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              Message from the Chair                                 New Committee Gets Underway

*     ood Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. I have the
                                                             $      new technology committee was developed ap-
                                                                   proximately two months ago and has since met
                                                             three times this summer. Currently they are busy re-
honour and privilege of being the newest Chair for the       viewing the policy as it relates to all things “techy”.
Barrie Literacy Council. It will be a big job to follow
Gary, but we have worked well together over the past         This committee is comprised of Ray Albright (Board
two years and will continue to do so going forward.          member and Council Tutor), Lucille Furtado (Chair
                                                             and Council tutor), Terra Dekkers-Ross (Council Tu-
The summer is usually a vacation time for most of us         tor), Vincent Noome (Volunteer), and Heidi Andres
and I hope you have had the opportunity to spend some        (Volunteer). Judy is acting as Staff Co-ordinator.
fun time with family and friends. In between vacation
times, the office staff, students and volunteers have been   The committee has already undertaken and developed
busy trying to raise funds, win contests and put on book/    an inventory of all computer hardware and is currently
computer depot events. The Road to Reading Festival          reviewing software licenses. Given the number of
will be here before we know it and that will be followed     computer issues experienced in the last few months, the
by registration for the Spelling Bee.                        timing couldn’t have been better to nail down security
                                                             and stability issues.
2010 is Olympic year in Canada. Like the Olympic ath-
letes, success does not come easy. Success is not an         The Committee also requested Staff deliver a wish list
individual accomplishment but a team effort. We may          (and grief list!) and a preliminary document has been
only see the skier or the skater as they perform but         produced. Now that we know our big wish of winning
behind every athlete there is a huge group of coaches,       the Technology Makeover isn’t coming true, this new
sponsors and supporters. Like an Olympic athlete,            committee has a large and complex task ahead of them.
behind every student who passes through our door there
are volunteers who give their time for events or to be a     Also being reviewed are things like telephone service,
tutor or a Board member. The office staff are there to       internet, copiers, printers, fax, cameras, projectors, AV
guide, arrange, promote and help each and every student      equipment, etc. Within the Barrie Literacy Council,
or volunteer as best as they can. It is due to the hard      technology will be used for the purpose of instructional
work and effort by our whole Barrie Literacy Council         support for tutors and students and administrative sup-
team that will make us better and more successful than       port.
we are today.
                                                             If you have a concern with any of the technology tools
I look forward to the next two years to work with this       at your disposal for assisting your students, please let
tremendous organization. We have celebrated thirty           Judy know and she will pass these along to the Com-
years this past June. Let's keep the ball rolling for the    mittee.
next thirty!
                                                             By the way, a new pencil sharpener has been installed

           Message from the Editor                           that works beautifully – the old fashioned, hand crank
      elcome to this edition of Newsbeat! I hope that                                                        Judy D.
      you have all had a wonderful summer and have
come back safe and sound from all of your adventures.

                                                                    Is anyone missing a pair of shoes?
It is wonderful to see so many student submissions in
this edition of Newsbeat. I thoroughly enjoyed reading             pair of brown sandal high heels was left at the
every single one of them as I am sure you will too!               registration table at the conference at Georgian
                                                             Suites in June. They are now at the office, but if no one
During the next few months, there are many upcoming          claims them, we will give them to Goodwill.
volunteer opportunities at the Council, please read all
about them in the following pages. Happy Reading and
I hope you enjoy this edition of Newsbeat!
                                         First-ever Christmas Bazaar

0     ake a note of the date: FRIDAY, November 6, 2009, from 9am to 2pm. That’s the date of our first annual
      Christmas sale, here at the office.

I do hope more people will offer to make “stuff”. I am especially hoping for a great bake sale. Homemade baking
sells very well.

I understand from those who have already volunteered to make things that they are working very hard.

All contributions need to be brought to the office by Thursday, November 5th at noon.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me.

Joan Rothon @ 436-2157

                                                Way To Go, Ray!
      he Council has been using an overhead projector for Tutor Training that depends on a knife to
      operate the broken switch...and Ray Albright (Technology Committee) has found another projector to replace
it! This is a great way to start our training workshops next month...Thanks, Ray!

                  HRQ\RXUJ RFHU VDW=HKU 

     In these difficult times, any advantage can be beneficial.
     Zehrs is proud to introduce the Advantage Card,
     designed to assist customers receiving Federal E.I.

     Register today to receive a maximum of $15.00 off your
     grocery bill!

     Spend $50 get $5 off!
     Spend $100 get $10 off!
     Spend $150 get $15 off!

     For eligibility, sign-up details and full program information customers can visit their local Zehrs
     store and pick-up a Zehrs Advantage pamphlet and visit our customer service department.
                            Book Sale and Electronic Waste Collection Event

7      his joint fundraiser with the Seasons Centre for Grieving Children took place on what has been the hottest
       day of the summer so far! It has been a busy few weeks preparing for the sale: sorting, labelling, and moving
all those books around! Fortunately, we had the use of Gary’s classroom. Thanks to all tutors, members, students
and staff who provided books and computer equipment. We had the event in our parking lot, right across from
Tim Hortons – catching the attention of a few early coffee drinkers!

The E-Waste portion of the event appeared to be very successful judging from the mounds of electronics col-
lected! These items will be recycled for further use or disposed of properly.

We received publicity in the newspapers, and on radio – the Town Crier even made an appearance!
While we only received a few hundred dollars, the event provided publicity but more importantly, a new student
now knows where he can come for help. And, we are spreading the wealth – a few boxes of books were donated
to Goodwill the day after the event.

Many thanks to staff and
students (Mary, Mike,
Ken and Randy) who
volunteered their time in
a hot, sunny parking lot!
Judy D.

Patricia Copeland
and Connie Morgan,
Executive Directors
of the Seasons Centre
for Grieving Children
and Barrie Literacy
      Students, Volunteers, Tutors
        Come to the BBQ!
          6 pm Thursday, September 24,

                Centennial Beach
                        (Lions Pavilion)

Guests: $3
Contributions of food appreciated (salad, dessert)
Date:      Sunday, September 20, 2009
Place:     Sunnidale Park, Barrie
Time:      10am to 2pm
           Volunteers Needed:
  •      Children’s Activities
  •      Registration Table
  •      Food Service
  •      Set-up and Clean-up
  •      Students’ Used Book Sale
  If you can help, please call the office (728-7323) or sign up on the sheets posted
  in the office.
                  Road to Reading “Fun Fair”

The Road to Reading Festival has down-sized because of limited
funding and no co-ordinator—hence, the change of name to “Fun
Fair”. The Simcoe County Preschool Speech and Language pro-
gram, the Barrie Public Library, the Early Years’ Literacy Coordina-
tors, including the Francophone and native programs, the Scottish
Rite Charitable Foundation Learning Centre as well as our Barrie
Literacy Council will provide a variety of reading, phonics and writing
activities to encourage family literacy.

Games such as Speed Scrabble, Boggle, Crazy Cards and Family
Big Games (Snakes and Ladders, Up 4 It, etc.) will be available.
Story-telling, pretending activities, crafts, reading circles, and rhyme
time games will be some of the activities provided. The Barrie
Literacy Council will run an ad hoc spelling bee and a used book
sale. Each child will be given a passport to have stamped when they
participate in a tent’s activities. Russ, the children’s singer, Bob Kain,
cartoonist, Fransi Andersson and Clifford will entertain throughout the

In order to make this kind of event successful, we need lots of volun-
teers. We need people to help run the children’s activities; we need
people to help serve food at lunchtime; we need a couple to give out
passports and goodie bags (including a free book); we also need
help with set-up and clean-up. If you could possibly give up two or
more hours on Sunday, September 20th, we would appreciate it.
Please sign up on the sheets posted at the office.

                                                   Student Writing

2                                                                     7
                            Hotel                                         The Inauguration of President Barack Obama
      n Monday, I saw a movie called “Hotel Rwanda”. The                   he year was late fall, 2008. The United States of Amer-
      movie was about the nightmare of Rwanda, an African                  ica elected their new president. It was not just any
nation in the grasp of a bloody slaughter. It gave me an              president they elected, but a black president. It made history
insight into the character of the soldier in the book                 and I said to myself, “I was part of this history.”
“Shattered”. It gave me a deepened understanding of what the
soldier actually lived through and why he ended up living on          On Tuesday January 20, 2009 I turned on my television at
the streets. The movie and the book really touched me.                11:30 a.m. They had the cannon shooting 44 cannon balls, as
                                                      Joanne H.       there were 43 presidents. At 12:00 p.m. on Capitol Hill,
                                                                      Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the

             Sunday Drive Over Mountain                               United States of America. How exciting! Part of the world
                                                                      was glued to their televisions, watching world history in the
   n the summertime when the weather is beautiful, we take a          making. I was part of this great and remarkable event.
   drive over the mountain. Going over the mountain, we
stop at the lookout for the most beautiful sight. To see where
                                                                      The site from Capitol Hill to Lincoln Memorial was full with
the clear blue water and the sky meet takes your breath away.
                                                                      millions of people. Around 11:45 a.m. they announced
Off we go again.
                                                                      Barack Obama as the new elected president of the United
                                                                      States of America. “Let’s sit now and enjoy history,” they
Our next stop would be for ice cream. Off the trail we go into
a small town. The sign would say “Best Ice Cream in Town”.
We would laugh because it was the only one in town! We get            I did not enjoy Minister Rick Warren’s speech. It sounded a
our ice cream and off we go again.
                                                                      little phony, and he was trying too hard. I got the impression
                                                                      he just wanted people to believe he approved of the new
Now we have arrived at our destination. The air is so clean
                                                                      president. Minister Rick Warren talks about freedom and
and grass is so green. We set our picnic lunch up. Kids just
                                                                      living in a country not of colour, religion and culture, but the
love it up here, playing and swimming in the river. Now we            freedom to vote for a black African American, a black
will begin to have our midday meal. For lunch I had prepared
                                                                      American who one day can become president of the United
cold ham, chicken, with coleslaw, potato salad, and apple pie         States of America, and that Martin Luther King would be
for dessert. A meal fit for a king. We spend about three hours
                                                                      very proud of this day.
there before we set off for our next destination, the Celtic
Lodge, a beautiful white house with lovely flowers all around         Aretha Franklin sang “My Country Tis of Thee”. I was not
and green grass. The lodge was very nice to look at! I wish
                                                                      too impressed with the song. She sang it differently than it
someday we could afford to spend a night, but it is more than         should have been sung.
our pockets can afford.
                                                                      Robert Bennett talked about the office, then they prayed.
Now around 7 pm it’s time to start home again, but we will
not make so many stops on our way back, but all in all we
                                                                      At 12:10 President Barack Obama said a remarkable 20 min-
just enjoyed a beautiful day over the mountain.                       ute speech.
                                                    Gloria F.
                                                                      Elizabeth Alexander read a poem. It was a very nice poem.

             Going Back to School at Forty
                                                                      Afterwards the navy sang the American national anthem.
    am excited to be in school today because I have Math
   class in the morning and English class in the afternoon. I         George Bush said goodbye. The Bush family, with his dad
am looking forward to Math class to learn more about frac-            and mom, all left and went aboard the president’s helicopter
tions. I did well on fractions and now I am working on deci-          for the last time. The Bush family went back to Texas.
mals. I did okay with them. My brain needs a break. Perfect
timing – it’s lunch! I sat outside with Cindy, Gloria and             The First Lady Michelle Obama was wearing a yellow dress
Justin for some sun and a breath of fresh air. Then it was time       and coat with silver trimming, very nice.
for English class with our teacher Marilyn. She started the
class with a spelling test, and we all looked puzzled. I think        It was said that there were 2,000,000 people in the square. I
we all wished we were still on lunch, but thank God, it was           was very happy that I’ve watched the inauguration of Presi-
break time again. I am learning something new every day.              dent Barack Obama, and was part of history.
                                                       Mike M.                                                   Rosa M. Annarilli

                                                     Student Writing

,                                                                      2
                     Lucky to be Alive                                                     First Date Surprise
   t was a dark and snowy, stormy night, and my first time                    ur first date was at a hockey game in Barrie, and the
   back to work after the Christmas Holiday. I was on my                      Barrie Colts and the Peterborough Petes were playing.
way home from work and it was snowing hard. The roads                  My new girlfriend and I had invited my younger brother and
were sloppy and slippery. I couldn’t see three feet in front           his wife to the game too. We had found our seats and through
of my face! I didn’t know what lane I was in so I drove                the first period of the game we had gone up for food and
down the middle of the highway to be safe. I was going                 drinks. My brother and I got the food and then he was in line
about eighty kilometers an hour.                                       for the fifty-fifty draw. I butted in front of him to buy my
                                                                       tickets. The woman who had sold us the tickets said, “The
I saw something on the highway but I couldn’t tell what it             numbers will be drawn in the third period of the game”.
was because it was snowing so badly. As I got closer it                The hockey game was very exciting, and the announcer
became bigger and I saw two eyes blinking. Before I could              called the ticket numbers out. I grabbed my tickets and
stop I saw it was a deer and I hit it hard. I heard and felt the       looked at the numbers and said. “Holy smokes, I won!” I
crash. I was scared and anxiety shot through my whole                  went to the ticket booth and handed the woman my ticket
body! Then everything was dark. No lights in front of me               with the winning numbers. She said you have won the fifty-
or in the car, and the tires felt like they were going to fall         fifty draw”. The woman handed me a stack of money and the
off.                                                                   amount was one thousand, four hundred dollars! I said to my-
                                                                       self, “What a first date”.
I kept driving and grabbed my cell phone. I called the po-                                                                     Mike M.
lice and they told me to pull the car over, so I did. The of-

ficer asked me where I was and I said, “I don’t know where                                       Baseball
I am”. All I could tell the officer was that I was on the 400
                                                                             aseball is one of summer’s traditions. When you get to
highway. Then my phone went dead. I was very scared.
                                                                             the game, before you sit down, you have to have peanuts
There I was on the side of the highway with a dead phone.
                                                                       and crackerjacks and they have to be hot. Then you look for
                                                                       your seat. When I sat down I was looking around to see the
Then I saw a vehicle with bright lights pull up behind me. I
                                                                       people there. There were thousands of people. When I looked
said to myself “I am saved!” Then a man walked up to my
                                                                       around, something put a smile on my face. There was a little
car and said, “Are you the person that called the police?”
                                                                       girl sitting with her dad. I remember when my father took me
And I said. “Yes.” Then the man hooked my car up to his
                                                                       to the game. She was screaming “you’re out”. She would say
tow truck and took me back home. He took my car to the
                                                                       “batter batter get him out”. There is something about sitting
garage to get it fixed. The mechanic phoned me and said
                                                                       out with the crowd and just screaming. The smells of popcorn
“Your car is a write off!” So I said, “Okay.” I phoned my
                                                                       popping and crackerjack in the air. Then I ask for a hot dog.
insurance company and told them that my car is a write off.
                                                                       That was the end of a good day. When I went home and went
The insurance company wrote me a check for a new car.
                                                                       to bed I dreamed about the baseball game.
                                                                                                                             Mary C.
While this misadventure was a learning experience, I

wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I realize how lucky I am to be
                                                                             o you have a story, poem, recipe, opinion on a hot topic
                                                   Mike M.
                                                                             or joke to share? Want to tell us about what you did
                                                                       during your summer vacation? Or maybe even give a book
                                                                       review? We want to hear from our students.

                                                                       We also want to hear from our tutors. How has being a tutor
                                                                       changed your life? What do you like the best about being a
                                                                       tutor? We would love to hear from you too.

                                                                       Please send in your stories to the Barrie Literacy Council so
                                                                       that they may be included in the next edition of
                                                                       Newsbeat not to mention be posted on our website too

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Welcome to New Tutors!
Welcome to new tutors who completed the spring workshops:
Doug Allen
Alice Bennett
Robert Brown
Mark Burrows
Lorraine Carney
Caroline Culshaw
Terra Dekker-Ross
Len Dunkley
Donna Goodwin
Linda Henderson
Erin Ingard
Keri Ireland
Jan Jeffrey
Kathy Koritko
Jane Lynch
Kim Meadows
Richard Pick
Ken Pickles
Deborah Scelo
Cory-Lynn Styles
Sally Sullivan
Tom Walsh

Thank you for help at the conference!
We would like to say a huge thank-you to all the volunteers who helped out at the provincial conference
held at Georgian College in June. Volunteers helped with registration, carrying luggage, driving the golf
carts, directing people to workshops and meals, decorating, set-up and clean-up. We received many
favourable comments from those who attended, especially the students. All in all, it was a most successful
conference, and this was due in large part to the friendliness and helpfulness of everyone. We would also
like to thank Innisbrook Golf Course who provided two golf carts free of charge for the whole weekend.
Without these, some of our tutors and students would have had a great deal of difficulty walking back and
forth from the residence. Finally, much credit should go to Joanne Prior who co-ordinated the whole
conference and dedicated many, many volunteer hours to ensure everything ran smoothly. Thanks,
Joanne and the following people who volunteered:

Bev Honchar         Mike Morgan         Karena Holgate       Randy Harradine
Gary Porter         Heide Smith         Marlene Clement      David Winter
Les Wheeler         Sandra Franke       Marilyn Davies       Vivian Ivey
Joan Rothon         Kelly McDonald      Mike Miron           Nigel Holgate
Doug Prior          Ken Faulkner        Martin Alleyne       Gary Campbell
Ingrid Denize       Ben Pardy
Small Group Start-up Dates

Gary’s class: starts Monday, Sept. 14th
Monday small group classes: start Monday, Sept. 14th
Tuesday small group classes: start Tuesday, Sept. 8th

Tutor Lunch 
Topic: Literacy and Health – Friday, October 23, 2009 at noon until 1:00 p.m.
Evening Supplementary Workshop – Topic: Math – Wednesday, November 18, 2009
                        #244-80 Bradford Street, Barrie, Ontario L4N 6S7
                      Ph (705) 728-7323 Email: barrie_literacy@on.aibn.com

                             Tutor Training Workshops
                                     FALL 2009

DAY: Starting September 10, 2009 – at Peoples Credit Union, 8034 Yonge Street Innisfil
                September 10 Thursday           9:30 am to 12:30 pm
                September 17 Thursday           9:30 am to 12:30 pm
                September 24 Thursday           9:30 am to 12:30 pm
                October 1     Thursday          9:30 am to 12:30 pm
                October 8     Thursday          9:30 am to 12:30 pm
                October 15    Thursday          9:30 am to 12:30 pm

EVENING: Starting September 30, 2009 – at Barrie Literacy Council Office
               September 30 Wednesday          7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
               October 3     Saturday          9:30 am to 3:30 pm
               October 7     Wednesday         7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
               October 14    Wednesday         7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
               October 21    Wednesday         7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
               October 28    Wednesday         7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

DAY: Starting October 29, 2009 – at Barrie Literacy Council Office

               October 29    Thursday          9:30 am to 12:30 pm
               November 5    Thursday          9:30 am to 12:30 pm
               November 12 Thursday            9:30 am to 12:30 pm
               November 19 Thursday            9:30 am to 12:30 pm
               November 26 Thursday            9:30 am to 12:30 pm
               December 3    Thursday          9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Volunteer application needs to be completed, and $15 to hold your spot. This
also covers your first year membership.

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