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					               Minutes of the Student Senate of Oberlin College, March 8, 2009

Senators present
Leah Pine (facilitating)
Alix Siminson
Luke Squire
Reshard el-Shair
Kalan Sherrard
Brett Foreman
Kwame Webster (left early 8:30)
Jon Harmatz
Justin Brogden
Jules Brouillet
Shannon Ikebe
Matt Presto
Ben Klebanoff

Others present
Andrew Watiker
Dean Shozo Kawagucci

Check In
7:06 Senators check in

Agenda and Minutes
7:17 Agenda and minutes approved

Outside Business
Transportation Questions
7:17 Andrew Watiker presents to Senate petitions demanding that questions be put on the
referendum regarding parking and transportation issues (attached). Andrew Watiker explained
the purpose of questions surrounding parking lots: that there is student commitment to not bring
cars on campus, and take on other actions that will prevent construction of parking lots. Shannon
Ikebe explained that the other questions that deal with improving service of LCT. Luke Squire
asked whether there was any collaboration in the development of these questions with Sandra
Hodge’s office—AW says there was none. Andrew Watiker also clarified that these questions
were not meant to implement immediate policies but just work to measure student support. It
was mentioned that these questions could be incorporated into buy survey.

Working Groups
7:27 Reshard el-Shair reported that questions will be online so Senators can work on wording of
the questions in a Google document. He hoped that the Senate could approve the topics for the
referendum later in the meeting.
Office of Student Health
 7:29 Ben Klebanoff reported that he received a letter from Marilyn Hamel outlining that the
office is working to meet some of the expectations set forward in the previous meeting. The
office is adjusting their walk in hours, and is working to provide more information on their
website. Ben Klebanoff reported that he will try to schedule a meeting this week.

Town Gown
7:29 Jules Brouillet reported that he drafted bylaws of the City Liaison officer positions, which
he presented to senate later in the meeting. He also reported that he will schedule a meeting and
publicize some upcoming town meetings and events.

Student Senate Speaker Series
7:30 Alix Siminson reported that the Student Senate Speaker Series working group met this week
and worked on more outlining more of their allocation processes. The group will be hearing two
proposals this week, and will hopefully be meeting this week so that Senate can approve an
allocation of this fund.

Text Books
7:31 Jules Brouillet reported that the working group met, and is working on a resolution that he
will hopefully get faculty support for, regarding purchasing textbooks. He reported that group
will be meeting again this week.

7:32 Shozo Kawagucci reported that new senators need to come to him to get information so
they can get paid, if they choose to receive pay. Also reported that senators from last semester
should adjust hours so they get paid at the prevailing minimum wage.

SFC officer position
7:34 Alix Siminson wanted to talk with members of the SFC, about her working on the
committee, and decided not to run for reelection for this position. She suggested will be
involved with transition of chairs. Reshard el-Shair nominated for the position. Reshard el-Shair
gave a candidate statement, and answered questions. Alix Siminson asked the Senate what her
role should be in the transition, and it was suggested by Jules Brouillet that she should be an
adviser to the new chair as to the functions and business of the committee, but should not run
7:38 Senate entered executive session.
7:46 Senate exited executive session. Reshard el-Shair elected as SFC chair.

Committee reappointments
7:47 Kalan Sherrard presented committee reappointment applications, for Ian Copeland for
Winter Term Committee. Proposal (1) by Leah Pine that Ian Copeland be appointed to Winter
Term Committee.
7:50 Voting, passed 13-0-0.

Committee Picks
7:51 Senators pick the following committees, as their committee picks:
Leah Pine—EPPC
Luke Squire—Calendar Committee
Alix Siminson—EPPC
Reshard el-Shair—Student Life Committee
Kalan Sherrard—EPPC
Brett Foreman—Transportation Committee
Kwame Webster—President’s Purchasing Committee
Jon Harmatz—Facitilies Aceebilites and Needs
Justin Brogden—Judicial Board
Jules Brouillet—JCSC
Shannon Ikebe—GFPC-SC
Matt Presto—President’s Purchasing Committee
Ben Klebanoff—Calendar Committee
8:03 Senators picks approved as slate through process suggestion.

Student Senate Speaker Series
8:04 Ben Klebanoff explained that the working group allocates recently aquired funds for a
speaker series to bring lectures to Oberlin that are in the general interest of Oberlin students.
Nominations taken for working group. Following senators nominated for six senate spots:
Luke Squire
Alix Siminson
Matt Presto
Kwame Webster
Shannon Ikebe
Brett Foreman
8:06 Candidates answered questions.
8:14 Proposal (2) by Leah Pine to approve nominees as slate. Voting, passed 12-0-1.

Fair trade chocolate
8:15 Shannon Ikebe presents statement (attached) for Senate approval, regarding Decafe’s
decision to stock a fair trade chocolate in Decafe. Proposal (3) by Shannon Ikebe to have Senate
adopt statement. Reshard el-Shair expresses support and admiration for this action. Ben
Klebanoff asked how this chocolate is different from the other chocolate brands. Shannon Ikebe
reported that this is the first time that a chocolate has been entirely fair trade, and that other
chocolates report to be organic or from ethical cacao farms, but that this is no guarantee that the
chocolate is actually fair trade. Voting, passed 13-0-0.

8:20 Ben Klebanoff presented charters, of Badminton, Capoiera, Quidditch, College Against
Cancer, Drivel, Medical Student Association, Multifaith Organization, Orthodox Christian
fellowship, and Sankofa’s Children Home.
8:24 Senators expressed that they were unable to read the charters due to a failure of the list
server, and feel that Senate should not approve charters that they didn’t read. Others also express
that Senate is often a rubber stamp in its process. Ben Klebanoff expressed agreement with
decision to table until Senate can look over charters, and outlined that bylaws prevent Senators
from considering a wide array of things when voting on a charter. Voting tabled until next week.

Socially Investment Responsible Working Group
8:34 Proposal (4) by Leah Pine to create a working group to establish the Socially Responsible
Investment Committee, and allow other students to participate. Senators expressed support for
this proposal.
8:36 Voting, passed 11-0-0.
8:36 Membership for the working group taken: Matt Presto (Chair), Luke Squire, Leah Pine,
Kalan Sherrard, Jon Harmatz, Shannon Ikebe, other students: Eric Wilhelm, Julie Haddad, Nina
Goepfert, Samuel Cassamos, Micol Issa, and Robin Beck.

Committee Positions
8:38 Proposal (5) by Leah Pine to adopt changes to the bylaws regarding committee coordinator
positions, committee picks, and committee appointments (attached). Senators express support.
8:46 Voting, 12-0-0, passed.
8:47 Proposal (6) by Leah Pine to have updated bylaws be on website, and that old bylaws be
taken off the website. Voting, 12-0-0, passed.

City Liaison Office Position
8:49 Proposal (7) by Jules B to adopt changes to the bylaws in city liaison officer positions. Luke
Squire expressed concern that the positions are currently written for the person occupying the
proposed position, and suggested that some of the proposed responsibilities overlap with other
responsibilities of some officer positions. Reshard el-Shair expressed some concerned about
what it means to be a liaison to churches in the Oberlin community. Others expressed concerns
regarding how vague the language of the proposal was. Voting on this proposal tabled until next
week, and language will be revised over that time. Jules Brouillet expressed how these positions
as currently described are much more detailed than the original proposal. It was suggested that a
future draft should reflect that goals should not be expressed in the bylaws.
9:14 Proposal (8) by Alix Siminson to make a working group to discuss these positions further.
Many Senators expressed support for the ideas expressed in the original proposal, but alos
emphasized that every member of the community might not be served by these officer positions,
and suggested that they might not work so well in their current form for future Senates. Kalan
Sherrard suggested this section of the bylaws could be more fluid from Senate to Senate.
9:25 Voting on (8) 9-1-1, passed. Membership taken: Jules Brouillet (chair), Luke Squire, Kalan
Sherrard, Matt Presto

Check-Out Proposal
9:27 Proposal (9) by LS (attached) that changes to bylaws for check-outs be adopted. Voting,
passed 12-0-0.


9:28 Reshard el-Shair presented topics for referendum. Topics presented: Outline of election
cycle, take officer positions out of constitution, take working groups out of constitution,
outlining how referendum is interpreted, disbandment of forum board, college’s provision of
bottled water, transportation issues, library operating hours, length of reading period, and
required winter term credits. Also presented questions that Senate received petitions on:
financial transparency, and transportation issues.
9:30 Proposal (10) by Leah Pine to approve topics as a slate. Topics discussed and clarified by
9:48 Topics removed from slate: Forum Board and Transportation. Voting on (10), passed 12-0-
9:50 Roll call votes on remain topics. Voting on forum board topic:
Leah Pine—Yes
Alix Siminson—Abstain
Luke Squire—Yes
Reshard el-Shair—Abstain
Kalan Sherrard—Abstain
Brett Foreman—Yes
Jon Harmatz—Yes
Justin Brogden—Yes
Jules Brouillet—Yes
Shannon Ikebe—Abstain
Matt Presto—Abstain
Ben Klebanoff—No
Failed 6-1-5, due to a lack of support
It was later noted that this proposal actually passed in accordance with the rules of the feminist
process. This question will be presented for the Oberlin students consideration on the next

Voting on transportaion Question regarding College provided shuttle service to Cleveland and
Elyria Amtrak stations:
Leah Pine—No
Alix Siminson—No
Luke Squire—Yes
Reshard el-Shair—Yes
Kalan Sherrard—Yes
Brett Foreman—Yes
Jon Harmatz—Yes
Justin Brogden—Yes
Jules Brouillet—No
Shannon Ikebe—Yes
Matt Presto—Yes
Ben Klebanoff—Yes
Passed, 9-3-0

9:57 Proposal (11) by Reshard el-Shair to allocate $50 from the Senate budget to upgrade
―survey monkey account‖ to conduct the referendum. Voting, passed 12-0-0.

Administrator meetings
10:00 Alix Siminson presented schedule of administrator meetings to Senate. Asked senate to
develop an agenda for upcoming meeting with Vice President for Finance Ron Watts meeting.
Tentative agenda: Update on the endowment and tuition costs, plan on the parking variance for
new dorm, investments, size of budget cuts and where money is getting cut from, construction
and renovation. Brief brainstorm of other administrators that Senate wants to meet with: John
Bucher. Other ideas will be emailed Alix Siminson.

Letter of concern submitted to Senate
10:07 Leah Pine outlined that she received a letter about Brett Foreman (attached). Letter may
be sent to the Review. Senators express concern regarding behavior of all Senators at
administrator meetings. Brett Foreman responded to concerns outlined in the letter, and
defended his actions. Alix Siminson suggested that Senators need to take individuals aside and
give feedback. Others suggested that trustee mentioned in letter also behaved inappropriately.
Others also suggested that identifying yourself in any forum as a Student Senator makes it so that
one is de facto representing the will of the Senate. Suggested that Brett Foreman write a
response to this issue for the next issue of the Review, and that Senate will have to reconsider
this issue if this letter is published in the Review.

10:42 Leah Pined mentioned that website is not up to date. Ben Klebanoff suggested that issues
with updating website are complex, due to nature of content management system. Reshard el-
Shair suggested making a Google site for Senate. Andrew Watiker testified that as former
Technology Manager that the website is hard to operate.

Retreat date
10:50 Jon Harmatz suggested that Senators submit times for a day that will work for a retreat.

10:51 Shannon Ikebe wanted input on draft of parking issue resolution. The resolution will ask
that the College ask for a parking variance in attempt to construct a new dorm, and encourages
students not to bring cars on campus. Luke Squire wondered whether Shannon Ikebe can
collaborate with Sandra Hodge, and wonders if the resolution can be worded more generally.
Ben Klebanoff suggested that statements which encourage students sounds pretty paternalistic
and that the larger current issue is not that students bring cars, but more of where students park.

Facilitator for next week—Alix Siminson

Check Outs
11:02 Senators check out:
Leah Pine—to continue to work on committee issues.
Alix Siminson—to help with SFC transition process, inform Ron Watts of agenda, and hold SFC
       charter meeting.
Luke Squire— to organize Forum board meeting, administrator meetings.
Reshard el-Shair—to learn processes of SFC, and launch referendum.
Kalan Sherrard—to learn more about Senate processes, will work on being less redundant, will
        continue to work on committee appointments.
Brett Foreman—to draft budget for Senate for next year, and will draft an survey amongst RA’s.
Jon Harmatz—hoped Senate can be more concise and hope Senate ends sooner, and will think
        about ways Senate can operate more efficently.
Justin Brogden—looked forward to Senate meetings this week.
Jules Brouillet—looked forward to Senate meetings.
Shannon Ikebe—looked forward to speaker series meetings.
Matt Presto—to meet with town gown working group, and the socially responsible investment
Ben Klebanoff—hoped to get charters through next week, and hold working group meetings.

Transportation questions for Referendum
   1. Would you be willing to pay a $10 fee to subsidize more accessible use of the LCT
      (Lorain County Transit) for students? For example: more frequent airport shuttle service,
      a possible Oberlin-specific shuttle loop (including Wal-Mart, IGA, etc.), newer LCT
      vehicles, and free travel on any LCT route when you present your student ID.
   2. Do you currently have a City Wheels account?
   3. If offered incentives, would you be willing to NOT bring a car to campus?
   4. Would you support a fee of $15 per semester on each term bill to fund a bike-sharing
      program? One condition of this program is that in order to utilize the program a student
      must waive their right to bring a car to campus.
   5. Would you support a lottery system to limit the number of student parking permits to
      575, the number of current student spots on campus?
   6. Would you buy parking permits if they were sold in a market-based cap-and-trade system
      for parking permits? Permits would have different price levels based on their location and
      a strict limit of sold permits would be enforced.

Check Out Proposal for Bylaws
To amend Article I, Section e, Part iv, Number 10 to read as follows:

10. Check-out – Senate then ends its meetings with check-outs. Senators have the option to
declare personal goals and tasks they plan to carry out for the upcoming week, to be recorded by
the Secretary in the minutes.

Committee Coordinator Revisions of the Oberlin College Student Senate Bylaws
I. Revision One: Article V Section a.x.
New Language:
Committee Coordinators
   1. There will be two Committee Coordinators: the Committee Liaison and the Appointment
      Coordinator. Each will have distinct sets of responsibilities, though they may choose to
      share and cooperate on tasks. Both Committee Coordinators will recommend
      appointments and removals to the Senate, and both will maintain a working database of
      student committee representatives that will be made public to the student body.
   2. The Appointment Coordinator solicits and coordinates appointment interviews and
      ensures that at least two senators will be present at each interview. Whenever possible,
      the Appointment Coordinator will arrange to fill vacancies on committees before they
   3. The Committee Liaison will monitor the attendance and activity of student members of
      working groups and of student members of faculty, administrative, and ad hoc
      committees. The Committee Liaison will present a report of student committee member
      activity once monthly at Senate plenary session, and make the reports public to the
      student body.

II. Revision Two: Article IX Section f
New Language (in bold):
The Appointment Coordinator shall arrange and coordinate interviews of candidates for
committee seats. Students may be interviewed and appointed as early as one semester in
advance of the beginning of their term. For example, a student may be appointed in the
Spring to fill a vacancy that will not appear until the following Fall. Senate may choose to
appoint a student for a term longer than one year.

Letter of concern

                                                                                   8 March 2009
To the Student Senate:

This semester's only student Trustee Forum was held this week. The Trustee forum is the time
when any student who wants can bring questions and concerns directly to Oberlin College's
Board of Trustees. The actions and tone of Student Senator Brett Foreman at this Forum were
particularly rude, and we wish to bring it to the attention to the entire Student Senate.

When Pete Sabo and Madeline Marvar were presenting to the Board of Trustees about the
current parking issues on campus, there was no need for Brett's rudely interjected comments in
front of the Board of Trustees. Many student groups on campus are working together on the
parking issue and the Trustees seemed to be very receptive to Pete and Madeline's concerns.
Brett started openly arguing with the students in the room and in front of the Trustees. Making
rude insinuations about the work of other students was uncalled for and unprofessional in that
setting. For him then to continue arguing with a Trustee in defense of parking on campus was,
simply put, shocking to witness. Most, if not all, students we have encountered on the issue of
parking are against the proposed parking lot. As a representative of the student body, Brett
should not be disparaging fellow students in front of the Board, nor should he be arguing with
the Board of Trustees in opposition to the sentiments clearly expressed by other students.

We are appalled at this behavior. As a student senator at a forum meant to let all of the student
body interact with the Board, it was unprofessional and immature for Foreman to act the way he
did. Whether or not a senator disagreed with the ideas presented, it is not appropriate to act in the
petulant way Foreman did, especially in front of the Board of Trustees.

It was shocking to witness this behavior by a supposed representative of the students to the
administration. Though most of the other Senators present had a better sense of how to
appropriately conduct themselves, this calls into question the fitness of Senator Foreman to
accurately represent Oberlin students.

Matt O'Connell
Peter Sabo
Ian Rhodewalt, candidate for Class Trustee
John Siddall
Eric Wilhelm

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