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					                                       LTD-13 Referee Instructions

Dear Reviewer,
Thank you for your service as a LTD-13 manuscript referee. The high quality of the LTD conference
proceedings depends on your thoughtful and careful review of your assigned manuscript(s) and we sincerely
appreciated your participation in this role. We have made an effort to avoid conflicts of interest in the
reviewing process, so let us know at immediately if we have
assigned you as a referee to a paper where you feel a conflict of interest may apply.
                                 Manuscript Review and Upload Details
1) Please note that all review materials uploaded to the LTD-13 website will be seen directly by the
   manuscript authors. Any comments you do not want shared with the authors should not be posted
   to     the      abstract    management        website       but,    instead,    be      emailed     to In your review materials (this form and any other
   supplementary documents detailing your referee report), please be courteous and constructive. It is
   possible that the paper you are reviewing is a first-time submission by a graduate student or has been
   submitted by someone for whom English is not their native language. Please do not use derogatory
2) Again, all materials uploaded will be seen directly by the manuscript authors. In your comments, please
   be careful to not identify yourself personally in your review, nor use references that can be used to
   identify you.
3) To begin, download the manuscript or manuscripts you are asked to review by the following procedure:
            a. Go to or follow the links from the main LTD-13 website to
               get to the abstract/manuscript management system (Indico).
            b. Login using your username and
               password for the account you have
               created previously. The “login”
               link is in the top right corner of the
            c. Click on “Manuscripts & Slides”
               from the links on the left side of
               the screen.
            d. All conference contributions to
               which you have access are listed.
               Click on the title of the manuscript
               you wish to download.
            e. Will see a window that looks
               similar to the screenshot shown to
               the right. Click either of the
               “manage material” buttons to get a
               list of available files.
            f.   Click on the PDF file of the manuscript. Please make note of the Contribution ID
                 number displayed prominently on the page listing the files (shown in the figure on the
                 next page). You will need to enter this ID on the Referee Report form.
4) All review materials will be submitted electronically. You are asked to provide, at minimum, a
   completed Referee Report form for each manuscript you review. The Referee Report may be
    downloaded from the LTD-13 website at This Report is in the form of a
    “fillable” PDF form that may be edited and saved using many available free PDF viewers, such as
    Acrobat Reader (versions 8 and 9) or Preview (Macintosh only). Please provide your comments in
    this form and save a copy to upload to the conference website, as described in #6 below.
5) It is likely you will desire to mark up the manuscript itself. If so, we ask you to comment or annotate the
   PDF and upload your annotated version. This can be done in a number of ways, for example:
              a. Use a PDF editor such as (commercial) Adobe Acrobat.
              b. Use a free PDF annotator such as Foxit Reader (version 3.0, Windows) or Preview
              c. Print the manuscript, annotate it by hand, and scan the annotated manuscript back to an
                 image file or PDF to be uploaded to the conference website.
6) Upload your referee report and any
   other review material by following
   these steps:
              a. To        access      the
                 contribution to which to
                 wish to upload your
                 referee files, repeat the
                 instructions given in #3
              b. You will see a page that
                 looks similar to that
                 shown to the right.
              c. If you are being asked to
                 review more than one
                 manuscript,         please
                 ensure that you are
                 uploading the proper review to the correct contribution (the contribution ID is noted at
                 the top of the page, as shown in the figure).
              d. When you upload your referee reports and any other referee material, please be sure to
                 choose “Referee Reports” as the type of the files. This ensures referee anonymity and
                 that your files are accessible to the author and editor alone, and not to other referees.

If you require any material removed from the contribution, please email Marcia Keating for assistance.

             Again, thank you very much for your role in the LTD publication review process.


The LTD-13 Local Organizing Committee

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