Referendum Procedures

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					Referendum Procedures:
Revised: October 25, 2006

Definitions and Terminology

Quorum shall constitute 60% of students living in each residence at McMaster

Chief Returning Officer (CRO)
The individual in charge of the referendum procedures. The CRO shall be the IRC

Eligible Voters
All persons residing in one of the 12 residence buildings at McMaster University

Polling Station
The location where an eligible voter may cast their ballot. Polling stations will be located
at the entrances of each of the 12 residences, and only the students residing within the
residence where the polling station is located may vote at that station

Lead Poll Clerk
The individual who will oversee the proceedings at a given polling station. This
individual may be an IRC Hall or Programming Representative or a member of the IRC

Poll Clerk
An individual who helps to collect ballots at a given polling station. This individual must
be an elected representative of the IRC, either a floor representative (FLIRC) or incoming
Hall or Programming Representative. All Poll Clerks must be trained prior to the date of
the referendum, as determined by the CRO.

Voters List
The list of individuals residing in the residence that a polling station is located in. The
building resident list shall serve as the official voters list for that polling station.

All students living in residence at McMaster University shall be eligible to vote in the
referendum. If quorum is met, the result shall form the position of the IRC on this matter.
Referendum Procedures

The Referendum shall run in similar fashion to the IRC Representative elections, with the
following exceptions/requirements:
     A minimum of one week prior to the referendum, posters shall be placed in all the
       residences as approved by the CRO detailing the date, time and subject of the
       referendum. Other details placed on the posters will be at the discretion of the
       CRO. All other forms of advertising for the referendum will be at the discretion of
       the CRO, and may include e-mail notification of the referendum (i.e. Resnote).
     The CRO shall be responsible for creating the ballots with wording in a neutral
     The CRO shall be responsible for creating a referendum information sheet, with
       wording in a neutral manner, available at all polling stations.
     Information sessions regarding the reason for the referendum will be held in both
       North and West Quad at least 3 days prior to the referendum. Date of the
       information session and content presented will be at the discretion of the CRO.
     A training session for FLIRCs and Incoming Reps interested in being Poll Clerks
       outlining the details of this position will be held on a date determined by the
     Polling stations will be open residence wide (for a minimum of 5 hours), whereby
       students can only vote in their assigned buildings. Time and date of the polling
       stations will be determined at an IRC Proper meeting.
     Should quorum not be reached within this 5 hour bracket, a polling station may
       choose to remain open for up to an additional 3 hours in order to reach quorum.
     Two people will sit at each polling station:
           o The first person must be either a IRC Hall or Programming Representative
               or a member of the IRC Core, and will be known as the lead poll clerk
           o The second person can be any of the above mentioned people, as well as
               any elected IRC member (which includes FLIRCs and Incoming
               Representatives). Should a FLIRC or Incoming Representative choose to
               be a poll clerk, they must attend the training session mentioned above.
     A copy of the list of students residing in the building where the polling station is
       situated will be provided to the lead poll clerk, and will serve as the voters list
     When each ballot is cast, the name of the person who has cast the ballot will be
       removed from the voters list
     Subsequently, the lead poll clerk, must initial the ballot prior to putting it in the
       ballot box.
     If a ballot is not initialed, this will constitute a spoiled ballot
     Immediately following the closing of each building’s polling station, the lead poll
       clerk must place all the ballots and the voters list in the IRC Office or destination
       determined by the CRO.
     The ballot count shall commence once all ballots have been collected by the CRO.
      The ballot count will be conducted by the CRO and the following individuals, as
       appointed by the CRO:
           o A member of the IRC Executive
           o A Hall or Programming Representative of the IRC
           o A Student at Large (which excludes FLIRCs and Incoming/Outgoing
      Once the results of the referendum have been determined, the CRO (IRC
       President) will provide a summary of results of the referendum to the Inter-
       Residence Council, Housing and Conference Services, and any other pertinent

    A general ballot should include the question of the referendum (see sample ballot
       below), with an appropriate space in which voters may indicate ‘yes’, ‘no’, or
    Spoiled Ballot: what constitutes a spoiled ballot has to be agreed upon by the
       CRO and the other individuals counting the ballots. Examples include any
       ambiguous marks, selection of more than one candidate, etc.
    All marked ballots are to be kept by the CRO for a minimum of one year.

Sample Ballot

                Residence Yearbook Referendum

A residence-wide yearbook was produced in each 2004-05 and 2005-06 on
an advance subscription basis for a purchase price of $30-$40.

The Inter-Residence Council has developed a proposal that would provide a
yearbook to each residence student for $15.50

Are you in favour of an increase to the IRC component of residence fees
of $15.50 to fund a residence-wide yearbook for all residence students?

                             YES                   _____

                             NO                    _____

                             ABSTAIN               _____