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					                      TO:          ACADEMIC SENATE
                      FROM:        EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
                                   RECORDING SECRETARY
                      SUBJECT:     APPROVAL OF MINUTES

                            RECOMMENDATION NO. 1

It is recommended that the minutes from the following meeting of the Santa Monica
College Academic Senate be approved as distributed:

              Minutes of the May 2, 2006, Academic Senate Meeting

Present: Brenda Antrim, Garen Baghdasarian, Teri Bernstein, Greg Brookins, Nate
Brown, Alan Buckley, Ken Buckner, Patricia Burson, Ann Carroll, Andrew Nestler (for
Katarina Cerovic), Fran Chandler, Mary Colavito, Tim Cramer, Guido Davis Del
Piccolo, Judith Douglas, Tina Feiger, Gilda Feldman, David Finkel, Kathy Flynn,
Makiko Fujiwara-Skroba, Ethan Gallogly, Peter Geltner, Martin Goldstein, Nancy
Grass Hemmert, Craig Hammond, Nancy Hanson, Janie Jones, Amber Katherine,
Lesley Kawaguchi, John Kennedy, Lucy Kluckhohn Jones, Deborah Kraut (for Josh
Kanin), Peter Morse, Eric Oifer, Jim Pacchioli, Pauli Peter, Sue Ann Pinner, Toni
Randall, Audrey Sandoval, Christine Schultz, Jaqueline Scott, Lantz Simpson, Linda
Sinclair, Eleanor Singleton, Heather Smith, James Stramel, Michael Strathearn,
Susan Sterr, Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein, Esau Tovar, David Zehr.

Excused: Marilyn Adler, Jan Austin, Suzanne Borghei, Laura Manson, Vicki Rothman.
Absent: Dennis Frisch, Ventris Woods, Kym McBride, Cassandrea Patillo, Jo Kidd,
April Mizuki, Chunghi Yu, John Henderson, Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri, Robert Taylor, Marc
Trujillo, Helen LeDonne, Maria Alvarado, Diane Gross, Cary Childress, Suellen Gauld,
Georgia Farber, Terry Green, Juan Quevedo, Bob Ware, Christine Hart.

         I.    Call to Order
                1.    Chair Tahvildaran-Jesswein declared a quorum at 11:20 a.m.
        II.    Public Comments: None.
       III.    Action Items:
                1.    Approve of Minutes for April 18, 2006.
                            The Minutes were accepted as distributed without
                2.    Plus/Minus Grading Referendum (Question Adoption), Alan
                      Buckley, Plus/Minus Grading Ad Hoc Committee.
                            From the Executive Committee, the proposed
                             Referendum language is: "Are you in favor of Santa
                             Monica College adopting a plus/minus grading system?"
                  M/S (Sterr/Randall), to substitute the following
                   language: "Should Santa Monica College convert to a
                   plus/minus grading system?" Substitute language
                   approved unanimously.
                  M/S (Randall/Buckner) that the Referendum should
                   include a message describing the process that will be
                   used to implement the Referendum results. Approved
                  The Referendum was approved unanimously.
        3.  AR 4353 (Second Reading), "Adjustment of Graduation
            Requirements for Students with Disabilities, Esau Tovar,
            Student Affairs. Approved unanimously.
        4.  AR 3211.3, 3215, 3230 (Second Reading), "Department Chair
            Elections and Sabbaticals," Peter Geltner, Elections and Rules.
            Approved unanimously.
        5.  AR 4412 (First Reading), "Honor Code and Honor Council," Esau
            Tovar, Student Affairs.
                  M/S (Katherine/Gallogly) to delay a vote until a campus
                   forum can be convened to discuss the matter. Motion
                   failed on a voice vote.
                  The first reading was approved by a voice vote.
IV.   Information Items
        1.  President's Report, Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein
                a. SLO Task Force Retreat, May 12, 2006. The meeting for
                   May 12 has been postponed.
                b. Dr. Tsang's Senate Visit, May 9, 2006.
                c. Report on ASCCC Plenary Session. The so-called "60%-
                   80% Resolution" was defeated at the Plenary Session.
                   Lesley Kawaguchi was elected Area C Representative.
                d. Student Evaluations. Forms for the pilot project on new
                   evaluations have been received. There are sufficient
                   forms for 100 or more faculty to participate.
                e. Senate Visit with Compton College. Compton College
                   faculty have asked SMC Academic Senate leaders to
                   consider extending SMC's accreditation to Compton's
                   Summer 2006 academic offerings. The president has
                   asked the following leaders to accompany him to a
                   meeting with Compton leaders on Thursday, May 4:
                   Lantz Simpson, F.A. president; Mitra Moassessi, F.A.
                   chief negotiator; Patricia Burson, Program Review;
                   David Zehr, Curriculum; Christine Schultz, Chairs;
                   Lesley Kawaguchi, immediate past-president; and Teri
                          M/S (Antrim/Strathearn) to authorize this
                           leadership group to commence discussions with
                           Compton College regarding its initiative.
                           Approved unanimously.
V.    Old Business Discussion
        1.  Senate Standing Committees' Scope and Functions
                0. Finance
                1. Program Review
                                 M/S (Katherin/Sinclair). Approved by a vote of 40
                                  yes, 0 no.
              2.   Interdisciplinary Studies Ad Hoc Committee Report and
                   Presentation, Guido Davis-Del Piccolo, Chair
      VI.    New Business Discussion: None.
      VII.   Announcements
              1.   Sue Ann Pinner will present Fataneh Eghbali in Concert on
                   Sunday, May 14, 2006, at 4 p.m.
              2.   A presentation entitled, "Asian/Pacific Islander Celebration:
                   Virtually Exploring Southern California Asian Americana," will be
                   made on Friday, May 5, 2006, at 7 p.m., in the Concert Hall.
     VIII.   Adjournment
              1.   M/S (Antrim/Zehr) to adjourn at 12:33 p.m. Approved

Approved May 16, 2006.