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									Introducing . . .

   Fall 2006

  Singing from LSB

―The Church’s One
    LSB 644
    (sts. 1, 3, 5)

          Hymnals of the LCMS

• Kirchengesangbuch (1847)
  (ed. by C.F.W. Walther)
• Evangelical Lutheran
  Hymn-Book (1912)
• The Lutheran Hymnal (1941)
• Lutheran Worship (1982)
         Current Usage
                 1999 Survey

• 58% of congregations use LW
• 36% of congregations use TLH
• 7% of congregations use LBW

    Some congregations use more than one
      hymnal. A variety of supplemental
          resources are also used.

         Need for a Revision
       of our Synod’s Hymnals

• We have been a two-hymnal church for
  nearly a quarter of a century.
• Important to make use of the rich, new
  hymnody that is available.
• LSB is a ―careful blending‖ of our
  Synod’s hymnals, plus new materials.
    TLH + LW + new materials = LSB
           Development of LSB
• 1997—the Commission on Worship
  announces plans to prepare a new hymnal,
  giving itself a decade to complete the work
• 1998 synodical convention calls for
  development of a new hymnal
• 2001 resolution approves field testing plan
• 2004 convention grants final acceptance of
  Lutheran Service Book by a margin of 88%
  Singing from LSB

―Alleluia, Alleluia!
Hearts to Heaven‖
     LSB 477
     (sts. 1, 2)
          A Quick Walkthrough
• Prayers for Worship inside front cover
• Prefatory material (Roman numerals)
  – Table of Contents – Lectionary Readings
  – Introduction        – Singing the Psalms
  – Church Year Calendars
• Psalms (nos. 1–150)
  – 107 psalms in the Pew Edition
  – All 150 in Altar Book and Accompaniment
    for Liturgy
         A Quick Walkthrough
• Services and Other Resources
 (pp. 151–330, with page numbers at the top)
• Hymns (nos. 331–966)
• Acknowledgments and Indexes
 (Pages 990–1022)
• Emergency Baptism (p. 1023)
• Creeds and Lord’s Prayer at back cover

         Exploring the Services
                 The Divine Service

• The chief service of the Church—Word
  and Sacrament
• Remarkable continuity throughout
  history, with various reforms along the

             Exploring the Services
                   Five Settings of the Divine Service

• Divine Service, Setting One (Page 151)
  – (LW DS II/1; LBW, Setting One)
• Divine Service, Setting Two (Page 167)
  – (LW DS II/2; LBW, Setting Two)
• Divine Service, Setting Three (Page 184)
  – (TLH, p. 15)
• Divine Service, Setting Four (HS98) (Page 203)
• Divine Service, Setting Five
  – (LW, DS III—Luther’s German Mass)   (Page 213)
   Singing from LSB

―This Is the Feast‖
    LSB p. 155
       Verse 1
       Verse 2
     Final Refrain
Singing from LSB

 Agnus Dei
 LSB p. 198

           Exploring the Services
                     The Daily Office
              (Morning and Evening Services)

• Matins (p. 219)
  – Combination of LW and TLH
• Vespers (p. 229)
  – Drawn from LW
• Morning and Evening Prayer
  (pp. 235/243)
  – Drawn from LW
• Compline (p. 253)
  – Drawn from LW
             Exploring the Services
                         The Daily Office
                  (Morning and Evening Services)

• A similar structure has been
  given to the first four services:
   –   Psalmody
   –   Readings
   –   Canticle
   –   Prayer

            Exploring the Services
                Service of Prayer and Preaching
                            (p. 260)

•   New order of service
•   Focus on catechesis (―teaching‖)
•   Offers considerable flexibility
•   Mostly spoken, with two sung canticles:
    – Old Testament Canticle (First Song of Isaiah)
    – New Testament Canticle (Pascha Nostrum)

     Singing from LSB

New Testament Canticle
―Christ Has Been Raised
     from the Dead‖
      LSB p. 266
           Exploring the Services
                   Occasional Services

•   Holy Baptism (p. 268)
•   Confirmation (p. 272)
•   Holy Matrimony (p. 275)
•   Funeral Service (p. 278)

            Exploring the Services
                   Other Service Resources

•   Responsive Prayer 1 and 2 (pp. 282 & 285)
•   The Litany (p. 288)
•   Corporate Confession and Absolution (p. 290)
•   Individual Confession and Absolution (p. 292)
•   Daily Prayer for Individuals and Families (p. 294)
•   Daily Lectionary (p. 299)
•   Nearly 100 prayers arranged by topic (p. 305)
•   Athanasian Creed (p. 319)
•   Small Catechism (p. 321)
          Exploring the Services
                  What’s in the Altar Book?

• All the services of LSB, plus additional
  texts needed by the pastor
• Additional rubrics (instructions)
• Complete propers for three- and one-year
  lectionaries, and feasts and festivals
  – Collects formatted in sense lines
• Over 200 prayers arranged by topic
• Services for Ash Wednesday and Holy
  Week                                        20
         Exploring the Services
            Summary of new musical settings

• Kyrie and Gloria in Divine Service,
  Setting Four (p. 204)
• Magnificat in Evening Prayer (p. 248)
• Canticles in Service of Prayer and
  Preaching (p. 261 and 266)

Singing from LSB

 LSB p. 248
  Verses 1 & 2

           Exploring the Hymns
            Where do our hymns come from?

The hymns reflect the breadth of the Church,
drawn from every time and place:
• Our Lutheran heritage, which is well
• Other Christian traditions
• Around the world, including Africa (542,
  833), Asia (871), and Central & South
  America (479)
• 20th- and 21st-century hymn writers —
  a veritable ―hymn explosion‖
          Exploring the Hymns
            Criteria for Selection of Hymns

• Texts with a clear biblical focus
• Texts that are Christ-centered
• Texts that fit with lectionary readings
• New tunes that are inviting to sing and
  reflective of the text
• Hymns from around the world
• Approx. 100 hymn texts or tunes are
  ―new,‖ i.e., never included in any LCMS
  hymnal or supplement prior to LSB           24
            Exploring the Hymns
              Familiar Hymn Texts Restored

•   ―My Faith Looks Up to Thee‖ (702)
•   ―I Am Trusting Thee, Lord Jesus‖ (729)
•   ―We Give Thee But Thine Own‖ (781)
•   ―Take My Life and Let It Be‖ (783)

  Singing from LSB

―Take My Life and
    Let It Be‖
    LSB 783
    (sts. 1–2)
         Exploring the Hymns
             Familiar Melodies Restored

• ―The Day of Resurrection‖ (478)
• ―Fight the Good Fight‖ (664)
• ―God Loved the World‖ (571)

    Singing from LSB

―God Loved the World‖
      LSB 571
      (sts. 1, 6)

          Exploring the Hymns
             New texts set to familiar tunes

• ―O Christ, You Walked the Road‖ (424)
  to tune of ―Lord Jesus, Think on Me‖
• ―Christ the Eternal Lord‖ (829) to tune of
  ―Crown Him with Many Crowns‖
• ―Jesus Comes Today with Healing‖
  (620) to tune of ―All Depends on Our
   Singing from LSB

―Jesus Comes Today
    with Healing‖
     LSB 620
     (sts. 1, 5)

   Singing from LSB

―Hark, the Voice of
  Jesus Crying‖
     LSB 826
       (st. 1)
   Singing from LSB

―Hark, the Voice of
  Jesus Calling‖
     LSB 827
     (sts. 2, 3)
          Exploring the Hymns
              Spanish and German Texts

• Spanish text provided for almost 20
  hymns (see index, p. 1022)
• German provided for:
   – ―Silent Night‖ (363)
   – ―Müde bin ich‖ (887)

   Singing from LSB

―O Sing to the Lord‖
     LSB 808
      (sts. 1–2)

          Exploring the Hymns
                 Concerning ―Amen‖

• TLH is the only hymnal in the history of
  the LCMS to include an ―Amen‖ for
  every hymn
• The same two-chord progression for
  every ―Amen‖ tends to homogenize the
  hymn tunes

          Exploring the Hymns
                 Concerning ―Amen‖

• LSB includes ―Amens‖ only for hymns
  that have chant melodies (e.g., 384, 455)
  and for the Common Doxology (805)
• Congregations can choose to add
  ―Amens,‖ for example, at the conclusion
  of doxological stanzas (marked with a
  triangle; e.g., 344) or wherever else suits
  local custom
           Exploring the Hymns
              Melody-only, where appropriate

Approximately 20% of the hymns in the
Pew Edition include melody line only.
Reasons include:
• Some newer melodies are not suitable for
  singing in harmony (e.g., 671, 727, 806)
• Melody only makes more difficult tunes easier
  to sing (e.g., 607, 942, 954)
• Saves considerable space, allowing more
  hymns to be included
• Other location of hymn setting in Pew Edition
  is identified at bottom of page (e.g. 670)
         Exploring the Hymns
             Settings and Harmonizations

• Standard, four-part harmonizations are
  provided wherever possible.
• For hymns and songs in other styles,
  settings appropriate for both piano
  and organ are provided in the
  Accompaniment for the Hymns.
• Some hymns have been lowered both
  for ease of singing and playing.
Singing from LSB

―Lamb of God‖
  LSB 550
   (sts. 1, 2)

          Exploring the Hymns
             Accompaniment for the Hymns

• Provides accompaniments for all of the
  hymns, including 20 additional hymns
  from in the electronic edition, Lutheran
  Service Builder
• Several hymns provided in two keys
• Separate settings appropriate for piano
  and organ provided for some hymns
• Handy cross-references point out
  alternate keys and settings
          Exploring the Hymns
                 Guitar Chord Edition

• Will include melody, text, and chords for
  each hymn
• Printed on 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper with
  spiral binding
• Suitable both for guitarists and
  keyboardists who play by chords
• Available in 2007
        Strategies for Teaching
        New Hymns or Services
• Develop a plan by season or month—
  ―Repetition is the mother of learning‖
• Start with easier melodies
• Use choir/soloists on stanzas, with the
  congregation singing the refrain
• Use choir/soloists to sing stanzas in
  alternation with congregation
• Use in all venues: Sunday School, Bible
  classes, organ during offering, etc.
• Hold 5-minute rehearsals prior to service
  Singing from LSB

―O God of Love,
O King of Peace‖
   LSB 751
    (sts. 1, 2)

        Hymnal as Prayer Book
           Three Books for Lutheran Spirituality

• The Bible
  – God’s written Word to strengthen us in our
    faith and provide light to our path
• The Small Catechism
  – ―Roadmap to the Bible,‖ confessing the
    chief teachings of Holy Scripture
• The Hymnal
  – The Bible and its teachings ―on the wings
    of song‖ into the hearts of the faithful       44
          Hymnal as Prayer Book
              LSB Resources for Personal Use

•   Daily Prayer for Individuals and Families
•   Daily Lectionary
•   Psalter (and suggested daily psalms)
•   Prayers, Intercessions, and Thanksgivings
•   Small Catechism
•   Lots of hymns to pray and sing
•   All available in both Pew or Gift Edition
    – Have a personal copy for each family member
  Singing from LSB

―Lord, Support Us
  All Day Long‖
    LSB 884
   (sts. 1, 3, 4)

            LSB Lectionaries
                Three-Year Lectionary

• A lectionary contains the assigned
  readings for a Sunday or festival
• Minor revision of the current three-year
• Revised to follow the Revised Common
  Lectionary during the Sundays after
• Separate propers for Series A, B, and C    47
            LSB Lectionaries
                One-Year Lectionary

• Retains all Epistles and Gospels from
  TLH, with alternate readings
  occasionally provided
• Old Testament Readings provided
• Complete propers based on historic
  texts (e.g., expanded Introits)

            LSB Lectionaries
             Revised Collects of the Day

• Language has been carefully updated
  and simplified for comprehension
• Collects shared by both three- and one-
  year lectionaries from Advent through
  Holy Trinity Sunday
• Series A, B, C and the one-year
  lectionary each have separate collects
  for the Sundays after Pentecost
              LSB Lectionaries
               Printed Lectionary Volumes

• Biblical texts from English Standard
  Version (ESV)
• Separate printed volumes for Series A, B,
  and C and the one-year lectionary
• Readings for Feasts, Festivals, and
  Occasions included in each volume
• Biblical texts formatted in ―sense lines‖ to
  assist the reader
• Pronunciation helps provided for biblical
  names and places                               50
LSB Lectionaries
 Sample of ―Sense Lines‖

               For additional examples,
             see the LSB Guide, pp. 75ff.

    Singing from LSB

―O Christ, Who Shared
   Our Mortal Life‖
      LSB 552
      (sts. 1, 4)
   Singing from LSB

 ―All Christians Who
Have Been Baptized‖
     LSB 596
      (sts. 1, 6)
                LSB Agenda
                 What’s an ―Agenda‖?

• Contains other official rites and
  occasional services not found in the
  Pew Edition
• LSB Agenda offers a revision of all
  official rites and occasional services

                 LSB Agenda
                 Comes in two volumes

• LSB Agenda
  – Rites and occasional services for use in
    the church building
  – Larger volume
• LSB Pastoral Care Companion
  – Rites and occasional services for use
    ―on the road‖
  – Smaller volume
  – Available in 2007
                 LSB Agenda
               Organized in Eight Sections
                  See the LSB Guide, p. 82

•   Baptism, Confirmation, Membership
•   Pastoral Care
•   Holy Matrimony
•   Christian Burial
•   Holy Ministry
•   Auxiliary and Congregational Offices
•   Rites of Blessing
•   Rites for Ecclesiastical Supervisors
                   LSB Agenda
                       Some Highlights

• Holy Baptism (LSB, p. 268)
  – Second baptismal rite based on Luther’s Rite
  – Luther’s ―Flood Prayer‖ included in both rites
• Holy Matrimony (LSB, p. 275)
  – ―Consent‖ is revised to better reflect Ephesians 5
• New Rites
  – Godspeed and Farewell to Members
  – Godspeed and Farewell to Church Work Student
  – Merging of Congregations
              Pastoral Care
• Includes rites from LSB Agenda that are
  used ―on-the-road‖
• Resources for pastoral care on some 50
  topics that include psalm and Bible
  readings, prayers, hymns, etc.
• See examples in the ―LSB Guide,‖
  Appendixes E & F (pp. 85ff.)
• Available in 2007
   Singing from LSB

―Awake, O Sleeper,
 Rise from Death‖
     LSB 697
     (sts. 1, 4)

              Copyright Law
             What does ―copyright‖ mean?

A copyright . . .
• Protects the creative works of a person
• Ensures that the creative works belongs
  to the person who created them

              For further information,
            see the LSB Guide, pp. 62ff.

               Copyright Law
       Where is copyright information found in LSB?

• For the services, copyright information
  is provided on p. 990.
• For the hymns, the information is listed
  at the bottom of each hymn.
• Individual components, such as text,
  tune, or setting, can be copyrighted
• Any part of a service setting or hymn
  not copyrighted is in the public domain.            62
               Copyright Law
             You must get permission to . . .

• Print bulletins, songbooks, or song
  sheets containing copyrighted works, for
  use in church services or Bible studies
• Make a transparency, slide, or
  electronic file of a copyrighted work for

              Copyright Law
              What are the penalties for
               not obeying the law?

• The law provides for the owner of a
  copyright to recover damages ranging
  from $500 to $100,000 per copyright
  infringed and even greater penalties if
  commercial gain is involved.
• Christians, more than anyone else, have
  an obligation to obey the Seventh Com-
  mandment, as applied to copyright law.
    Copyright Law
    and Lutheran Service Book



         Copyright Law
          CPH Copyright Licenses



        p. 992
   Singing from LSB

―These Are the Holy
  Ten Commands‖
     LSB 581
    (sts. 1, 8, 12)
       Lutheran Service Builder
                     What is it?

• Lutheran Service Builder is an intelligent,
  powerful, easy-to-use worship assistant.
• It offers flexible and intuitive search
  capabilities with customizable exporting
  and printing features.
• It transforms service planning and bulletin
  preparation into simple, manageable, and
  streamlined tasks.
      The Builder offers intuitive
         and logical options.

      After starting the program,
        these simple tasks are
          offered to the user.

The program can be
 easily customized
 to fit local needs.

To begin preparing a
 service, simply use                                     For congregations
   the calendar to                                      with multiple service
  click on the date                                      times, one service
  when the service                                      can be prepared for
      will occur.      The Builder will automatically     both, or separate
                          display the day in the           services can be
                       Church Year. The title of the         planned for
                         service can be changed             each service.
                          for special occasions.
                      The date and day in the Church Year is
                      continuously displayed on every screen.

                                                    An outline of the service
                                                    that is chosen appears.

                                                   Options at various places
                                                       in the service are
                                                         selected here.

                                                  Adjustments can be made
Any of the services                                 to the service, such as
  in LSB can be                                    inserting a choir anthem
     selected.                                    or the rite of Holy Baptism.

                      The content screen allows the user to view
                        the content of each part of the service.

                        If an optional reading were also
                        appointed for this Sunday, both
                      options would be displayed, allowing
                          the user to make the choice.

  The readings appointed for the
  day are automatically inserted.
By clicking on any of the readings
in the service outline, the text can
 be seen in the adjacent window.

   When a hymn is
 highlighted, a list of
  suggested hymns
appears. A hymn can                 When a hymn is highlighted, it
 be selected simply                  can be displayed either with
   by dragging and                     text or text and melody.
 dropping it onto the
   service outline.           If desired, only selected
                              stanzas can be chosen.
      The user can also
                                               Clicking the ―play‖ button
   take advantage of the
                                              allows the user to listen to
  powerful search features
                                               a MIDI file of the melody.
   in the Builder or simply
      browse through all
        of the hymns.
                            When the initial planning
                             is completed, a service
                            can be exported to a file
                                 which other staff
                                members can use
                                 to review and/or
                                  make changes.

 Or, the service can be
exported either to a word
processor as a Rich Text
 Format (RTF) file or to
 Microsoft® PowerPoint®.

                         Paper size and bulletin   The service can also
                         styles can be adjusted.      be previewed.

   A large print version of the
    service can be exported
     to the word processor,
   with all texts of the liturgy
    and hymns formatted on
 8-1/2‖ x 11‖ paper according
to the large-print specifications
  of the Library of Congress.

      (See sample in the
     LSB Guide, pp. 94ff.)                                                76
       Lutheran Service Builder
                  What will it cost?

• Pricing is based on two conditions:
  – a congregation’s average weekly
    worship attendance
  – whether or not a congregation has
    purchased copies of the Pew Edition
• For pricing, see the LSB Guide, pp. 67ff.

       Lutheran Service Builder
                Annual Support License

• Includes technical support by phone,
  program upgrades, and periodic
• Internet-delivered video training
  sessions providing tutorials
• CPH Liturgy License, allowing
  congregations to reproduce any
  liturgical element in service folders and
                    What is it?

• A more convenient way to handle the
  majority of your Lutheran Service Book
  reproduction permissions.
• Congregations pay only one annual fee
  based on average weekly worship
• Lutheran Service Builder records use of
  all copyrighted hymns and automatically
  reports to CPH every 30 days.
                    What is it?

• CPH calculates and distributes royalty
  payments to all copyright holders.
• The license grants congregations
  unlimited use of copyrighted materials
  for use in worship.
• LSBHymnLicense.NET also covers
  audio reproduction of copyrighted
  materials for distribution to members.
    Singing from LSB

―God Loves Me Dearly‖
      LSB 392
       (sts. 1, 3)

            Introducing LSB
                Making the decision

• Give the congregation adequate time to
  examine LSB
• Expose leadership of congregation to
  LSB in order to build consensus
• Use this presentation and the LSB
  Guide to help others learn more about
  Lutheran Service Book
            Introducing LSB
                Making the decision

• Have your choirs and other musicians
  use resources from LSB
• Show the DVD mailed to all
  congregations in August
• Display the poster included in the
  congregational kit, which was mailed
  to all congregations in early Sept.
              Introducing LSB
           Before you use LSB for the first time

• Explain what is same and what is new.
• Use a variety of non-worship settings to
  expose members to what’s in LSB.
• Develop a careful plan for initial use.
• Speak encouraging words to the
  congregation, helping them to see how
  carefully LSB has been prepared.
             Introducing LSB
              On the Sunday of first use

• Take five minutes before the service to
  walk the congregation through LSB;
  point out the numbering system.
• Start with a service the congregation
  knows, explaining any changes in a
  positive light.
• Choose only hymns that are familiar to
  the congregation.
             Introducing LSB
         Using LSB in coming months and years

• Make use of musical forces in
  congregation—choirs, soloists,
  instrumentalists, Sunday school/day
  school children, etc.
• Continue teaching LSB in non-worship
  venues—Bible classes, day school,
  mid-week school, council mtgs., etc.

             Introducing LSB
         Using LSB in coming months and years

• Plan a schedule of teaching new hymns
  and services.
• When a hymn tune is set to several
  hymn texts, be sure to find opportunities
  to sing both hymns.
• Take your time!

          Some Funding Ideas
• Build consensus in congregation first!
• Provide memorial gift opportunities:
  – In memory or in honor of a loved one
  – In honor of godchildren or sponsors
• Donors of larger gifts can purchase Altar
  Books, accompaniment editions, etc.
• Church budget may be another option
          Some Funding Ideas
• Chart progress of fundraising on narthex
• Dedicate hymnals once purchased
• Suggest that members donate copies for
  as many in their family who will use them
  in worship.
• Also suggest that they consider buying an
  equal number for their personal use in the
  home (either the Pew or Gift Edition).
  Singing from LSB

―Give Thanks with
 a Grateful Heart‖
    LSB 806

          What do we do with
           our old hymnals?
• Consider placing them in a convenient
  location and inviting members to take a
  copy home.
• Retain enough copies for future use by
  the choir(s).
• Suggest that they also consider pur-
  chasing a copy of LSB for use in the
   Singing from LSB

―Heavenly Hosts In
Ceaseless Worship‖
     LSB 949

          Lutheran Service Book
           A Growing Constellation of Resources

•   Pew Edition
•   Gift Edition
•   Accompaniment for the Hymns
•   Accompaniment for the Liturgy
•   Altar Book
•   Agenda

        Lutheran Service Book
          A Growing Constellation of Resources

• Three-Year Lectionary, Series C
• One-Year Lectionary
• Lutheran Service Builder (Electronic
• LSB Hymn Selection Guide
• Pastoral Care Companion (2007)
• Guitar Chord Edition (2007)
                Closing Worship

•   Responsive Prayer—p. 285
•   Psalm 100 (sung responsively by whole verse)
•   Reading: Colossians 3:12–17
•   Hymn 795 ―Voices Raised to You Offer‖
•   Responsive Prayer—p. 285
•   Hymn 837 ―Lift High the Cross‖

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