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									               ANU College of Business and Economics

                             Postgraduate Coursework Application
                                Master of Business Administration (7810)
                                    Master of Management (7812)
                               Graduate Certificate in Management (6860)
 Lodge one copy of this application by      Commencement
 mail to:
                                            Graduate Certificate in Management:          February and July
 University Admissions                      Master of Management:                        February and July
 The Australian National University         Master of Business Administration:           February and July
 Pauline Griffin Building (#11)

 Closing dates for applications                                                   Office use only
 Commencing February                                                                     D   D M            M      Y    Y
 Domestic Students – 17 December                                   Date Acknowledged:
 International Students – 14 November
 Commencing July
 Domestic Students – 30 June                                       University     U
 International Students – 31 May                                      ID

 Application fee – AUD100 – required for international applicants only

       Bank draft of AUD100 attached                                              NOTE: Please make cheques, money
                                                                                  orders or bank drafts in Australian
                                                                                  Dollars, payable to “The Australian
                                                                                  National University”
        Credit card payment of AUD100 authorised below

       Visa               Mastercard


Expiry date (month/year)

                                                                                             OFFICE USE ONLY

Cardholder’s name:          _____________________________________________

Cardholder’s Signature:     _____________________________________________
                                               ANU CRICOS Provider No. 00120C
 Program of study

   Preference                               Program Name                                        Program         Specialised Stream
                                (eg. Master of Business Administration)                          Code               (if known)


 Expected Commencement year and session:

 Starting in Year:                  2         0

 (Tick one session)                    Summer (February)                Winter (July)

 Mode of study (Tick one):              Full-time                       Part-time

 Have you previously been enrolled as a student at this University?

        Yes                         No

 If yes, please give your Student Number:             u

Personal details

Title: Dr / Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms / Other
Family name:                                                             Date of birth: (day/month/year)        /      /
Given names:                                                                  Male           Female
Mailing address:
City:                                                                    State/Province:
Postcode:                                                                Country if outside Australia:
Previous family name (if any):
Permanent mailing address:                                               State:
Country if outside Australia:                                            Postcode:
Telephone work: (       )                                                Home: (         )
Mobile:                                                                  Facsimile work: (        )
Email address:

Residential status

Are you an Australian citizen?          Yes          No
If you were born outside Austalia, the date of your first arrival:        /         /        (day/month/year)
(If you arrived in Australia more than 10 years ago, please indicate the year of arrival only)

Do you have permanent resident status in Australia:            Yes        No (If yes please provide evidence)
Country of Citizenship (if not Australia):
Country of Birth (if born outside Australia):

Have you applied for permanent resident status in Australia?                  Yes        No
if yes, please list date applied:       /     /       (day/month/year)
Country of permanent residence/citizenship:
                                                          ANU CRICOS Provider No. 00120C
Current/previous studies undertaken since leaving school (ANU students must list studies at
ANU and any other institutions.)

                                                                                             Language of
      Qualification          Institution       Grade of result        Years attended          instruction        Year completed

                                                                    Y    Y     -   Y     Y                   Y       Y   Y    Y

Employment history (please provide details of your current or most recent position)

Period from:                                                To:
Employer:                                                   Position/title:
Description of duties/responsibilities:
Base salary (optional)                                      Total remuneration package (optional):

Please attach your curriculum vitae, detailing employment history including employer names, positions held, duration of
employment, and a brief description of duties and responsibilities. Also include any scholarly achievements, membership of
professional bodies, and extracurricular activities (sports, interests, etc.)

English proficiency

If your first degree was studied in a language other than English, the University requires evidence of
English proficiency (ie IELTS or TOEFL). Note that candidates from some countries are required to undertake
a language test as part of the student visa requirements. To check whether this requirement
applies to you please visit

Language/s spoken and degree of fluency:_________________________________________________

IELTS (entry requirement is 6.5 with no individual band lower than 6)
   Reading               Writing                Listening                     Speaking             Overall Band

TOEFL (entry requirement is 230 computer-based or 570 paper based, and TWE/Essay 4.5)
   Section 1             Section 2              Section 3                     TWE/Essay            Total Score

Test date (day/month/year):          /     /

                                                    ANU CRICOS Provider No. 00120C

Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT)*
     Verbal   % Below     Quantitative Score       % Below     Total Score    % Below    Analytical Writing   % Below

Test date (day/month/year):         /          /               Registration No:
* The GMAT test is not compulsory for admission to NGSM programs, however a strong GMAT score may assist in gaining
admission. If you wish GMAT results to be taken into account you must provide an original or notarized copy of your
GMAT test result.

Finance for study

Are you applying for any scholarship (non NGSM funded) or sponsorship?             Yes    No
If yes please provide details:

Additional attachments

Candidates are required to answer the following questions. If possible, please supply your responses as typed single sided
sheets. Please give careful thought to your answers to the questions. As a guide, your response to each question should
be between 100 and 500 words long.

1.       Describe your present duties and responsibilities.
2.       Please indicate in which particular way your employment experience has contributed to your suitability for the
3.       What are your long-term objectives and how will a degree from the ANU help you achieve them?
4.       What do you wish to be doing in five years time in your professional life?
5.       Discuss a difficult work situation you have faced, how it was resolved, and what you learned from the experience.

How did you learn about ANU? (Please tick  relevant box/es.)

 List of Options                                                     (Please provide details.)
                           Australian Diplomatic Mission
                             Australian Education Centre
                        Student or alumni of ANU/NGSM
                                    College or university
                                        Education exhibition
                     International Education Office (IEO)
          Friend/relative familiar with Canberra/Australia
                 Newspaper or magazine advertisement
                                    Visit to ANU campus
                            ANU academic staff member
                                          The ANU website
                                        The NGSM website

                                                       ANU CRICOS Provider No. 00120C

The ANU College of Business and Economics requires that candidates submit two confidential referees’ reports, using the
Referee Forms available at following url: . At least one referee
should have knowledge of your work experience and managerial aptitude, ie, employer or supervisor – past or present.
Please note that the ANU College of Business and Economics may wish to consult with your referees directly.

First referee name:
City/Suburb:                                     Postcode:
Telephone: (      )                                              Email:
Relation to Applicant:

Second referee name:
City/Suburb:                                     Postcode:
Telephone: (      )                                              Email:
Relation to Applicant:

The Referee Reports can be returned directly from the referee to:

                  The Admissions Manager
                  ANU College of Business and Economics
                  Sir Roland Wilson Building (#120)
                  ANU ACT 0200

Or, in a sealed envelope with candidate’s application.


To be signed by the applicant.
     I certify that I have read and understood the questions on this form and that the answers are true and correct. I
        understand that the University may vary or cancel any decision made on the basis of incorrect or incomplete
        information provided by me or my referees. If any information is discovered to be untrue or misleading in any
        respect I consent to the University collecting, storing and disclosing this information to the Australian Vice-
        Chancellor’s Committee (AVCC) and AVCC member institutions, the Australasian Conference of Tertiary
        Admissions Centres (ACTAC), and any other relevant authority.
     I have personally written the answers and they are in my own words.
     I authorise the University to obtain official records from any institution I have attended.
     I understand that I am responsible for payment of all tuition fees by the due dates and for my living expenses
        unless I have been awarded a scholarship or sponsorship, which covers these costs.
     I understand that international students are who are made an offer of admission will be required to provide
        passport details upon acceptance of offer.

Signed:                                                  Date:

                                                   ANU CRICOS Provider No. 00120C
Please ensure that you have:

   Completed the entire application form and attached and additional sheets used;

   Attached a certified or notarised graduation certificate and transcript of your academic records detailing all
   subjects undertaken, with results;

   Included photocopies that are correctly certified;

   Attached your curriculum vitae;

   Attached two sealed referee reports or have your referee’s organise to submit directly to the NGSM;

   Attached original or certified copy of IELTS or TOEFL results, and GMAT if desired;

   Attached a certified copy of evidence of your citizenship, eg birth certificate, passport.

Please note that incomplete applications may encounter delays.

 Returning the application form

 Please return this application form and supporting documentation to:
 University Admissions
 The Australian National University
 Pauline Griffin Building (#11)

 What happens next

      Once complete, your application will be assessed for admission.
      If we require additional information you will be notified.
      You will be notified by mail of the outcome of your application.
 If you have any questions concerning your application, please contact:

 ANU College of Business and Economics
 Telephone: +61 2 6125 9830 or +61 2 6125 8865
 Facsimilie: +612 6125 4895

                                                    ANU CRICOS Provider No. 00120C

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