Thanksgiving Dinner by juanita


									                              . . . Thanksgiving is a time to reflect
                                 upon the things for which we are
                                     thankful - Family and Friends!

   Celebrate Thanksgiving in the comfort of your home with family and friends
         and let The Party Rescue Team eliminate the hassle of preparing,
              cooking, and cleaning so you’ll have time to mingle…

                        Simply give our Chef the menu and
                he will gladly prepare the food to your perfection.

                       Allow our server to set the table and
                         serve your Thanksgiving dinner.

        Let our very own bartender mix and serve drinks during the party.

     All of this and the use of the following (at no additional charge to you):
                              12 piece cheese cutter tray,
          (6) 4 quart chafing dishes for your gravy, vegetables, and meat,
                       a chocolate fountain for a sweet touch!
                        a 4 tier tray for your favorite desserts.

Too good to be true? We’re not finished! After dinner the chef, the bartender and
                            the server will clean up.

                Call The Party Rescue Team at (301) 920-0575 to
                 Reserve your Thanksgiving Dinner Service today!

                              First 4 Hours $660.00
                               Each additional hour
                                    Chef $60.00
                                 Bartender $45.00
                                   Server $35.00
* * * Don’t  need a chef but want more time to relax? * * *
            Hire one of our Thanksgiving Servers
           Celebrate Thanksgiving at home with family and friends
        and let the Server assist you in preparing, cooking and cleaning.
          Just let the Server know what you need help with and they
          will gladly assist you as well as serve you during your meal!

 We’ll even include the use of a chocolate fountain to make your Thanksgiving
                       memorable at no additional cost!
                The server will setup, teardown, and clean up the
                          chocolate fountain for you!

                           First 4 Hours $180.00
                          Additional Hour $35.00
                      Additional Server per hour $35.00

              Call The Party Rescue Team at (301) 920-0575 to
               Reserve your Thanksgiving Dinner Server today!

              ***  Have everything covered? * * *
                 Let us add a “sweet touch” to
                  your Thanksgiving Dinner
                     Try our Chocolate Fountain
      The ultimate finishing touch to your Thanksgiving Dinner
             All day chocolate fountain rental for $75.00
                       Free Delivery and Pickup!

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