Thanksgiving Dinner To Go! by juanita


      Dinner To Go!
 Let our Chefs be yours on Thanksgiving Day!

           Our gourmet culinary team will
         prepare a delicious menu which will
             feed ten people this holiday.

                                  Menu includes:
       Slow Roast Turkey 12-14 lbs. • Old Fashioned Giblet Gravy
                Traditional Country Style Bread Stuffing
   Maple-Walnut Glazed Sweet Potatoes • Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes
                 Fall Vegetables in Butter & Fresh Herbs
         Green Bean Casserole • Chunky Apple Cranberry Sauce
                       Salad of Mixed Field Greens
 Peach Pecan Vinaigrette, Peppercorn Ranch or Italian Vinaigrette Dressing
                           Freshly Baked Rolls
                 Your choice of any two of the following:
           Traditional Pumpkin Pie • Granny Smith Apple Pie
                 Southern Pecan Pie • Sweet Potato Pie

           Menu Details                                      Green Bean Casserole
                                                    Green Beans baked in a creamy mushroom
                                                  sauce, baked and topped with golden shallots.
              Slow Roast Turkey
    A 12-14 pound turkey slow roasted to                 Chunky Apple Cranberry Sauce
 perfection accompanied by traditional giblet       An updated take on traditional cranberry
                    gravy.                                           sauce.
  Traditional Country-Style Bread Stuffing                 Additional Sides Available
  Made with crusty bread, celery, onions and
            fresh thyme and sage.                 Yukon Gold Potato & Wild Mushroom Gratin
    Maple Walnut Glazed Sweet Potatoes             Creamy and delicious, this casserole is a great
   Baked with brown sugar and butter these             addition to your Thanksgiving meal.
 potatoes are good enough to eat for dessert.           Creamed Corn Gratin with Bacon
         Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes                Kicked up creamed corn with Monterey Jack
    The perfect mix of buttermilk, butter &                  cheese and crispy bacon.
                   potatoes.                        Savory Bread Pudding with Mushrooms &
   Fall Vegetables in Butter & Fresh Herbs                       Parmesan Cheese
Roasted parsnips, carrots and turnips tossed in     The perfect accompaniment to your roasted
    butter and garnished with fresh herbs.                    turkey and giblet gravy.
                                              The Home-Cooked Answer
                                               to Holiday Entertaining!

                   Order Form                                Customer Information
Complete Turkey Dinner:                              Name:
                            $195 each x   =
                                                     Telephone Number:
Choose 2 of the following per dinner:
                                                     Email Address:
  Traditional Pumpkin Pie
                                                     Pick up Time:
  Granny Smith Apple Pie
  Southern Pecan Pie
  Sweet Potato Pie                                   Payment Options (For Office Use Only)
Choose 1 Salad Dressing per dinner:
  Peach Pecan Vinaigrette                            Check Number:

  Italian Vinaigrette                                Cash:
  Peppercorn Ranch Dressing                          Paid Date:

Additional Sides available,                          Credit Card:
sold separately (Each will provide 10 servings):     Name on Card:
Turkey & Giblet Gravy             $60 x   =
                                                     Credit Card #
Giblet Gravy (Quart)              $14 x   =
                                                     Exp. Date:
Country Style Bread Stuffing      $20 x   =
Maple Walnut Sweet Potatoes       $22 x   =
                                                     Order Total (plus tax):
Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes        $20 x   =
                                                     Order Date:
Fall Vegetables in Butter & Herbs $22 x   =

Green Bean Casserole              $20 x   =              Orders must be placed no later than Monday,
                                                      November 24th. Orders will be available for pick up
Potato & Mushroom Gratin          $22 x   =            on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 27th.
Creamed Corn Gratin               $20 x   =

                                                       Call, Email or Fax your
Savory Bread Pudding              $22 x   =

Apple Cranberry Sauce (Quart)     $17 x   =

Field Greens Salad & 1 Dressing $20 x     =                order in today!
Rolls and Cornbread (Dozen)       $12 x   =

Traditional Pumpkin Pie           $16 x   =
                                                               Tel: 304.808.3000
Granny Smith Apple Pie            $16 x   =

Sweet Potato Pie                  $16 x   =

Southern Pecan Pie                $16 x   =                   Fax: 304-808-3001

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