; Comparing Laser Skin Care Treatments
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Comparing Laser Skin Care Treatments


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									                                                    Presented by Daniel Toriola

       Acne is a common skin disorder that affects millions of teens and adults worldwide. Although hundreds of
         thousands of products are advertised as miracle treatments for acne, few of them live up to the hype.
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                                                Comparing Laser Skin Care Treatments
                                                               By Danna Schneider

   We're all looking for something that will help us age a bit more gracefully. Some even go as far as
getting a facelift, which we all know can backfire easily, many times looking unnatural and leaving you
worse off than before, and actually making some people look "scary".

The worst part is, surgery like this is not only painful and has a grueling recovery, but it's also not
reversible and can completely alter the way your face appears, making you look like, well - not you!

We're lucky in this day and age though, because there are some excellent non surgical options that
leave our bone structure and underlying facial tissues alone, leaving us looking like ourselves, just a
younger version with tighter, more vibrant and youthful skin. One such family of facial skin care
treatments that can be performed in a professional facility, that gives beautiful results, are laser

The only problem is that they've evolved so much that many women and men get confused when
looking for the type of laser procedures that will work best for their individual situation and skin care

For example, do you have acne scarring, or is hyper pigmentation more your concern? Are you
looking for something to help smooth those crow's feet and fine lines, or are you looking for something
that will take away years of sun damage and restore the smooth texture of your skin?

Everyone has different skin care goals, and there are different types of laser treatments, none of them
cheap unfortunately, but most of them very effective at targeting certain issues successfully, and many
times with minimal downtime and risk.

So, let's take a look at two of the most cutting edge and popular laser skincare treatments today, and
talk about what they can do for your skin.

1.)Fraxel laser : This method is also called the fractional method, because the laser works on the skin
to remove imperfections and sun damage, and restore a youthful even tone and brilliance, fraction by
fraction of the skin. This means because it works on such small areas at a time, it is able to "fine tune"
each individual area, and perfect it before it moves onto the next targeted area.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

This also is supposed to mean a very short recovery time and very little pain, however, I must caution
that I've read discussion boards where women and men refute the claims that it is virtually pain free
and say they did indeed experience discomfort during the process. The cost of the fraxel laser method
is pretty high, with a package of six treatments usually running a couple thousands dollars, depending
on where you go to get them done.

2.)Titan laser skin improvement system : This one is very interesting indeed and is exciting because it
uses a method that not only helps improve the skin's surface dramatically, but it is also used to help
regenerate collagen, and can even be used to soften and "fill in" nasal labial folds (the area on either
side of the mouth, that runs from the edges of the nose to the mouth, these folds often get more
pronounced with age).

The Titan laser is one of the deepest penetrating lasers, and that is how it claims it can help stimulate
dramatic increases in collagen production and help to fill out lines and folds in the skin and make the
face look "plump" again as it did when you were younger. We do tend to lose facial fat as we age,
which accounts for much of the aged look of the face, since the cheeks get more sunken, and this
leads to an increased appearance of wrinkles as well.

The Titan is supposed to also help with acne scarring, and may be an especially good choice for acne
scarring because of it's "skin filling" abilities due to the increased collagen production, which would be
ideal for filling in pitted acne scars and ice pick-type scars form acne lesions.

Danna Schneider has written numerous articles and reviews on her experiences with skin care
products, makeup techniques and skin procedures, and also contributes to wrinkle cream reviews and
acne product reviews at http://www.cosmeticsgalore.com/wrinkle-cream-reviews.html , and moderates
and writes for a popular blog all about acne and acne rosacea at http://www.acnemagazine.com .

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                         Get Help For Your Acne With Smoothbeam Laser Acne Treatments
                                                              By Sarah Martin

Laser acne treatments will help cure your acne problems once and for all. The Smoothbeam laser is
the latest FDA approved equipment to repair skin damaged by acne.

 For healthier looking skin that doesn’t show any signs of acne or scars associated with this skin
condition, laser acne is one of the latest treatments available to clients. The Smoothbeam laser therapy
uses an inside out technique to replenish the skin and promote the development of collagen. The
treatment models the natural collagen found in the body and does not use any harsh chemicals. This
laser treatment does not involve the use of needles, either and you do not have to take any time off
work after you receive a treatment.

 In the Smoothbeam laser acne therapy, the technicians use a wavelength of laser light to cause mild
thermal injury to the upper layer of the skin as it heats it up. The natural healing mechanisms of the
body then come into play helping to heal the skin and return it to its former smoothness. With this
treatment, the laser also helps to control the oil production in the skin, which is the major cause of acne
and is what an acne care system (http://www.vfhcinc.com/aesthetic.html) tries so hard to control.

 The laser acne wavelength is a powerful beam of light that pulsates over the affected area of the skin.
A chemical, called propionbacterium, which is what causes acne to develop, occurs naturally in the oils
of the skin. It absorbs the laser light and this has a negative impact on how this chemical affects the
metabolism of the skin. This destroys the chemical and thus the acne.

 In this way the laser treatment prevents any future outbreaks of the skin condition. In addition to
removing acne from your skin, you can also have a laser acne (http://www.vfhcinc.com/photos.html)
treatment to remove the scars left behind by the acne you experienced in your teenage years. This
also includes removing any discoloration of the skin associated with this scarring.

 There is a special cooling system in the equipment used for laser acne treatments so that it does not
damage the skin under the outer layer. Some patients never experience any side effects at all and
those that do report that they have side effects say that they are very mild. After you have a laser
treatment for acne, the therapist may recommend a skin care treatment for you to use that will assist
your skin in its recovery.

 In the actual laser treatment, the laser beam combined with carbon dioxide removes the layers of skin
from the areas affected by acne starting with the outer layers until all the signs of acne are gone. In so
doing, this treatment also tightens the skin which eliminates any possibility of scarring as a result of the
treatment and removes any scars already on the skin.

 You should carefully research the different forms of laser acne treatment of which the Smoothbeam
technology is one. Other laser treatments include blue light lasers and diode laser treatments, both of
which have been proven effective.

Sarah Martin is a freelance marketing writer based out of San Diego, CA. She specializes in aesthetic
medicine, beauty, and skin treatment. For an acne care system or to find out more about laser acne,
please visit http://www.vfhcinc.com/.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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