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									          MINUTES FROM THE MEETING OF MARCH 5, 2007
The regular meeting of the Wilson School Board was called to order at 7:22 p.m. on Monday, March 5, 2007,
in the Board/Staff Development Room of the Senior High School by Mr. Jason B. Hopp, President. The following
members were present:
        Daniel M. Choma
        Gary Coller
        Andrew F. Fick
        Jason B. Hopp
        George E. Mack
        Michael W. Martin
        Robert M. Myer
        Carol C. Reid
        Jeffrey M. Werner

Others present: Drs. Lawrence J. Mussoline, Jr., Rudy Ruth, Patricia Ahrens, Leigh Ann Whitehill; Wayne Foley,
Matthew Flannery, Diane Richards, Philip Hall, Lori Lillis, Georgann Syphard, Larry Bortz, Charlene Keller,
Jonathan Heintzman, retired teacher William Morgan, John Miravich, Esq., Doug Wesner, representing Westside
Weekly and Erin Negley, representing the Reading Eagle.

Mrs. Reid offered the invocation and proceeded with the pledge to the flag.
Hearing no objection to approve the Wilson School Board minutes of February 21, 2007, President Hopp
directed that a unanimous vote be cast to ratify/approve the minutes. (9 AYES)
Hearing no objection to Agenda Item #1, President Hopp directed that a unanimous vote be cast
to ratify/approve the following: (9 AYES):
    a. Field Trips
       Approximately thirty-five (35) Southern Jr. High Ski Club members, Mark Wiebner, and two other
         chaperones (TBD),Snow Mountain, Scranton (PA), 3/10/07 (Sat.), cost to students: $45; cost to
         district: $0.
       Approximately six (6) Social Studies students (9th & 10th graders), Beth Harbonic, and Dain Shirey,
         National History Day Fair, Penn Manor High School, Millersville, (PA), 3/17/07 (Sat.), cost to
         students: $0; cost to district: $60 plus transportation.
       Approximately ten (10) High School Student Council members, Tim Prokopovits and Dan Shugar,
         Student Council District Conference, Hamburg High School, 3/28/07, cost to students: $20; cost to
         district: 2 subs and transportation.
    b. Participation
       Frank Reese and Dean Damiani, AP Teachers’ Networking Meeting, BCIU, Reading, (PA), 3/7/07; cost to
       district: 2 subs.
Mr. Myer moved, seconded by, Mrs. Reid, to approve the SUPERINTENDENT'S REPORT as follows:
  a. Retirements
     David C. Hause, Grade 6, Whitfield, 35 years of education, all at Wilson, effective the last day of the
     2006-07 school year.
     Deborah L. Strohmayr, Special Education, Southern Jr. H.S., 23 years of service, all at Wilson,
     effective 4/2/07.
  b. Resignations
     Gloria Burkholder, Monitorial Aide, Spring Ridge, eff. 2/22/07.
     Jonathan Clouser, Adaptive Physical Education, Spring Ridge, eff. 3/12/07.
  c. Change in Status
     Beth Bausher, salary increase of $1,500, due to completion of Microsoft Certification Program, eff. 1/8/07.
     Thomas Bambrick, salary increase of $1,500, due to completion of Microsoft Certification Program, eff. 2/19/07.
  d. Appointments (effective date pending receipt of all documents)
        1.) Hourly Professional Employee
            Dana Wutz, Substitute MSI/Job Coach, High School, 29.5 hrs./wk., at $15.15/hr., eff. 3/5/07
                 (Dana will shadow and substitute for Bonnie Kleinsmith who will be the substitute
                 teacher for Heather Koch during Heather’s Childbearing/Childrearing Leave).
        2.) Day-to-Day Substitute Teachers (eff. 3/6/07)
            Deborah Care, Elementary and Special Education
            Rachel Hartman, Elementary

        3.) Long-Term Substitute Teachers
            Martha Wolfe, Grade 3, Green Valley, effective on or about 3/19/07.
            Devon Fennelly, Librarian, Whitfield, effective on or about 3/30/07.
        4.) Emergency Substitute (eff. 3/6/07)
            Matthew Carley, Elementary and Secondary
        5.) Salary Increase for Credits Earned in accordance with the Collective Bargaining
            Agreement: advancement effective 1/22/07:
            Jean Moylan B+24 to ME
e. Extracurricular Programs/Staff
        1.) Community Swim Program – Salaries/Additional Staff for 2006-07 Year

                                          Salary Scale   2006-07 Experience         2006-07
          Rachel Foley                        P-1                1                   $6.25
          Madison Hauk                        P-1                1                   $6.25
          Paige Impink                        P-1                1                   $6.25
          Christine Mara                      P-1                1                   $6.25
          Stacy McGregor                      P-1                1                   $6.25
          Erin McLin                          P-1                1                   $6.25
          Courtney Melos                      P-1                1                   $6.25
          Lindsay Thompson                    P-1                1                   $6.25
          Scott Wilson                        P-2                1                   $6.50
        P-1 Student instructor without life guarding
        P-2 Student instructor with life guarding
         2.) Appointments
                   Kristen Fisher, Assistant Girls’ Soccer Coach, Southern Jr. H.S., $1,500.
                   Mark Wiebner, Assistant Track Coach, Central Jr. H.S., $1,856.
                   Todd Mays, Hourly Track Coach, Central Jr. H.S. @ $7.00/hr.
                   Chris Daubert, Hourly Track Coach, Southern Jr. H.S. @ $7.00/hr.
                   Cory Luft, Baseball, Southern Jr. H.S., Volunteer
                   Dain Shirey, Baseball, Southern Jr. H.S., Volunteer
                   Patrick Gould, Varsity Girls’ Soccer, Volunteer
                   Todd Phillips, Baseball, Central Jr. H.S., Volunteer
                   Justin Raffauf, Baseball, Central Jr. H.S., Volunteer
                   Michael D. Smith, Baseball, Central Jr. H.S., Volunteer
                   Tony Dodds, Varsity Track, Volunteer
                   Greg Barnett, Varsity Track, Volunteer
                   Angela Piscitelli, Varsity Track Manager, Volunteer
                   Julie Hamlin, Track, Southern Jr. H.S., Volunteer
                   Pete Gilmore, Track, Southern Jr. H.S., Volunteer
                   Mike Razzano, Track, Southern Jr. H.S., Volunteer
                   Adrienne Guinther, Track, Southern Jr. H.S., Volunteer
                   Jeff Good, Boys’ Volleyball, Volunteer
                   Pete Good, Boys’ Volleyball, Volunteer
                   Alex Unger, Boys’ Volleyball, Volunteer
                   Thomas Heffner, Boys’ Volleyball, Volunteer
                   Rachel Olree, Boys’ Volleyball, Volunteer
                   Marybeth Cotter, Boys’ Volleyball, Volunteer
A roll call vote was recorded as follows:
       AYES 9; Messrs. Choma, Coller, Fick, Hopp, Mack, Martin, Myer, Werner, and Mrs. Reid.

Hearing no objection to Agenda Items #3, #4, #5, #6, #7,#8, and #9, Mr. Hopp directed that a
unanimous vote be cast to ratify/approve the following: (9 AYES):

Accepted with gratitude the donation of $9,678.00 from the Spring Township Athletic Association for
improvements at various ball fields throughout the district.

Granted permission to add Michelle Campbell as an additional chaperone for the High School Indoor Color
Guard trip on May 3 & 4, 2007 (this trip was approved at the 8/21/06 Board meeting as part of the
secondary field trip booklet).The additional cost to the school district would be two additional substitutes
for Mrs. Campbell.
Granted permission for the High School Concert Band students to be dismissed from periods 5 though 9 on
Wednesday, April 11, 2007, to participate in a clinic at Wilson High School with the East Stroudsburg
South Concert Band. There is no cost to the district.
Ratified the placement of two 17-year-old High School males on 2/21/07 into the Wilson/Governor Mifflin
Alternative Education Program.
Ratified the placement of one male Central Jr. High School student, Grade 7, on 3/2/07 into the
Wernersville Alternative Education Program.
Granted permission to waive tuition for the following students from 8/28/06 to 9/7/06:
        Lauren K. Ellis, Grade 4 – Spring Ridge
        Ashlyn M. Ellis, Grade 2 – Spring Ridge
Approved the Resolution approving and adopting student discipline Waiver and Consent Agreement dated
February 27, 2007.

Mr. Mack moved, seconded by Mr. Choma, to approve the change orders to the following contracts:
         • 02-08 – Lobar Inc, add $1,324.00
         • 02-09 – Lobar, Inc, deduct of ($1,600.00)
         • 09-06 – MBR Construction Services, add $3,940.00
A roll call vote was recorded as follows:
       AYES 9; Messrs. Choma, Coller, Fick, Hopp, Mack, Martin, Myer, Werner, and Mrs. Reid.

Mr. Mack moved, seconded by Mr. Werner, to accept the Resolution authorizing the May 15, 2007,
Primary Ballot Question:
                 Resolution Authorizing the May 15, 2007 Primary Ballot Question
Background: Act 1 mandates a referendum on whether the school district shall increase or impose an
income tax for the purpose of generating revenues to be used to fund homestead/farmstead property
tax exclusions for qualified homestead/farmstead property. The purpose of this resolution is to
approve the referendum question and related steps.
RESOLVED, by the Board of School Directors of Wilson School District, as follows:
1. The school district shall place a referendum question on the May 15, 2007 primary election ballot.
The referendum question shall be in substantially the following form, with additions or changes
(other than the tax rate) as determined by the school board President and election officials prior to
the election:
Do you favor Wilson School District imposing an additional 1% earned income tax? The revenue
generated from the increased tax rate will be used to reduce school district taxes on qualified residential
properties by an estimated $485 in the first year rising to an estimated $650 in subsequent years. The
current school district earned income tax rate is .5%.
2. The School District administration, in consultation with the school board, shall prepare and
present to election officials a non-legal interpretative statement that shall accompany the referendum
question in accordance with the Pennsylvania Election Code.
3. School district officials shall take any and all action necessary or appropriate to carry out the
intent of this resolution.
4. Should a majority of electors voting on the May 15, 2007 referendum question vote in the
affirmative, the school district shall take action to assess and levy the tax beginning on July 1, 2007.
This tax shall be self-executing and shall continue in force on a fiscal year basis without annual
reenactment except in a year in which the rate of the tax is changed or the tax is repealed.
A roll call vote was recorded as follows:
       AYES: 5; Messrs. Choma, Hopp, Mack, Werner, and Mrs. Reid.
       NAYS: 4; Messrs. Coller, Fick, Martin, and Myer.

Mr. Mack moved, seconded by Mr. Martin, to adopt the following policies:
     Policy #103 – Nondiscrimination in School and Classroom Practices (revised)
     Policy #115 – Vocational Technical Education (revised)
A roll call vote was recorded as follows:
       AYES 9; Messrs. Choma, Coller, Fick, Hopp, Mack, Martin, Myer, Werner, and Mrs. Reid.

Held the second reading of Policy #216 – Student Records (revised).

Berks County I.U. Board Representative – A short brief on the IU’s “Grow” program headed by Dr. Lee Fredericks
    was discussed.
Berks Career and Technology Center Representative – Next meeting will be Mar. 28th, 8:00 PM, East Campus.
Berks E.I.T. Representative – No Report.
Curriculum Committee Chairman – The Curriculum Council met and discussed new textbooks and
    Humanities courses. ESL is proposing a new ESL course (Level 3).
Extracurricular Committee Chairman – Congratulations were extended to the boys’ basketball team for
    qualifying for the PIAA State Tournament as the 5th seed from District 3 and to Matt Coldren for his
    100th win. Both the boys’ and girls’ swim teams are District 3 champions. Today was the beginning of
    spring sport practices.
Facilities Committee Chairman – No Report.
Finance Committee Chairman – No Report.
Human Resources Committee Chairman – Next meeting is the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 12noon.
Legislative/PA School Board Assn. Representative – Board candidacy petitions are due tomorrow.
Public Relations Chairman – No Report.
Student Discipline Chairman – No Report.
Student Outreach, Chairman – No Report.
Technology Chairman – No Report.
Solicitor – No Report.

There being no further business, Mr. Mack moved, seconded by Mr. Martin to adjourn the meeting at
7:46 p.m. Motion carried.


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