Thanksgiving in Niger Annual Thanksgiving Dinner by juanita


									Organization for the Relief of Underprivileged Women and Children in Africa. ORUWOCA INC.
                             Empower a Woman….Give Hope to a Child

                                         Thanksgiving in Niger
                                       Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

The Organization for the Relief of Underprivileged Women and Children in Africa (ORUWOCA, Inc.) will host an
annual Thanksgiving Dinner in one of the qualified city in ORUWOCA’S in Niamey, Niger effective November
29th, 2007. The Concept of the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner was conceived by Ms. Binta Mamadou, Director of
Effective Education.

The United Nations lists Niger as one of the poorest and least-developed countries in the world. As an organization
founded by a woman from Niger seeking to relieve women and children from poverty, ORUWOCA’s founder and
its members have witnessed the misery that exists in the country primarily due to poverty. ORUWOCA views
Niger’s food crisis as a continuous challenge which must be addressed in a multi-faceted manner. Hence, the
purpose of this event is to fill a small void in the lives of the many people that are deprived of food on an ongoing
basis. It is evident that Niger’s hunger crisis will not be resolved by an annual dinner; however, every little bit
counts. In the long run, ORUWOCA’s objective is to make the annual Thanksgiving Dinner a monthly activity, then
weekly, and then daily.

                                              WHO WOULD BENEFIT: The primary targets of this activity will
                                              be the homeless, residents of Niamey’s most deprived neighborhoods,
                                              and former graduates of the summer leadership academy.
                                              Neighborhood selection will rotate annually.

                                              ANTICIPATED OUTCOMES:

                                                  •   Provide meals to people that are not able to feed themselves –
                                                      A portion of the funds will be used to purchase supplies
       necessary to execute the event as well as to develop youth leadership activities throughout the course of the

   •   Provide a hands-on educational activity for graduates of the Leadership Camp to teach them the importance
       of community service.
(a)            Through activities such as the annual Thanksgiving Dinner, ORUWOCA will continue to make its
presence known and trusted in various, critical communities in Niger.
(b)            ORUWOCA will also create a platform that will enable the youth to express themselves and take
advantage of the opportunities that ORUWOCA offers.

Due to budgetary restrictions, this activity will initially be limited to Niamey. ORUWOCA’s goal is to eventually
extend the annual Thanksgiving Dinner to Burkina Faso and Liberia as the problem of hunger is, unfortunately, not
exclusive to Niger.

In addition to its educational impact, this activity will also make a positive social impact in the lives of the youth
participating as volunteers as well as the beneficiaries of the program. Volunteers will learn to develop their
leadership and organizational skills by helping to plan and execute the Dinner, and also by engaging themselves in
activities that will sensitize homeless youth and street kids about the dangers social problems such as drugs and

SUPPORT FOR ORUWOCA’S VISION: This activity is consistent with ORUWOCA’s devotion to people in
need throughout West Africa.

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