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					                               USER’S GUIDE FOR
                              REFEREE DATABASE

Dear friend,

We have launched in 2009 the fifth version              While entering the      database please
of the FIVB Beach Volleyball Referee’s                  address your prior      attention to the
Database.                                               following issues:

André Trottier along with his team                         a) number of seasons at the WT
developed this new version. The new                           (including the participations before
design and the new features will make it                      being international / candidate
easier to navigate through the website and                    therefore while officiating as local
keep your profile up to date as you will                      referee);
easily identify as soon as you will jump                   b) number of seasons at the National
into the program.                                             Tour. Please make sure that this
                                                              information only addresses your
Obviously the continuous investigation of                     participation at Beach Volleyball
the coordinators and designers of the                         events organized at NF level (only
project has played a decisive role, but also                  from the moment the NF started
the ideas and feedback shared by some of                      with an organized National Tour);
you have been very important.                              c) the     amount     of     matches    /
                                                              participations at the various
This project is in constant progress and                      different areas of involvement
development while the project team keeps                      (please be aware that these fields
working not only in improving but also in                     are now differently structured);
creating new functionalities. They are                     d) the number of participations /
doing an outstanding job, they have                           matches at the FIVB WT, please
definitely proved that this is a great tool,                  make sure that you will manually
and they deserve a bigger commitment                          and directly introduce all your data.
from all of you.                                              It is your responsibility to keep your
                                                              history up to date;
                                                           e) on this particular area, with regards
In fact, and this is my key message at this
                                                              to any participation at double
introduction, we want to see a more
                                                              gender events (Olympics, World
committed attitude towards the database
                                                              Championships, etc) please count
project from everyone. The way each one
                                                              these as one only participation, not
of you cooperates by keeping you’re own
                                                              two. As an example, it is inaccurate
data accurate and up to date, is a relevant
                                                              the information of any referee who
factor for us.
                                                              counts two participations while
                                                              being present at one only edition of
                                                              the Olympic Games.
Wishing you a successful 2009 season,

my best Regards,

José Casanova
FIVB Refereeing Commissioner

           2009 FIVB Beach Volleyball Refereeing Delegate’s Manual – Appendix 17
                                               Page 1
                                USER’S GUIDE FOR
                               REFEREE DATABASE

The new design and the new features will                 To get the right to access the database
make it easier to navigate through the                   you will first have to update your profile as
website and keep your profile up to date.                the warning tells you on the top of the
In order to access the Database please                   page. Please take your time to fill in the
use the link:                      blanks. The arrows               indicate which
                                                         boxes are mandatory to be able to save
Once the site is loaded you will see the                 your details and get access. However,
“home” page with the welcome message:                    take the time to fill out all the blanks.
                                                         In order that your age will be shown
                                                         correctly in the bios you will have to use
                                                         exactly this specific format:
                                               , i.e. 25.10.1955, 03.01.1970,
                                                         Once you have filled in all the necessary
                                                         details you can then click on the

                                                                   button which is situated at the
                                                         bottom of the page. If you did not forget
                                                         anything    mandatory      you     will be
                                                         automatically directed to your profile.
On the top of the page you will find a user-
friendly bar with the login tab. Or you can
scroll down and find a login section on the
first page.

                                                         The first task we want you to perform is to
To log into the database you will have to                change your password. To do so you will
fill out the User Name box and the
Password box with your access details                    have to click on the                   icon.
you got by e-mail. Now, if you click on the              You will then have to enter your current
                                                         password and then choose a new
           button you will proceed to your
                                                         password composed of at least seven (7)
profile. If you forgot your password you
                                                         alphanumeric characters. Please write the
can either retrieve it by your own by
                                                         new password down because the login will
clicking on                  just below or by            be blocked after you have entered the
filling out the assistance box on the left.              password incorrectly for the fifth time. To
Once you have entered your correct User                  save the modification, click on the
Name and Password you will see your
profile page.                                                               icon at the bottom.

           2009 FIVB Beach Volleyball Refereeing Delegate’s Manual – Appendix 17
                                                Page 2
                               USER’S GUIDE FOR
                              REFEREE DATABASE

On the left hand side you will find your                An important feature you will use
picture, your personal FIVB Information,                throughout the whole season is the Bios
your Evaluations history, the box to create             section which is situated on the left side
and update your Bios and finally some                   under your picture and the Evaluation
links. At the bottom of this page you can               history.
see all reports of the tournaments you
have officiated (from 2004 onwards). By
clicking on the PDF icon      on the left of
the event date you can easily open the
report and save it on your computer.

                                                        After updating your details it is necessary
                                                        to click on the                    button in
                                                        order to get the most recent bios form. The
                                                        form will be saved directly and will
To complete your details you should now                 overwrite the old form. If you want to show
update your FIVB Data and enter your                    and save the bios form just click on the
most important matches by clicking on the               pdf-icon next to the date of the last
                  button. The web browser               update.
will now show you the profile page where
                                                        Now that your profile is up to date you can
you will have to scroll down until you find
                                                        look at the profiles and details of the other
the FIVB Admin section.
                                                        registered    FIVB      Beach      Volleyball
                                                        Referees. As you might have seen there is
                                                        a bar on top of the page with five Tabs to
                                                        make the navigation quick and easy.

                                                        There is also a navigation bar at the
Once you have found the blank boxes,                    bottom of the website making it very easy
enter your three important matches and                  to change Tabs at all time.
proceed to the bottom of the page where

you will have to click on the         icon
to save your changing. To input your three
most important matches please use the                   By clicking on the Referees          tab   a
following format in order to have                       searching tool will appear.
consistency among all referees:
Event name, city and year – then the
gender and the match.
For example:

After you have saved your changing you                  Next to the box you can see the various
will see your updated and completed                     criterions you can look for. As soon as you
profile. If everything worked out so far you            are typing the program will instantly start
now know how to change your profile                     to search.
details anytime you want by doing the
same steps.

           2009 FIVB Beach Volleyball Refereeing Delegate’s Manual – Appendix 17
                                               Page 3
                               USER’S GUIDE FOR
                              REFEREE DATABASE

With this tool you can also look for the                Last but not least you should never forget
FIVB Referee Delegates. Or you can                      to log out when you leave the database.
switch to the Delegates tab where you can               The database contains confidential details
find all Delegates and contact details.                 and should at no time be accessible for
                                                        outsider. For this reason you should
                                                        always click on the Logout button next to
                                                        your username in the top bar.

                                                        We hope this guide will help you to
                                                        navigate and explore the 2009 version of
                                                        the Database.

                                                        The project team.

By clicking on the Project team bar you will
find a brief history about the FIVB BVB
Referee Database and its development.
Furthermore, the site presents the actual
project team and its members. On the left
side of the page you can contact us and
give us feedback by using the feedback

           2009 FIVB Beach Volleyball Refereeing Delegate’s Manual – Appendix 17
                                               Page 4

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