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computer by halimatunsadiah


									What Is The Importance
Of Computer In

Computers have become an integral part of day to day life. Since the advent of personal
and home computers, they have become an integral part of the education system.
Having computers as a part of ones education can prove very helpful. Being good in
studies and computers can secure better job prospects, in this age and time computer
knowledge is a must.

The computer networks these days have a powerful impact on the ways which
individuals, private organisations can communicate with each other.

This age is known as the era of IT business, where every application is linked with
computer technologies. The use of computers can make business transactions very
accurate, thus keeping a proper record of profit and loss. Computers play a very vital
role in education.
   1. It can manipulate almost of our things such as phones, tv, radio, etc. Which is
       very important to all of us
   2. It makes teach and learning easy
   4. It can facilitate teaching-learning process
   5. Explain the need for speed and accuracy in managing large amount of
       information is the reason computers are developed
   6. It can saves our important files and documents easier.
   7. It educates children on how to access information on the internet
   8. It helps in discovering new knowledge.
   9. it acts as learning aid
   10. it improves one language skills
   11. it acts as motivative tool for more learning
   12. I think computers help to learn more information than what we know ,and share
       ideas with others as we know the s.c latest news

The importance of the computer in education. Computer help us to make the homework
or help to search faster or easier. Now a day computer become the important thing in
our lives

Computer is an indispensable appliance that every person always bases on it. It also
help for business to use computer. You see nowsday it is information technology
business. Especially, people usually use computer for daily life from day to day and
never feel bored about using it

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