Open Thank You Letter by tyndale


									Open Thank You Letter

Dear Martha Diaz, Executive Director & Hip Hop Association, Inc.:

G.A.ME & I want to thank you for your overwhelming support over the last few years. Without your big -
sisterly love the struggle that G.A.ME has waged would have been nearly impossible to complete.
From your fiscal sponsorship of G.A.ME to your helpful recommendations and led-collaborations, and
your commitment to open and honest discussions G.A.ME has learned to abandon its training wheels!
So often in the world when you are striving to assist others it may seem almost as if no one is trying to
help you accomplish just that. We feel indebted to your kindness, which has been evident from the

I know at times, with G.A.ME on its road to development like a younger sibling struggling to grow, we
may have exhibited signs of selfishness. It may have seemed at times that we expressed total
disregard for your assistance. Tell the truth. On the contrary, we appreciate Executive Directors,
leaders, regardless of titles, and the organizations that they run who set out to build Hip-Hop or
whatever by developing those around them. You are at the pinnacle of that group.

It cannot be overlooked when individuals and organizations reach out to one-another in hopes that
they may distribute their teachings and successes and failures so that it benefits others. That type of
unselfishness is commendable. When we attempted to award you with our award for great women
some years ago, you suggested we bestow it upon someone else. It was not in your interest to
disrespect us, but to shine light on someone else who had not received any recognition. This was
another indication of your righteous mission to assist Hip-Hop organizations and our people of color.
That was easy to see. You continued to struggle to help us in all our endeavors. We did thank you
already, though, right?

We just wanted to say thank you and we love you big sister. Although, it may have been difficult on
your resources and your wonderful staff we appreciate your efforts, most definitely Rolando Brown!
This letter is to thank you in as much as it is to ask people in the movement to look out and also be
grateful. We never forget a friend and comrade. Thanks for looking out. Oh, we got our not-for-profit
501c3 status! Thanks for that inroad!


Omowale Adewale, Executive Director
and Grassroots Artists MovEment (G.A.ME), Inc.

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