Parent and Child Together Thanksgiving Dinner by juanita


									                                                           Family Literacy News
                                                    November/December 2007

Parent and Child Together
Thanksgiving Dinner                                                                              Hear ye! Hear
         tuesday, November 20, 2007                                                              ye!                 Holiday Dates
                                                                                                                     Thursday, Nov. 8
Welcome all Family Literacy participants, parents                                                The Family          No Class
and children, to our 2nd annual Thanksgiving dinner                                              Literacy year is
                                                                                                 well underway.      November 13-14: The
to be held in the classroom. We will share some tips                                                                 Little Red Hen
                                                                                                 We have some
on how mealtime routines and manners help your                                                   new staff
                                                                                                                     Parent and Child Time

entire family. Bring your fall decorating ideas and a                                            members, new        Tuesday, Nov. 20th
side dish to share.                                                                              families and        Parent and Child Time
                                                                                                                     Together Thanksgiving
                                                                                                 some returning      Dinner
                   Attitude of Gratitude                                                         families starting
                                                                                                 anew. Sam           November 21, 22, 23
                                                                                                 McDowell is         Thanksgiving Holidays
          +                                                                                      our new             November 27
                                                                                                 Coordinator and     Christmas Tree
        PARENTS AND CHILDREN TOGETHER TIME                                                       Virginia            Ornaments: Displaying
                                                                                                 Bradley is the      Your Child’s Name
                                                                                                 new Parent          December 4-5
                                                                                                 Mentor who          Parent and Child
                                  FAMILY!                                                        will be             Together Time: ABC-
      “ ‘Not I!’ said the Pig.” The Little Red Hen will be making herself                        stationed in the    Amazing Block
         known this month during one of our Parent and Child Together                                                Construction
      Activities. The Little Red Hen is one of those books that may look
        like it has too many words on the page to squeeze into that short                        Complex at          December 13th
         period of time we have for a bedtime story, however it uses an                          Gray Court.         Holiday Safety Tips and
    important learning and listening strategy of REPETITION. You will                            Efforts are now
     see that your child will listen to a story that repeats phrases over and                    underway to
                                                                                                                     Santa Claus
     over. This will make your reading routine pleasant for you and your                         have a similar
      children. All of us take comfort in routines and repetition. It is an                      program there.      December 17, 2007-
                   important learning strategy for adults as well.                               For more            January 8th, 2008: GED
    Other PACTT times will involve repetition with your child’s name                             information, ask    Holiday Break. School
   and block routines. You and your child interacting Together is a very                                             children return the 2nd.
                                                                                                 us or call 681-
                                                                                                 5437.               January 12th: All day
                                                                                                                     GED test at HEC
 How may we help you and your children?
 Is it a job you need? What about food assistance? What about any economic help? Please come to us. We are here
 to connect you to resources. Resource help is for those who are fully participating in the program: class
 attendance, home visits, group meetings, and parent and child time. Please contact Donna, LaDell or Virginia for
 any concerns you may have. We want nothing to stop you from getting your education.
                                                                                                                     School Registration

                                                        Toys and Tots
 Too many stories in the news have come out about paint containing lead on many toys in all price ranges. As the
 gatekeeper of your home, you need as always to be careful about what ends up under the tree on Christmas morning.
 To learn about the toys that have been recalled, an excellent website is Consumer Product Safety Commission’s A toy does not have to contain lead to be dangerous. Give a toy only if it is age appropriate. The
 little match book cars are in no way safe for a toddler who still may put things in his mouth. For some toys, even if they
 are marked in your child’s age range, your baby will still need you to play together with him so he can fully benefit
 from the toy. So be the best parent you can be and take the time to keep informed about safety.

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