Criminal Records Of Daugherty defendants by maxthecat619

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									6 allegedly involved in vicious attack
Six Greensburg residents are accused of torturing and killing 30-year-old Jennifer
Daugherty, whose body was found Thursday in a trash can in the city. All are charged
with criminal homicide, kidnapping, aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit homicide
and conspiracy to commit assault.

 Robert Loren                     Ricky V.                   Melvin             Peggy          Amber C.            Angela
  Masters Jr.                     Smyrnes                    Knight             Miller         Meidinger          Marinucci
   Age: 36                        Age: 23                    Age: 20           Age: 26          Age: 20            Age: 17
Criminal                     Criminal                     Criminal          Criminal         Criminal           Criminal
record:                      record:                      record:           record:          record:            record:
Undetermined.                Convicted of                 Released from     Sentenced to     Undetermined.      A Greensburg
                             assault, criminal            Westmoreland      jail for theft                      Salem High
                             conspiracy,                  County Prison     in 2005 in                          School
                             burglary, theft              Jan. 27, credit   Greensburg.                         student
                             in Allegheny                 for time served   Arrested in                         convicted
                             and Westmore-                for harassment    2007 and                            of disorderly
                             land counties.               in Latrobe;       2009 for                            conduct for
                             Two protection               other minor       assault and                         fighting in
                             from abuse                   charges in        harassment.                         Greensburg
                             orders against               Allegheny and                                         in 2007.
                             him in West-                 Westmoreland
                             moreland                     counties.
                             during 2008.

Source: Westmoreland and Allegheny County court records                                          E. DENISE SHEAN | TRIBUNE-REIVEW

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