many ways to give someone a
                                                  warm fuzzy; kind words, a nice gesture, and sometimes just listening to
Important Dates
                                                  someone. We are also very fortunate to be able to have people in our lives that
•    Nov. 15 … Learning Express &
                                                  just seeing them gives us a warm fuzzy, special people that make the day
     All Ears Audiobooks Shopping
                                                  brighter with a simple greeting. Larry Puppo was one of those people, a gentle
     Day Fundraiser
                                                  man with a kind heart whose very presence gave those around him a warm
                st         rd
•    Nov. 21 – Nov 23 … No                        fuzzy. It was not just that Larry gave so much of his time to the community
     School–Thanksgiving Recess                   with countless volunteer hours, but also that he gave our children an example
           st        st
•    Dec. 1 – 21 . . . Second                     of how to be a good person, a loving father and a good friend. We will miss
     Harvest Food Drive                           him.
•    Thu., Dec. 6 , 8:30am … Home
     & School Club Meeting, Staff                 We are now coming to the end of our term as co-presidents of the Home and
     Lounge                                       School Club. The year has gone by very quickly and we are happy to have
            th            th
                                                  been a part so many wonderful experiences for our children. We have always
•    Dec. 24 – Jan. 4 … Winter
                                                  felt honored to represent the Daves Avenue School community and contribute
                                                  in so many different ways. From fundraising to enriching the curriculum, we
•    Mon., Jan. 7 . . . School Starts             have been involved every step of the way. The role of president has so many
     Again!                                       different aspects and we have enjoyed sharing this position.
•    Thu., Jan 10 , 8:30am . . .
     Home & School Club Meeting,                  We are always looking for others to volunteer. We have a great support
     Staff Lounge                                 network and are happy to train newcomers to the organization. The tasks are
                                                  far less daunting than many people imagine, and they are extremely rewarding.
      Thanksgiving!                               It is time for us to create a new slate of volunteers for the Home and School
                                                  Club board. If you are interested in a position please contact Randi Chen.

                                                                                               Heather Sexton & Teresa McGrath

November/December 2007                                                                                                             Page 1
                                            Home & School Club
36th Daves Avenue Annual                                                                  the 5 grade classrooms with new
Musical                                     Slate for 2008                                computers and every classroom
                                                                                          with a new printer. When teachers
                                            Thanks to all who have stepped up to
                                            take on Home & School Club positions          received laptop computers, their
                                            for the 2007 calendar year. Our               desktop computers were moved to
       th         th                                                                           th
The 4 and 5 graders are already             current slate includes:                       the 4 grade classrooms. This
hard at work on the annual Daves                                                          year, the replaced computer lab
Avenue musical theatre production,          President     Julie Williams                  desktops were distributed down
Wonderland!—an unabashedly silly            Secretary     Erica Mittelhauser              through the grades, so that all
                                            Co-Treasurers Susan Sweedler
adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Through                                                     grades now have working
                                                          & Barb Vais
the Looking Glass. With hip-hopping                                                       computers and can run effectively
music, it is an upbeat coming-of-age        Remember, these positions are not             on the district-wide operating
story that audiences of all ages will       yet closed. Vice President is still           system.
adore! Some of your favorite                open, and if anyone is interested in
characters from Alice’s Wonderland          any position, please let Randi Chen        2. $21,600 for teacher grants.
will make an appearance as well as          know by December 1 . We will vote             Teachers use these annual grants
                                            for the new H&SC officers at our              for classroom supplies not funded
dozens of new ones: a baseball team,                     th
                                            December 6 meeting.
a gospel group, a train conductor,                                                        through other means.
star-struck tourists and plastic light-
saber wielding knights.                     Your Dollars at “Work”                     3. $2,000 to support Art Docents.

Save the dates! Wonderland! perfor-                                                    4. $1,000 for student scholarships
mances will be the first two weekends                                                     for field trips, etc.
in February. We will be alternating
performances with Blossom Hill                                                         Other items budgeted for this school
School. All performances will be in                                                    year, but not yet paid, include:
the new Blossom Hill multipurpose
room. Tickets go on sale in January.                                                   5. The salary for one PE teacher
                                            Thank you to everyone who has                 (Gwen Moody).
Fri., Feb. 1           DAVES          7pm   donated to the various fundraisers
Sat., Feb. 2           Blossom Hill   2pm   during the first few months of this        6. A portion of the salaries for the
Sat., Feb. 2           DAVES          7pm   year. With the one-checks, Gift Wrap          math and literacy specialists.
Sun., Feb. 3           Blossom Hill   2pm   sales and Fun Walk fundraiser, the
                                            Daves community has raised over            In addition, the Home & School Club
Fri., Feb. 8           Blossom Hill   7pm   $75,000. In addition, eScrip has           funds:
Sat., Feb. 9           DAVES          2pm   generated more than $5,500 for the
Sat. Feb. 9            Blossom Hill   7pm   school since July. It’s a great start to
Sun., Feb. 10          DAVES          2pm   the new school year!                       7. The clay projects done in all the
                                                                                          classrooms. These projects are
The musical program is designed to          So far this year, the Home & School           just getting underway with the help
provide a complete theater arts             Club has spent funds on the following         of our new kiln.
experience in a safe, supportive and        major items:
team-oriented atmosphere.                                                              Look for periodic updates on the
                                            1) $22,500 for computers. Along            projects funded by your Home &
                                                                                       School Club.
Needed: Wonderland!                            with a technology grant to Daves
Crew                                           from LGEF, the computer lab was
                                               re-outfitted with new computers. In
Crew members are vitally needed to
help with sets, lighting, and other            2005-06, the Home & School Club
stage details to help the play per-            purchased computers for the
formances run smoothly. Applications           computer lab and for each teacher.
for crew members are still being               When we moved back to Daves in
accepted and can be found outside              January 2007, the H&SC outfitted
the office.

November/December 2007                                                                                                    Page 2
CASA – Red Ribbon Week!                                                               Holiday Toy Drive
                                          Come and find out what CASA is all
Red Ribbon Week at Daves Away             about. The CASA meetings are held           It is a tradition at Daves to donate to a
was amazing this year. At lunchtime       at the Los Gatos High School on the         charity each year. This year the
on Monday, our students flocked to        first Thursday of every month from          Home & School Club will, once again,
                                          10:00-11:30 am. The meetings are            be collecting toys for Children of the
the Pledge Banner signing table and
                                          open to the public and are very             Americas. Bring new or like-new toys
decorated the school (and                                                             to school now until Winter Break on
                                          informative on a wide range of
themselves) with a multitude of red                                                                    st
                                                                                      December 21 . Toys can be dropped
                                          community issues relating to the
ribbons. Throughout the week, our         health and safety of our students.          off in a box outside the office.
students really showed their spirit in                                                Remember, large items cannot be
making healthy choices by dressing                                                    carried on the bus, so if you have
                                          November Character                          large items or more than your child
up every day. On Friday, almost
every student and staff member wore
                                          Trait: Responsibility                       can carry, please see the contact
                                          Being personally accountable for            information below.
red and cheered at the Spirit
                                          your own actions.
Assembly during recess. Our newly                                                     Children of the Americas provides
                                          This month our children will discuss
elected Student Council Officers                                                      nutrition and facilitates the education
                                          and learn about responsibility.
introduced themselves and led the                                                     of needy children in Latin America and
                                          Discuss what it means to be                 the United States. Children of the
assembly. Our very own Nancy
                                          personally accountable for your own         Americas runs programs in Mexico,
Ringsted spoke about healthy choices
                                          actions, duties and commitments.            Guatemala and Washington, D.C.
and led an enthusiastic crowd in
                                          Discuss and review your own                 They organize a “Christmas Caravan”
singing the school song. Officer
                                          individual responsibilities and how         to bring toys to children in Tijuana.
Wonnell circulated among the                                                          Volunteers drive toys to Tijuana and
                                          they help him or her, and how they
students after the assembly and                                                       distribute them a few days after
                                          contribute to the family. Discuss with
visited a few classrooms to discuss                                                   Christmas.
                                          your child his or her own
health and safety. A big thank you to
                                          responsibilities and obligations            Criteria for Toy collection:
Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Ringsted and the
                                          (homework, keeping room clean,              • New or like-new toys
Student Council Officers for making
                                          making the bed, chores, treating            • Toys should be unwrapped
Red Ribbon Week such a huge
                                          people with respect, etc.). Keep track      • Toys have to be durable
                                          and acknowledge ways your child is          • No toys that need batteries
                                          showing responsibility – positive           • No toys that you need English to
                                                                                        understand or play
                                          reinforcement is usually quite
                                                                                      • No small parts
                                          beneficial. Help your child learn to
                                                                                      • Toys need to be self-contained
                                          accept full responsibility for his or her   • You can give items like Legos or
                                          actions and the consequences that             Tinkertoys if they are in self-
Some of you may have taken advan-
                                          accompany those actions – do not              contained packages like tubs, etc.
tage of the generosity of our Los
Gatos merchants who participated in       always rescue your child or allow him
                                          or her to blame others.                     Recommended toys include: sports
Red Ribbon Week as well. We take
                                                                                      equipment, cars, trucks, dolls, action
this opportunity to thank them:
                                                                                      figures, used bicycles, scooters,
                                          Walkabout America!                          skateboards, stuffed animals, Barbies
         Baskin Robbins
                                          Check out the map hanging in the            and accessories (need to give a
          Pizza My Heart
                                          outside hallway, just opposite the          Barbie if giving accessories).
    TCBY & Mrs. Field’s Cookies
         NC Skate Shop                    doorway to the computer lab. We’re
       Blendz of Los Gatos                plotting a route through every state        For questions or for toy pick-up if
       Whole Foods Market                 (okay not Hawaii or Alaska – they just      needed, contact Carol Braham at 354-
       The Wooden Horse                   don’t fit on this map!). Stop by to see     6121 or
               Play                       how far your children have walked or
                                          run during the Fun Walk and their
The spirit at Daves Away showed that
                                          Mileage Club activities. With 1,730
our students and our families support
                                          miles walked during the Fun Walk and
CASA in making healthy lifestyle
                                          4,092 miles walked so far during
choices. On that note, CASA is a
                                          Mileage Club, the students have
non-profit organization that is largely
                                          walked through quite a few states
funded by membership donations.

November/December 2007                                                                                                   Page 3
Second Harvest Food                         ICE Campaign—“In Case                      Buzz Book News
Drive                                       of Emergency”                              By now you should have received the
                                            We all carry our mobile phones with        2007-2008 Buzz Book. Thank you to
                                            names and numbers stored in its            Ryuko Kulakofsky and Susan
                                            memory but nobody other than               Sweedler for all of their hard work. If
                                            ourselves knows which of these             you were not listed, or there is an
                                            numbers belong to our closest family       error with your information, please fill
                                            or friends. If we were to be involved in                         out the Buzz Book
                                            an accident or were taken ill, the                               change form in
                                            people attending us would have our                               the office. Forms
                                            mobile phone but wouldn't know who                               need to be turned
The Second Harvest Food Drive will                                                                           in by Nov. 20 ,
                                rd          to call. Yes, there are hundreds of
begin on Monday, December 3 , and                                                                            and an addendum
                                   st       numbers stored but which one is the
last through Friday, December 21 ,                                                                           will be issued
                                            contact person in case of an
2007. There will be barrels at each                                                                          shortly after that.
                                            emergency? Hence the 'ICE' (In Case
school for the collection of canned,
                                            of Emergency) campaign. The
bagged and packaged food items. A
                                            concept of 'ICE' is catching on quickly.
note will be sent home with
                                            It is a method of contact during           Gift Wrap
suggestions for donations. Please be
                                            emergency situations. As cell phones       Thank you! Our Innisbrook Sale was
generous. Your donations are
                                            are carried by the majority of the         a huge success! Because of the
sincerely appreciated.
                                            population, all you need to do is store    generous support of parents, teachers
                                            the number of a contact person or          and staff, we raised about $18,000.00
Did you know that in the United
                                            persons who should be contacted            for our school!
                                            during emergency under the name
 • One in four people in a soup kitchen
                                            'ICE' (In Case Of Emergency). For          Remember that you can still order
   line is a child;
                                            more than one contact name simply          online at and 50% of
• 39% of the America's Second
                                            enter ICE1, ICE2 and ICE3, etc. It’s a     your purchases will be donated back
   Harvest Network clients are
                                            great idea that will make a difference!    to Daves Avenue.
   children, representing one in ten of
                                            Let's spread the concept of ICE by
   ALL children in America;
                                            storing an ICE number in our Mobile
• 11% of the 23 million served by the                                                  Learning Express/All Ears
                                            phones today.
   America's Second Harvest Network                                                    Audiobooks Fundraiser
   are senior citizens;                                                                                     th
                                                                                       Thursday, Nov. 15 , 10am-8pm
• 250-275 pounds of food feed 100           Cell Phone Free Zone                       Learning Express and All Ears
   needy people 3 times a day for one       A number of concerns continue to be        Audiobooks will donate 20% of total
   day;                                     raised about the drive through lane        purchases made by Daves
• 294 pounds of food feed a dozen           and parking lots as school gets out.       Elementary School families, friends,
   children 4 times a day for one week.     The city engineer of Monte Sereno is       faculty and staff back to the school.
                                                                         working       Both stores are near each other in the
Think globally. Act locally.                                             with Susan    El Paseo de Saratoga Shopping
                                                                         von Felten    Center in San Jose. Shop for the
During the 2005-2006 Food Drive, Los                                     to improve    holidays and
Gatos schools collected 22,000                                           the safety    give back to
pounds of food. Let's come together                                      of our        Daves Avenue
this holiday season to support those in                                  children      at the same
need in our community and exceed            and streamline the traffic flow.           time!
last year's donations.                      Crosswalks may be moved to the
                                            opposite side of the parking lot so that
Children’s Knitting Group                   children are not crossing in front of
                                            cars trying to enter the parking lot.
at the Los Gatos Library                                                               Next Pirate’s Plank
Every Tuesday from 4-5pm, children          In the meantime, let’s try to make the
                                                                                       Friday, January 11 is the deadline for
in grades 3+ are invited to the Los         area around campus a cell phone free       the next issue of the Pirate’s Plank to
Gatos public library to learn to knit and   zone. This year there have been
                                                                                       be distributed January 23 . Please
make their own bookmark!                    several near accidents that have been      send contributions to Alison McGann
                                            quite frightening. While driving on or     Wagner at
There is also a family story time on        near campus, let’s shut off cell           and Pari Zartoshty Mavandad at
Thursdays from 7-7:30pm for children        phones, pay attention to traffic laws
of all ages.                                and be vigilant!

November/December 2007                                                                                                    Page 4

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