ASSOCIATED STUDENT GOVERNMENT

                                                 January 28th, 2008 (15th Meeting)

     I.     Call to Order
                  a.   Recognized Mr. Rick Cox, Dr. John Garrison, Coach Fox, Robert Doerr
                  b. Called to Order at 7:00 pm.

     II.    Pledge of Allegiance
                 a.    Lead by Senator Angel Durr

     III.   Roll Call
                 a.   Quorum met with 43 Senators present

     IV. Approval of Minutes
             a.    Minutes Approved

V.          Guest Speakers
                      A. Coach Fox- Women’s Basketball Head Coach
                              Started off 5-0
                              Thursday we play at 7:00 vs. SFA.
                              The game is on Fox Sports Southwest which will be the first time ever that the Women’s
                                 Basketball Game will be able to host a televised game.
                              We need you in the stands to help out the attendance.
                              I will be disappointed if we do not get at least 3,000-4,000 students.
                              We need school pride, like we have talked about.
                              Please come from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.
                              Wear a white shirt, for a white out!
                              Saturday is the only double header this year when the men and women’s teams play Sam
                      B. Robert Doerr. Former Student Body President
                               Ask yourself, “What are you doing here in ASG?”
                               Proud of Bobcat Build in 2003 and Safe Ride in 2002
                               Both of these events had a positive impact on Student Body.
                               It is an honor to be here to speak at your first meeting.
                               In 2003, we worked diligently on the Name Change to Texas State.
                               We began the session in 2002 and with a long story short we were able to change the name
                                from Southwest Texas to Texas State University without the help of the President.
                               We had one regent, who is still on the Board of Regents, who participated with the name
                               Football:
                                       o   I think this is the best thing since the name change for the future of Texas State.
                                       o   I don’t think it is going to change who we are necessarily, but it will change how
                                           people view us in terms of a “big” vs. “small” school.
                                       o   I see our peer schools as being Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor.
                                       o   Think about the admission standards for the FBS football schools, we hold those
                                           same standards.
                                       o   Praise Alexis and Reagan with their work on the referendum.
                                       o   I think that by passing this referendum it would advance us as a school.

     V.     Public Forum

     VI. President’s Report
               a. We always talk about tradition and legacy, and with Robert coming tonight proves just that. Robert changed the
                    name of the university and like he says, FBS is the next best thing.
               b. Rick and Robert are very supportive of moving from FCS to FBS.
                c.   More educated students can be the more knowledgeable they can be with their vote. We want there to be no
                     way they can vote against it.
                d.   Please vote yes to moving to FBS legislation and then go to your student organizations and open the door to
                     educate the students on the magnitude of this legislation.
                e.   I never win anything, I have never won a play station thing, i-pod touch, etc., but I was at Red Robin the other
                     weekend and I won party in the party room. For every 5 people I bring I get 2 entrees free and free first round
                     of drinks. I wanted to have a birthday party for myself, but Alex said I could not do that. Instead, once we have
                     passed the legislation we will have a celebration party.
                f.   Please come with us on Thursday to the basketball game and again on Saturday for the double header.
                g.   Welcome all new Senators. Let’s make history tonight and have a successful next two weeks.

      VII. Vice President’s Report
                a. Welcome Back!
                b. Campaign Division 1:
                c. In the next couple of weeks we will ask for your time to help out with informing students in the quad, in
                      organizations, etc.
                d. We would love to have more of you as speakers to talk to organizations.
                e. After we pass this referendum we have been working on a facebook group and we want you ALL to join to get
                      the word out!
                f. Senator Trepanier: parking and buses are even more of a problem this semester than last semester. We are
                      organizing a research group to try and learn more ways to help this problem. Contact Emily.
                g. All of you should be on our TRACS website, so continue to check.
                h. Absence Policy handout. If you have any questions, email me.

IX.        Committee Reports
                               A. External Affairs:
                                       1. Senator Sweat:
                                                    a.  We are 100% in favor for the FBS football.
                               B. Student Life
                                       1. Senator Malcik:
                                                    a. Endorsed referendum.
                                                    b. Melanie Gutermuth: alumni association- Tuesday 29 at Alumni House 6:00
                               C. Student Relations
                                       1. Senator Kazprazak:
                                                    a. Volunteer opportunity Wed. 12:00-4:00.
                                                    b. Taking ideas to get scholarship money ideas out. If you have ideas let me
                               D. University Relations
                                       1. Senator Trepanier:
                                                    a. Congrats to new Senators
                                                    b. Task Force; if you are interested please come talk to me.
                                                    c. Encourage everyone to support legislation on FBS.

X.         Advisor’s Report
                    RHA Advisor: (Melanie Ferrari):
                          o    President of Falls Hall Council
                          o    Division 1 support: RHA is 100% behind legislation.
                          o    NRHH initiative: basically recognition of excellent student living. We want to bring RHA to the
                               national level.
                          o    RHA Executive Agenda: we want to build a better foundation. Last semester we focused on
                               relationships. We are about to start having hall mascots with intramurals. We want to reach out to
                               community service.
                    Transfer Advisor: Scott Bradford
                          o    New Year=New Change=Relationships=Fresh Start
                          o    Last semester I was a transfer student so I know how the transfers feel.
                          o    Please welcome transfer students to Texas State with open arms and give them a great experience.

XI.        New Business
                    A. Removal of Senators
                            a. Senators removed unanimously
                    B. Nominees for Open Senate Seats
                            a. All Eleven Senators Approved
                            b. Senators Sworn into Office
                    C. Presidential Appointment of Treasurer and Legislative Oversight Director
          a. Passed unanimously
D.   Presidential Appointment of Scholarship Selection Committee
          a. If you are on the committee you are still eligible to apply for the scholarship.
          b. Schultz: corrected name.
          c.   Passed unanimously
E.   Vice Presidential Nominee for Committee Chair
          a. Passed unanimously
F.   S.R.S. 2007-2008/1 “Today’s Vision Tomorrow’s Tradition” *EMERGENCY*
          a. Author, Senator Ugo, read legislation.
          b. We are coming up to 30,000 students. Look at OU, NMS, LSU; they are all boarding
               schools in FBS.
          c.   This is crucial for Texas State University to move forward.
          d. Suprenant: motion to add all senators to this piece of legislation.
                       i. Senator Palomo=Nay
          e.   Palomo: I am torn because 13 million dollars is a lot of money. And a student taking 15
               hours could be paying up to $300. Also, I don’t know if the football team should do this
               unless they start winning games.
          f.   Ugo: if you look at the money, for instance, Texas, Texas Tech, Tech has a fee for $800
               per student. This is how life is and the price is continually going up everywhere. With
               the winning, absolutely. It is hard to support a team without winning. But that is the
               thing. There are so many examples of a school supporting a team that didn’t previously
               win. University of South Florida is a perfect example, because this year they almost made
               it to the National Championship.
          g. Palomo: Yes I agree, but I also see a student not being able to come to this university
               because of the cost increase. I am just thinking out loud. It is my responsibility as a
               Senator to bring these points up.
          h. Pugh: Thank you for bringing these points up. They are valid. We are asking you guys
               to open up the door to us in your student organizations to educate students on what they
               are voting for. From the get go, this will provide 44 more scholarships for men and
               women athletes. In a way for alumni to give back is through endowed scholarships. We
               made the investment, program starts doing better, and we start endowing scholarships to
          i.   It could bring more students here because of the athletic program, and alumni might be
               willing to give more back to the school.
          j.   Pugh: In Texas football is KING! And when people give back, it will eventually spread
               throughout the whole entire school.
          k. Ferguson: Investing in athletics is investing in School of Liberal Arts, Mass
               Communication, etc. On the national level we will be attracting students from New York,
               California, etc. This will in turn bring great students to the University.
          l.   Vargas: When you invest more money to the program they can invest more in better
               players. But when the price goes up to $300, the students who are worried about the
               money increase can also find more money from financial aid to help them come here.
          m. Moved and seconded to close the floor by way of voice vote. Divide house. Motion fails:
          n. Hardy: wondering if any of this cash is going to PFW’s.
          o. Slogan is “Today’s Vision, Tomorrow’s Tradition.” We are not guaranteed to be
               successful in 10 years. But if we don’t do anything, nothing will happen.
          p. Detweiler: This legislation calls for the students to decide at the referendum. We are not
               making the decision here tonight; we are giving this to the students.
          q. Pugh: this bill is a Senate Endorsement.
          r.   Moved and seconded to close the floor for debate by way of voice vote. Floor Closed.
          s.   Legislation passed by way of Voice Vote.

G.   S.R.S. 2007-2008/2 “It’s Business Time” *EMERGENCY*
          a. Author, Senator Ugo, read Bill
          b. Friendly amendment: 5%.
          c.   Beahan: really excited now. What plan does the President have if the students vote no to
               the legislation?
          d. Pugh: This is why we have put so much focus and importance to this bill. If the students
               vote no, this WILL NOT happen.
          e.   Floor closed.
          f.   All Senators added a sponsor to Bill passed by way of voice vote.
          g. Legislation passed by way of Voice Vote!
H.   S.R.S. 2007-2008/3 “Admiration of Nancy Wilson”
          a. Made Emergency Legislation by way of Voice Vote.
          b. Author, Senator Suprenant, read Bill.
                               c.  Whitley: I think this is a great piece of legislation, but I also think you should write a
                                   letter for Foundations of Excellence for her.
                              d. Magel: Friendly amendment: for the second to last whereas. Put all-students instead of
                                   just communications majors.
                              e.   Entire Senate added as a sponsor by way of voice vote.
                              f.   Kasprazak: Friendly amendment to add family instead of marriage….
                              g. Legislation approved by way of Voice Vote.
                    I.   S.R.S. 2007-2008/4 “Saving History”
                              a. Made Emergency Legislation by way of Voice Vote.
                              b. Author, Senator Varnadore, read the bill.
                              c.   Friendly Amendment: Century to Center
                              d. Legislation passed by way of Voice Vote!

XII.    Old Business

XIII.   Questions

XIV.    Announcements:
                     Galvez: Welcome Everyone
                     Whitley: Foundations of Excellence-write a nomination to honor a faculty member for their great work.
                     Ferguson: I encourage all of you to talk to your high schools about coming to Texas State.
                     Chief of Staff: Brett Baker: Bobcat Fans. Grab one on your way out.
                     Parliamentarian: Megan Titus: Don’t ever feel like you should not write a piece of legislation to give
                      credit where credit is due.
                     Executive Assistant: Sean Wardwell: facebook group is ALIVE! JOIN! Bobcat for a day is going great
                      and we want to get at least one group through from San Marcos. Fly me to the Moon!
                     Malcik: President of Pi Sigma Alpha- interest meeting next Tuesday.
                     Make sure and draw your attention to the absence policy. This year we are instating a new policy, but if
                      you have 3 absences and after you get the fourth one (excused or unexcused) you have to pay to go to the
                     Domask: Bobcat Hero nominations.

XV.     Adjournment
        Adjourned at 8:50pm.

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