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 Spring 2010

OLLI Receives Accolades and
Extra Funds at National Conference                                                                                        2009 Advisory 2

                                                                                                                          Curriculum 2
                                                               success in programs that include lectures, “Dine
                    THE                                        & Discover” field trips to educational sites and
                                                                                                                          Partner 2
                    OSHER                                      travel series that take participants on trips outside
                    INSTITUTE                                  the state.
                                                                                                                          Letter from the Curriculum
                    at the University of Arkansas

                                                               The Fayetteville program, now in its third year,
                                                               received praise at the conference in recognition  3
The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)                   of fostering a gallery in the street-level lobby
at the University of Arkansas recently received                of the Global Campus on 2 East Center Street.              Instructor 3
praise and a $25,000 bonus in funds from its                   Recent artists featured at the gallery – and
parent organization at the 6th Annual OLLI                     highlighted in the “Wow!” presentation at the              Member 3
Conference in Park City, Utah.                                 conference – include Myrtle Labbs, a centenarian
                                                               who paints with watercolor, and Ellen Gregory,             Fayetteville Public Library
OLLI Coordinator Kathleen Dorn and Mike                        67, a photographer.
Adelman, OLLI board chairman, attended the
Oct. 12-14 conference where the Fayetteville                   “What this did for [Gregory] was to give her a             Reading 4
program was praised for fostering a gallery that               new career,” Dorn said.
focuses on artists age 50 years or older.                                                                                 Activity 4
                                                               Helping people age 50 years and older find new
“The University of Arkansas is one of the first                vocations is part of the Osher Foundation mission,         Gift 4
OLLI’s to have an art gallery centered around the              Dorn said.
50 and older artist,” Dorn said.
                                                               OLLI provides non-credit courses and programs              Missing a 4
During the event, Mary G.F. Bitterman, president               for people age 50 years and older who find joy in
of the Osher Foundation based in California,                   pursuing their intellectual interests and in building 4
announced that the Fayetteville OLLI program                   friendships and social networks. OLLI courses
will receive a $25,000 gift from Bernard and                   are taught at the University of Arkansas Global            Global Campus Exhibition,
Barbro Osher for the growth and development of                 Campus and other locations around Northwest
programs this year.                                            Arkansas by current and retired university                 Hank 5
                                                               faculty and community experts. The program is
The “lagniappe” gift comes in addition to the                  the only Osher Institute in Arkansas and is one of
$100,000 yearly grant from the Bernard Osher                                                                              Letter from the OLLI Board
                                                               nearly 120 institutes established at colleges and
Foundation that was secured by the local program               universities nationwide by the Osher Foundation
after reaching membership goals and achieving                                                                    6
                                                               since 2002.

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  For the love of learning
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                                                                                                       For the love of learning 1
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                                                  The Osher Lifelong Learning
                                                  Institute (OLLI) at the             Partner Spotlight
                                                  University of Arkansas is a                                               The Fayetteville Public
                                                  non-profit organization open                                              Library was incorporated
                                                  to adults age 50 and older.                                               in 1916 and has served
                                                  At its center are learning                                                this city for 93 years. Its
                                                  programs designed by its                                                  mission is to strengthen our
                                                  members and tailored to suit                                              community and empower
                                                  their interests. These programs     our citizens through free and public access to knowledge. In
                                                  (courses, study groups, dine        October 2004, Fayetteville Public Library opened its downtown
                                                  & discover, out & about) are        location. The 88,000 square foot Blair Library was voted Library
                                                  offered without concern for         Journal’s 2005 Library of the Year. In 2006, it was awarded a
                                                  grades, tests, or pre-requisites.   LEED Silver-NC rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.
                                                  Indeed, the only requirement
    Trisha Beland listens to the director of
    the Mount Sequoyah conference
                                                  for membership in OLLI is a         The Library maintains a collection of over 242,000 books,
    center give a tour of the historic retreat.   desire to learn.                    films and audio items. It serves the diverse community without
                                                                                      regard to age, race, gender, ethnicity or income. A destination
    OLLI emphasizes collaborative leadership and active member                        library, the Fayetteville Public Library is open 64 hours a week
    participation. The primary responsibilities for programs are                      and provides online access 24 hours a day. The library has more
    assumed by OLLI members, all of whom volunteer their time.                        than 59,000 registered cardholders who borrowed more than 1
    However, it is only because of substantial support from the                       million items in 2008 – the first time the library has checked out
    Bernard Osher Foundation and the University of Arkansas that                      so many items in a single year.
    OLLI can offer these unique learning opportunities to Northwest
    Arkansas residents.                                                               More than 100 computers are available for public use, providing
                                                                                      access to office and graphics software, the Internet, the library

    2009 Advisory Board                                                               catalog, downloadable media, including audio books and music,
                                                                                      and licensed databases covering general, medical, legal and
    Mike Adelman – Chair                              Josh Hart                       educational topics.
    Jules Beck                                        Melba Payne – Secretary
    Trisha Beland                                     T.R. Paradise                   Programs to encourage reading and lifelong learning are core
    Malcolm Cleaveland                                Michele Raine                   to the library’s values. More than 50 programs are offered each
    Cindi Cope                                        Joyce Richards                  month for children, teens and adults, including an eight-week
    Richard Forsythe                                  Larry Ropp                      long summer reading program for youth and a three-month
    Bob Groom                                                                         winter reading festival for adults. More than 49,000 people
                                                                                      participated in these events during 2008.

    Curriculum Committee
    Trisha Beland                                     Bob Groom
    Cindi Cope                                        Tom Jacobsen
    Nancy Denn                                        Tim Schatzman
    Joel Giarrusso                                    Gloria Young

2      For the love of learning                                                       phone:               e-mail:              website:
                                                                                      479-575-4545 / /

Letter from the Curriculum                                            program accepted her as one of its first five students. Her
                                                                      dissertation focused on musculoskeletal stress markers (muscle

Committee                                                             scars) from the arm bones of individuals from several ancient
                                                                      Egyptian populations and how they may relate to changing
The Curriculum Committee is pleased to offer diverse Spring           social conditions in Egypt’s history.
2010 courses. We take all suggestions for courses seriously,          Melissa has had many opportunities to work as a bioarchaeologist
and work hard to find instructors and venues, and in the spring       in the U.S. and abroad, and her specialty is Ancient Egyptian
we’ll offer some evening and Saturday courses as well. OLLI           Bioarchaeology. She has had the pleasure of working at
is a volunteer driven program, all over the USA, and if we’re not     important Egyptian sites such as Hierakonpolis, Abydos, and Tell
meeting your needs, you need to tell us!                              el-Amarna. It is this last site whose project Melissa is presently
                                                                      involved with as a co-Principal Investigator with Dr. Jerry Rose
Kathleen Dorn and Mike Adelman learned at the National OLLI           of the University of Arkansas Department of Anthropology.
meetings in October that most programs have up to 15 members
on the Curriculum Committee…we have 8 hard-working                    Melissa will instruct our World of the Pharoahs course.
members and are interested in acquiring more. Please nominate
yourself, so we don’t have to start calling people! Nancy Denn
joined us this fall with new ideas and contacts – each of you
                                                                      Member Spotlight
brings unique gifts and ideas to the organization, and we’d like      Martha McCracken Agee
to hear from you.
                                                                                                    My name is Martha McCracken
                                                                                                    Agee, and I was born in Arkansas.
We’ll start working on our fall 2010 curriculum in February
                                                                                                    After living in several parts of
and already have many ideas – come be part of this exciting
                                                                                                    the state, my parents, sister and I
                                                                                                    moved to Nashville, Tennessee,
                                                                                                    where I went to high school.
Trisha Beland & Tim Schatzman,
                                                                                                    We returned to Arkansas, and I
Co-chairs, Curriculum Committee
                                                                                                    attended the University of Arkansas
                                                                                                    in Fayetteville where I met and
Instructor Spotlight                                                                                later married Jake Agee.

Melissa Zabecki Harvey, PhD                                           We lived in Pine Bluff, New Jersey, Fayetteville, and Dallas
                                                                      before settling permanently in Fayetteville. My husband, now
                        Melissa Zabecki Harvey is a graduate of       deceased, practiced dentistry, and I was an educator in the
                        the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville,     Fayetteville Public Schools for many years. We are the parents
                        and currently teaches anthropology            of four children and grandparents of seven. All of us continue
                        as an adjunct professor at the University     to enjoy traveling, the outdoors, and many other activities
                        of Arkansas at Fayetteville and Fort Smith.   individually and with family and friends when we can get
                        Melissa was born and raised in New            together.
                        Jersey and received her BA from Mount
                        Holyoke College in Massachusetts, but         In addition to OLLI, I’m active in my church; Altrusa of
                        this is where her Yankee-dom ended.           Fayetteville; Washington County Retired Teachers; Washington
                        She arrived in Arkansas for graduate          County Historical Society; P.E.O. Chapter S; Friends of Lake
school and fell in love with the state. She received her MA from      Wedington; Youth Bridge; and several other organizations.
the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and then took a position     After returning to Fayetteville because of the quality of life here
as Lab Director with the University of Kentucky Program for           and the diverse travel destinations nearby, it is very exciting to
Archaeological Research. She was only too happy to return to          see the many additional opportunities for work and pleasure now
Arkansas when the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville doctoral       available.

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479-575-4545 / /                                           For the love of learning                         3

    Cover 2 Cover: Fayetteville                                          Gift Ideas
    Public Library Reading Festival                                      Are you one of those people who others consider “impossible
                                                                         to buy for”? Do you get unneeded knick-knacks, neckties or
                                  The Fayetteville Public Library’s      gadgets for holidays and birthdays? We have the answer!
                                  Cover 2 Cover reading festival
                                  features a community-wide read                                    Encourage your family to buy an
                                  of the book The Boy Harnessed                                     OLLI gift certificate for you now, and
                                  the Wind: Creating Currents of                                    save on shopping trips later. They
                                  Electricity and Hope by William                                   can send money for classes, Dine &
                                  Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer.                                       Discover programs or a membership.
                                  Cover 2 Cover begins Feb. 6,
                                  2010 at the Fayetteville Public                                    The donor may simply send in your
                                  Library. To participate, stop by the   name and payment, stating what the payment is for, to the OLLI
                                  library and register, pick up your     office. A certificate with the recipient’s name, plus the detailed
                                  free book bag and your reading         membership form, will then be mailed to the donor or to the
                                  log, and check out a copy of the       member.
                                  community read book. There are
    weekly prizes and three grand prizes awarded at the end of Cover
    2 Cover, and the more books you read, the more opportunities         Missing a Class
    you have to win.                                                     If you miss the first meeting of a class, please call the OLLI
                                                                         office at 479-575-4545 to learn whether the next meeting
    Activity Levels                                                      location or time has been changed.

    OLLI activity levels are designed with our members in mind.
    We have looked at the Elderhostel program activity levels and        Parking
    decided it was time for us to come up with some of our own.          To make parking easier for classes held at the Global Campus at
    Below is a description of the activity levels we will use for our    Fayetteville, we will issue parking tokens for the Town Center
    Out & About series and other programs that may require physical      Parking Garage, located on East Street, on the south side of the
    activity.                                                            square. Please stop by the OLLI office to pick up your tokens
                                                                         when you register or any time before class.
    Level 1: Members must be able to climb a few stairs.
    Level 2: In addition to Level 1 criteria, members must be able       The Osher Institute office is located on the downtown
    to stand for up to 1 hour and get on and off a 15 passenger van/     Fayetteville square:
    motor coach.
                                                                                  University of Arkansas Global Campus Building
    Level 3: In addition to Levels 1-2 criteria, members must be                  (Center for Continuing Education)
    able to climb a few flights of stairs and walk over uneven sur-
                                                                                  Room 205 (Second Floor)
                                                                                  2 East Center St. (Corner of Center & East St.)
    Level 4: In addition to Levels 1-3 criteria, members must                     Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701
    be in good health, mobile and able to participate in 3 to 5
    hours of physical activity per day and walk 1 to 3 miles over
    uneven ground.
    Level 5: In addition to Levels 1-4 criteria, members must be in
    excellent health, extremely mobile and have an active lifestyle.

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Global Campus Exhibition                                                “Jerusalem Pulpit,” is a cylinder rising about 4-feet tall with an
                                                                        angled top that depicts the same concept behind the World Peace
Shows Scupltor’s Visions of Peace                                       Prayer Fountain, which was erected in 2002, about a block away
                                                                        from the Global Campus.
Through Words and Landscapes
                                                                        “The Jerusalem Pulpit is the same concept, but it is presented in
                                 Local Fayetteville artist Hank         a different way, a religious way,” Kaminsky said.
                                 Kaminsky’s dream of creating
                                 sculpture to capture the idea of       The pulpit is flanked by three “imaginary landforms” or
                                 world peace came like a diamond        “typomythical projections” mounted on foot-long metal beam
                                 in the rough. The “World Peace         fragments. At a distance the works appear to be miniature
                                 Prayer Fountain” became the            slices from the Earth’s crust with plateaus, plains and ridges.
                                 crown jewel of that inspiration,       As the viewer walks closer, words and phrases – “peace,”
                                 but the idea shards he chipped         “my conscience,” “new spirit” and “revolution” – emerge like
                                 away became sculptural excerpts,       the man-made structures, offering messages as different and
                                 or smaller art pieces that project     complex as the people standing before the works.
                                 the idea through different voices.
                                                                        The landform sculptures in the “Excerpts from a Landscape”
An exhibit of these smaller sculptures and a pictorial display          series are part of a larger group called “Pages from the Book of
explaining how Kaminsky created the fountain at the Fayetteville        the Earth,” which entwine the concepts of “the Earth speaks”
Town Center will be showcased at the University of Arkansas             and “world peace.” Three large sculptures from the same series
Global Campus (School of Continuing Education and Academic              – including “A New Spirit is Rising,” which takes words from a
Outreach) at 2 East Center Street, Fayetteville, from Wednesday,        1967 speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. – are on display in front
Dec. 2, through the end of January.                                     of Mullins Library.

The exhibit, “Redefining the Medium: a Sculptor Looks at                “His words are part of the earth, part of the world, part of the
Sandcasting,” is free of charge to visitors from 8 a.m. to 4:30         physical landscape,” Kaminsky said of King.
p.m. Monday - Friday and is part of the Global Campus ongoing
mission to complement the growing art community in historic             The Global Campus exhibit also features jewelry made through
downtown Fayetteville.                                                  metal sandcasting. They, too, are based on the concept of
                                                                        joining the natural to the man-made. For more information
Kaminsky, 70, is a New York City native who moved to Eureka             about the art or how to purchase pieces, contact the sculptor at
Springs in 1971, where he opened a gallery and taught metal   ,, or
sandcasting. He moved to Fayetteville in 1984, continuing     
his craft. Today, his work is displayed in thousands of private
collections and in public areas, such as in front of the Fayetteville
Town Center and Mullins Library at the heart of the University
of Arkansas campus.

Kaminsky enjoys watching visitors glide their fingertips over his
sculptures and listening to viewers’ reactions to the metalwork.

“I want people to be open to whatever message that the sculpture
gives them,” Kaminsky said.

His work joins the concepts of natural structures like land
formations with man-made structures like language, metal and
art. The largest sculpture on display at the Global Campus, the

 phone:                e-mail:               website:
 479-575-4545 / /                                             For the love of learning                       5

    Letter from OLLI Board Chair, Mike Adelman
    Fellow OLLI Members:

    As the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute starts its third Spring at the University of Arkansas, your Board is energized by the opportunities
    in 2010.

    Opportunity 1: OLLI will be offering more than four dozen classes and events in the Spring semester. From cooking spaghetti to
    spaghetti westerns, from waste treatment plants to summer planters, and from oology to opera, there are sessions to provoke and
    delight you: if you like to travel, OLLI will have a time-travel to ‘The World of the Pharaohs’, exhibited in Little Rock, plus lectures to
    understand what you will see. And if more relaxed travel is your style, consider the new ‘Arm Chair’ Traveler Series, featuring Alaska,
    China and Petra, Jordan. Be sure to look for the Spring catalog online ( or via the OLLI office. Thanks to the
    Curriculum Committee which has recruited faculty and facilities for these learning events.

    Opportunity 2: Many members have requested more intensive discussion groups. OLLI will kick off a new program – The Great
    Decisions Series – an eight-session analysis of a variety of foreign policy topics facing the United States and the world right now. Your
    mind will be challenged!

    Opportunity 3: OLLI will be growing into Benton County in the coming year. If you have family or friends in Rogers, Bella Vista,
    Bentonville, etc. please let them know how they can continue to learn without the worry of tests, exams or homework!

    Opportunity 4: On February 4, OLLI invites its members to the very first Annual Meeting of Members and Open House. OLLI will
    become a self-governing organization at this time. OLLI members will have an opportunity to receive the Board’s Annual Report, adopt
    OLLI’s first by-laws, elect your Board Members, volunteer for committee membership, and enjoy a social time with other members.
    More details on this event will be coming in early January. Your OLLI program is ‘member-driven’, so be ready to ‘drive’.

    To each of our 425+ OLLI members, your Board thanks you for your participation, asks for your input and advice (constructive criticism
    also accepted), and welcomes your ideas and energy. Be sure to thank them for their dedication.

    Mike Adelman
    Chair, OLLI Interim Board

                                                                                                          at the University of Arkansas      TM

6     For the love of learning                                                phone:               e-mail:              website:
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