2008 Thanksgiving Dinner Menu by juanita


                   2008 Thanksgiving Dinner Menu
                                               (Minimum 6 guests)

                                                FIRST COURSE

                                                      Choice of
                           Vegetable, Carrot, OR Butternut Squash Soup
                                                (please choose one)

                                             SECOND COURSE

                                              Baby Spinach Salad
                  Baby spinach leaves with candies pecans cranberries mandarin pieces
                                    with poppy dressing on the side
                                               THIRD COURSE

                            Whole Turkey with Gravy ~ sliced upon request

                                      Spiced Vegetable Bread Stuffing
                                   Tova’s Pineapple–Cranberry Relish
                                 Whipped Potatoes w/ Dash of Nutmeg
                                                      Choice of
                     Garlic Roasted Asparagus OR Green Bean Almondine
                                                (please choose one)
                                                      Choice of
                                            Apple Cranberry Crisp
                                                  Harvest Crisp
                           with sweet potatoes, apples, cranberries and walmuts
                                           (please choose one)

                                          $23.50 each guest
                                              minimum 6
                        Does not include beverages or Classicware table settings.
                                             Delivery to Sharon $30

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