Letter October 23 2006 under extreme internal injury while Elena Meyers carries out more crimes for another 5 years of assaults to preseent criminal acts

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Sent: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 11:06 AM
Subject: 31 years of Bioweapons "Testing" 16 years of Torture

  To Christians, Jews, Muslims and Non-Believers, living and dead, who
have had not only the courage to place their concern for mankind above
their allegiance to any group or sect but also the willingness to do
battle in behalf of this conviction.
-          Alfred M. Lilienthal
The Bush administration has and is knowingly committing crimes against us
and using biochemical‘s, radiation, and Gangsters who pretend (as in the
JFK and millions of other cases) to be FBI or anyone else to commit these
acts to the death of the person because of former non-consensual gov.
testing and purges of many. The crimes, including bio-chemical weapons,
constant entering of home, using directed weaponry in other forms, 24/7
daily disruption of life, financial harassment in all areas, are
accumulative and NSA/CIA knows this. They are denying millions from court
hearings for this reason. This is why they do it. If the government
follows no law, then a voice is not illegal, especially in torture,
genocide. Basically they began with one crime, and then when sending out
thousands of agents to the area, increased more crimes after the other,
and because they can deny justice continued terrorizing and committing
crimes, all while using my spouse knowingly under ―NSA Spying‖ to
continue their acts of torture for over 16 years. If they weren‘t, then I
would not be attacked with biochemical weapons for this long.

Charles August Schlund And The Don Bolles Papers

―There is now compelling evidence that these organizations are involved
in the overthrow of the United States Government. Perhaps the most
important person on the face of the planet at this time is a man by the
name of Charles August Schlund. Schlund has given testimony in his
lawsuit against the United States Government which implicates the CIA,
DEA, Bush Family (including George Walker Bush Senior and George Walker
Bush Junior) in a conspiratorial and treasonous plot to overthrow the
United States Government. Mr. Schlund's startling testimony which
includes significant information gained from through the Don Bolles
papers (the smoking gun in this case) can be accessed at the following
Website. President Bush claims that he is above the law in Mr. Schlund's
case and is trying to have Charles' lawsuit dismissed. Please take the
time to read through it thoroughly as it will be one of the most
important documents that you have ever read or will ever read.‖ Most,
like us before such attacks, would not have any idea that their children
in school are being targeted by weapons, by other people directed with
radio-frequency to commit crimes on the schools, or that such mass
repressions are from weapons and people being paid by the administration
to commit crimes.

All of the crimes being committed in Darfur, Sudan, Lebanon, Iraq, and
elsewhere are being committed here. The United States, is being set up as
the next ―falling Empire‖ and citizens targeted while we know very well
the criminals will again be saved. Isn‘t it convenient to use the
Protocols of Zion, the hatred of others, of trying to make a victim
appear to be ―anti-Semitic‖ after already committing thousands of crimes
against them and fabricating lies, blocking them from justice; and after
killing millions more Jewish people and committing crimes against us
(myself for 31 years). Hey Hayden, Negroponte? We know they will be
arrested eventually for their crimes. The biochemical weapons used in
this country is about that. Making weapons deals and money laundering
last aas long as they can. They never stop running around trying to work
up a long line of lies and get people to go along with them only to
arrest them and kill them later. And all you end up with after these new
states and reconstruction deals with the newly hired World Bank leaders,
USAID, and UN, and the new contract deals, are set up--is the same type
of society. One wouldn‘t even know about the criminals if it weren‘t for
their endless crimes. By the time these criminals are done with their
crimes in each country, nearly every Jewish person has been attacked;
including those they use for the weapons deals. And when the victim has a
complaint about daily radiation to the groin and this torture, they will
make up other lies, and direct more weapons. These are the types of
people who use mind control on Rabbis, and then later kill them for their
―ideology‖ but they never stop with their crimes. They have the
mentalities of O‘Reilly. Biological chemicals have been around forever,
even in the days of the Roman Empire, yet, those in the working class
must constantly put up with the extreme hate ideologies put out to
destroy each state and set up a new one. If in fact, Zionism, was linked
to getting rid of the ―goyem,‖ that is those who are of the gentiles
races, they could have been gotten rid of long ago. But they continue
with their money laudering, crimes, weapons deals, using one group
against the other, and those listed below, to commit crimes, and setting
up new states in the same way. Right now, I have to deal with all of
their gangsters, thugs, liars, criminals, and haters, pagan groups, that
they set up during these purges, and their ―One World Order‖ of Zionism
ideologies. There won‘t be any order by such crimes. While they continue
to use Masons and other groups to ahte Christians, they then pretend to
be their best buddies, protecting them from ―terrorists.‖ They use
Christian mind control on Jewish, and later have them killed because they
are involved with the Christian Church. None of these people even follow
Torah, and they have killed off millions of Jews, including hundreds of
Rabbis and Jewish women who do have higher thought. (See link above for
Zionist crimes) So, because of their continued crimes, they have to
attack the victims over and over and over again, and try to make them
appear to be the hater and ―establish‖ a long line of lies so that when
they finally do blow up the person, as they have already threatened many
times, they can blame it on the victim. This isn‘t for Israel, as after
the weapons deals and deaths, and putting people into poverty, and
killing the ―Rabbis‖ they use (which are also put through mind controls),
there‘s nothing left but the gangsters and their weapons. Since the
gangsters, like in the past, and more recent Russian purges, are behind
these crimes, they simply call any place when the victim goes to report
the crimes and block them from making those reports.

Your family isn‘t safe. Who is Al Qaeda? It is the same AL Qaeda that
killed 2 billion people worldwide. If you follow the Russian purges to
―Democracy‖ the last being the gangsters arrested, you‘ll see what is
taking place here.

The administration has had my son and I tortured for years, as millions
of others in this country. Never was I an investigator until I had to
find out what criminals and hate groups were this ―Al Qaeda‖ already
committing crimes before 9-11 (long before) or who was doing what to us.
Never did we use drugs, have guns, yet after committing such crimes, they
will pretend to be the one in charge of getting rid of the ―terrorists.‖

Those who profit from weapons testing and deals and have, again, set up
the ―terrorist‖ scrare of 9-11, so that by the time they purge, fire,
kill, separate families, at the end of WWIII, they have no debts to
society for such testing and destruction; causing such a sick society
with weapons and mass medical and other problems, for their crimes, a new
society for them to use and test weapons on, force on medication by such
testing, and keep everyone dependent for work on weapons and wars. Those
listed below (though many fired, killed) have committed crimes against
myself since age 7 (many people do not realize when their children are
being used by occults) using ―microwave testing‖ and cerebral brain
implants as spying for these ―Russian-Weapons Corporations‖ Deals,
against Jewish and non-Jewish, the government purges, fires, and kills in
all groups and races by now, and has targeted, since 1989 (long before 9-
11) those they *perceive* as a target. Since they sent out millions of
these agents to do whatever they can to anyone in the public; then one
also becomes victimized if one of their agents decide to create a cover
up of their crimes. Because of the criminal acts of the government on
millions, including millions of innocent Jewish people, while simply
firing or removing anyone. It is because of such lies to the public, and
crimes, by these individuals, with cases being threatened out of court
and those that did get there are still unattended to. This is how
genocide happens. Every single day, they use biochemical/microwave
weapons, then using the cerebral vision implants make lying phone calls
with their gangsters to ―officials‖ with lies knowing where and what the
person is doing so they can destroy and commit crimes. While these brain
implants are being sold everywhere as the next best thing.

Of course, they all claim to have ‗ethics‘ now that the administration
can use ―Al Qaeda‖ to get rid of all the previous test subjects and they
are looking for new ones. this not only happened to Jews and non-
Jews before and during WWII when the Russians and German agents and the
mobs were used in studying radio-signals to the brain, three signals
overlapping causes ―ghosts‖ or other ―manifestation.‖
Mind Control Operations at Stanford Research Institute. Lloyd Miller. 1.
CIA Mind Control Operations at Stanford Research Institute. by Alex
Constantine ... -
In each research case of this adverse ―mind control‖ and the thousands of
other things it‘s called, they all die, that is unless they don‘t die and
the criminals used continue to commit obvious crimes. Even in the case of
Dr. Goldstein and other deaths the use of such weapons can be seen. The
Congressional Hearings, trials, and every other discussion in all areas
about such weapons is only that. Those making money from weapons play
both sides; peace keeper and tester, war lord; and war creator using
those listed here. They pretend someday there will be no war.
in functional neuroimaging, brain implants and brain-machine interfaces
and ... Farah of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at the University
of Pennsylvania. ... –

Just take a look at many pst studies in anything

Is Science against higher understanding and a belief in higher power?
This is what unethical people want the public to believe. There can be no
compromise or else there will be ethics. They make claims to get
scientists to do such things, that one cannot be a scientist with higher
thinking, not but only by direction for the weapons industry, and money.
One who is ethical and really studies science above greed and searching
for death machines is a scientist. There is much science neglected today,
overlooked by so many studies in microwaving and cults, causing a
distortion of direction.

Scientists are then killed, not just now, but all the way back to 1930‘s,
many silently, and only those you hear about now outwardly. This is why
there must be constant overturning of areas and workers, agents, so that
no one really sees the deaths of the ―others.‖
Bioscientists (including those linked to CIA and other areas)

These are federal crimes, International crimes, and anyone working within
the administration, or going along with these crimes and fabrications
within NSA‘s, CIA‘s crimes using Gangsters will be indicted. The
administration, since 9-11, has passed every bill that was passed during
the last holocaust, to be able to kidnap children, enter homes, do any of
the crimes that they have committed against us before 9-11, and continue
to do so. This includes coming into a Jewish religious owned business to
cause havoc, put them out of business through ―accounting reviews‖ and
rewarding the most unethical, criminal people.

―Al Qaeda‖ is:

The Heads in the Administration and Weapons Industries
(loaded with pedophiles and sodomites, even if by programming, and who
are knowingly committing crimes against the public with weapons)
White House Pedophiles
Jewish Gangsters (as they were used in the Russian purges)
(Everyone is being killed by mobsters at the top of it)
Russian mobsters kill journalists. ... sure the deaths are hideous and
... All of these Jewish gangsters set up shop in the Brighton Beach
neighborhood of ... - …reinforced by the Holocaust
survivors who lived among ... Friedman discusses one of the problems law
enforcement has in going after the Russian gangsters: ...
Money Talks, Newsweek, Nov. 14, 1994, at 10. ... for free passage and pay
offs to local gangsters make a mockery of a free market. ...
Global gangsters are extorting money from online casinos with a novel
threat: ... three men in different parts of Russia on charges of running
an online ...
(BTW—Iam not a ―nationalist‖ either as they use also as a ―reason‖ to
attack someone)
One of the things that they did was to have car crashes all around me,
and tried to cause car crashes, the NSA knowing very well; the ‗CIA‘
(many fired and new put in) protected the Gangsters and the Israeli
agents committing crimes. So, these crimes are not ―able‖ to be reported;
hence they continue to commit crimes, and deny the victims any rights.
The FBI at this time is going along with their kidnapping and crimes,
cover ups, or they will be fired it not, and when they do are being fired
or even killed as in many cases which happened. The FBI agents have
already been told, since those who would not commit the crimes were fired
or resigned, to ignore complaints of this type. So, therefore, they are
using and the proof in congressional hearings and arrests of the FBI in
South American Deaths is proof enough of their usage of mobs.

FBI and CIA ―biochemical specialists‖
Other Gangsters and organized criminals, hired from prison; ex-military
All of the hate groups that they actually use to commit crimes on the
public before firing

(All of the Crimes and lies passed on the other groups are done by

NSA fictitious ―spying‖ on the most innocent to commit such crimes, and
using weapons to their head and body to destroy them to keep quiet about
the next crimes listed; fabricating lies in secret files, using

SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE connected also to brain implants, satellites linked
to people (now called RFID) but the crimes to destroy my life, my career,
and others with induced death, and then going on to use everyone to
commit more crimes simply to destroy

(who also claim to be the ―peace maker‖ and who take the census for new
NSA agents being used and then fired, while keeping the files to bring
false allegations at any time they desire against those who know about
it, those who are really victims of their crimes
Israeli Operatives that the Administration also began using during the
1995 to present
11/The%20five%20israelis%20arrested%20the%20day%20of%209-11.htm may
actually have been two white vans involved, one stopped on each crossing.
... More suspicious Israeli 'Movers' detained with detailed video of
Sears Tower ... five israelis arrested
the day of 9-11.htm –
Actual enemy (Israelis) found in North Carolina. Current Events ...
placed under arrest and are being investigated by the FBI, local
officials said. ... -
Some are then let go. The gangsters in the White House and Weapons use
them for crimes, have the CIA bail them out, and they run around
pretending to be the FBI or other service personnel as what happened to
myself, but also the use of NSA and CIA agents.
All of the incidents have been reported, but since they move around, and
fire agents, they still radiate, use spouse, and radiate my son, myself,
and have already caused much damage for years, which they refuse to allow
anyone from filing in court, and those who did were killed or simply
sitting on someone‘s desk, or a judge is paid to dismiss the claims.

Here, it is reported that ―Israel‖ now has weapons, when they have
already killed millions of Jewish as well in every kind of way.

Israel admits using chemical weapons on Lebanon
(via – Israel has acknowledged for the first time that it
attacked Hezbollah targets during the second Lebanon war with phosphorus
shells. White phosphorus causes very painful and often lethal chemical
burns to those hit by it, and until recently Israel maintained that it
only uses such bombs to mark targets or territory. (8 hours and 4 minutes
Channel: Do No Evil | Tags: Lebanon, Israel, chemical weapons, WMDs
Report 23 comments submitted by

CIA directed by the weapons, oil, and medical corp., most profiting
people; given lies; being directed to dump viruses and diseases (listed)

While they use people to kill ―Christians‖ within the Christian church,
they try to block victims from all churches, so they can do so, by
fabricating lies or threatening them from within the church. My spouse
asked me to go to church, and after going, which he did not, they
harassed me all around that and with the threats and fabricating
―investigations‖ as NSA is doing to people in educated areas, areas of
former government work, former agents, and anyone in the public they next
choose. NSA also uses ―Satanists‖ to direct weapons at ―Christians‖ to
cause them to have fantastical illusions of miracles. This was not only
shown to be done in the trial brought against NSA, but the real victims
are blocked from their own trials.

Corrupt or Unsuspecting Judges (over 350) arrested so far on bribery
Avera arrested for Trespass of Treason to the Constitution and Misprision
of Felony ... County, Oregon, an outraged group of citizens placed judge
Fred E. ... -
While microwave weapons are used on anyone, including children, to cause
extreme upset along with their crimes, they use Judges paid off, with
false information, and new laws that allow for trials held in absent of
the ―accused‖ many judges knowing that they have child molestation crimes
or other behind them will do it.
tml all molestation charges against lawyer and former County Judge Gary
Graham. ... of Law Enforcement, Graham was arrested in November 2004 and
charged with ...
tml -

for taking bribes to commit these crimes all the way to the persons
―secret‖ trial, death being the real goal by those who began such crimes,
including making false claims against parents in their absence after
years of committing crimes daily against them, using REMOTE weapons;
death by satellite. By such sure devotion to the Bush administration,
then one criminal will get more criminals, and more criminals, to keep
the ―brotherhood‖ of devotion to cover up their crimes (for 31 years)

Fake psychiatrists that are Gangsters and CIA for the weapons industry to
cover up these abuses, when the Congressional Hearings on these abuses
and other testimony to the crimes are immense; and building hundreds more
right now for when other victims are directed with weapons and accused of
being ‗mental‘

Just like in all the other genocide, even though many speak of these
crimes, the groups are brainwashed to go along with them, i.e., the
―population control‖ people don‘t believe they‘ll be indicted because
―you know, it‘s getting rid of the mass population so we can save the

Weather, Hurricane Creations, and Earthquake/Sunami Manipulations
Mass biological weapons, including gross weapons used on Iraqi children
and a ―created Hezbollah‖ from weapons deals were not even necessary for
―population control‖ or ―desired deaths‖ or even if those gentiles races
are hated. The extension and mass deaths are simply for the most money in

Some have no idea that these weapons have been used since before the
1920‘s along with the deaths of millions of Jews and the ―perceived
nationals‖ and ―perceived patriots‖ for ―testing‖ at that time, and then
using them on people to get rid of them.

All of these people have been given biological and microwave weapons
to use on anyone next directed; for many years on us; that cause every
kind of illness, unconsciousness; radiation poison, illness, along with
serious 24/7 crimes to disrupt the persons life and destroy career,
blocking the reporting of the crimes, and continuing to radiate, claim
they are ―spying on terrorists‖ which began as ―domestic spying‖ for

These criminals commit paperwork crimes, stealing identity, using
personal surveillance to commit the crimes of great disruption along with
microwaving to the body and brain; property damage. The whole purpose of
these gangsters and criminals, under the new laws is to commit such
crimes on the whole public and ―perceived political targets‖, to block
the Bush administrations crimes against the public, until mass deaths
occur. Over 1.5 million Jewish since 1950 alone, and 2 billions other
people (only reported), and since 1995, millions of actors, actresses,
governors, planes crashes by using Army laser weapons. After they commit
a thousand crimes on the victim, and continue to do so, they try to pass
off the now financially destroyed, stressed, and even angry family,
confused, while still using weapons to the body to cause our son
disruption and myself, as ―NSA surveillance‖ to make up even more lies. I
have spoken to many people in government, victims, many prominent people
have already been killed. Since the Mossad was purged in 2003, and some
people at the top of weapons deals, including Iraqi, and Saudi links to
the White House for weapons deals to Iraq, Lebanon and other Middle
Eastern countries; many; many would not realize the total Jewish death by
induced illness; accidents, ―suicides‖ which can be caused by induced
weapons all over the world. They are not only still committing the crimes
by continuing to radiate, play ―surveillance‖ destroying any right to
living for over 16 years, using my spouse, by radio-frequency to his
brain to live in la-la land and become apathetic while they commit the
crimes or even forget on some occasions. Part of microwaving on the
public is bringing about a ―zombie-like‖ state where people are apathetic
to what is taking place. While they surveill, they use radio-frequency to
cause ―bad behavior‖ or ―ADHD‖ and by constant harassment, anger, so they
can fabricate more lies. Many other ―illnesses‖ are induced by weapons;
sudden dizziness, ringing in the ears, and eventually death. The purpose
of the weapons is exactly to mimic all those things that people would not
find suspicious. And the purpose of NSA/CIA after committing outward
crimes for years is to commit more crimes, death, and cover it up in any

Weapons are being used even more now on the public and on school children
and people to commit crimes at schools, since the Bioethics Committee met
about the years of weapons testing in 1998, and how these weapons affect
the brain and body.
weapons on American people.It cause some persons hearing microwave voice
Iraqi installations using high power microwave weapons that fry computers
... Hazardous lives leave children lacking care. Colliding galaxies
reveal ephemeral stars... -

Article with references just on being ―exposed‖ to the towers used to put
off microwaves
But, the directed signals are actually attached to the desired ―target‖
by the radiation given off from their own body back to a satellite, i.e.,
if they want to attack Joe E. every day to have him cause disruption,
show signs of ―depression‖ or ―anger‖in the class, they can, and
everyone will just blame Joe. Then he will be tortured more.

Electromagnetic radiation which has a longer wavelength (between 1 mm and
30 cm) ... Microwaves can be used to study the Universe, communicate with
satellites in ... -
They can use the microwaves frequency to deliver spoken message to human
brain. ... to hurt a human brain by their invisible radiation waves in
various way ... -

―By 1963, 1,200 nuclear weapons tests conducted at the Nevada test site
had exposed every person in the U.S. to deadly radioactive fallout,
causing millions of fetal deaths, spontaneous abortions, stillbirths and
birth defects.74 The U.S. government also conducted over 4,000 radiation
experiments on individual human test subjects without their informed
consent.75 The delayed effects of decades of radiation exposure from
weapons testing are today demonstrated by a U.S. population plagued with
epidemic cancer and heart disease, neurological disorders, low fertility,
chronic fatigue, obesity (thyroid involvement), immune system dysfunction
and learning disabilities. Approximately half of all pregnancies in the
U.S. result in prenatal or postnatal death or an otherwise less than
healthy baby.76 As military tankers spew white chemical plumes across
America at a cost of $3,448 per hour per tanker,77 we are reminded of Dr.
Leonard Cole's 1994 testimony before a Senate Committee regarding 45
years of open air testing during which military aircraft sprayed American
cities with bacteria, fungus and carcinogenic chemicals.‖—There are still
thousands of ―studies‖ now that the Al Qaeda needs to deplete society
until there are nothing but a new younger generation of test subjects and
weapons workers. Those in the military who did come back from Iraq are
carrying DU. There are still birth defects all over the country and
world. Many biological weapons target certain genomes. Many Jewish men
and even Hassidic who went through former studies, who are not the
current worshippers of Bush, were also put on lists for diseases as a
―DNA inheritance‖ when in fact the DNA is being changed by these weapons.

The media undermines any truth, so they make claims that (even though the
weapons were used during WWII) that they are ―new‖
Weapons of Mass Destruction - Civilian deaths - Use of torture by US ...
In his interview, Mr O'Neill said the Bush administration appeared to
have ... -

Links to Biochemcial Weapons used and all over the U.S.

Under Stalin, the purges after using weapons testing for years, went
through three purges, and after the ―natural disasters‖ and big arrests,
the public only thought they had seen the Terror. We are at the
equivalent time period, where millions more Jewish and others were killed
for the same people in weapons deals. After the deaths of thousands more
Jewish prominent people in every kind of way, and weapons deals in
Israal, purging the IDF, the Mossad, Israel is in poverty except for the
next round of Patrons for weapons deals. The goal is to have everyone
divorced, missing family members, so dishovelled that by the end of the
WWIII, they will not know all that really took place.

My spouse and I never had guns; did not use drugs (of which the CIA is
setting up drug deals and weapons deals for crimes) and then trying to
―attach‖ victims to these crimes; and which they tried on us and Schlund,
Schlund vs. Bush, and millions of other people. Yet, they will make up
any lie to cover for gangsters. Especially since the ―Justice‖ department
includes everyone who is either fired or commits the crimes in the name
of ―terror‖ and then is arrested or killed. The Waco case, which was
years of directed weaponry, had many deaths that ensued, including FBI
agents used, and the ―doctor‖ because of those directed weapons and
terrorizing of the family. They have been taking licenses away and
killing doctors who know about it or who will tell someone that their
symptoms are from weapons. Yet, they created, everyday, before knowing
who is even committing such crimes, ―investigations‖ using hundreds of
agents by lies, as reported by NSA‘s fired agents, so that they can keep
these falsified lies for years while shredding the truth.

Since 1989, the NSA stepped up directed weaponry with Gangsters, entering
the home, and causing terrorizing using agents, when many other people
began being attacked for ―some reason or anther as perceived by them and
because of their microwaving to begin with…

Because my spouse worked in NSA, CIA, linked to Pentagon (where most were
fired and/or harassed, or resigned, except for those who will commit
these crimes); knowing that he committed marriage fraud, daily lying, and
threatened me (while NSA was committing crimes already) that he would
have NSA do something to me; and has continued to go in circles, never
showing emotions for 16 years, while NSA committed these crimes and used
weapons to his brain since his debriefing, and he does not want divorce.
And because they are guilty of these crimes on myself and witness, and
friends, including Ruth Chapman‘s sister who they illegally by corrupt
judges, also had divorced, and brought brain damage (brain shock until it
could be healed) on Ruth Chapman who came to my home telling me (under
NSA surveillance about her fathers involvement in child ritual killings
and which was reported on Oprah),
Ritual Sacrifice is done at Passover , it is usually that of a Christian
child ... By this He meant Moloch-Jahweh, the supreme Jewish devil. ... -
Thousands of other sites on the crimes
(This is the kind of heretical nonsense the victims of those who believe
these things must put up with them trying to ―cover up‖ such heresy; so
they keep attacking even if the victim could care less about the cults,
never investigated such cults, never had anything to do with them; and
the whole system is run by cults who are going to attack others)
They don‘t just do these things against non-Jews. They put all of these
mind controls, acts of weapons on Jewish, as I have known many, and there
are thousands of cases of crimes against Jewish people because of them.
The mass deaths of Jewish before 9-11 and after 9-11 by induced illness
and weapons shows this to be the case; it is just for mind controls for
new weapons deals; mind controls that accumulate by false perceptions of
the past and re-writing of history again and again to suit the current
imbalance of greed. So, once they committed years of crimes on me, and my
friend comes and discusses how she is being followed by such groups,
again, the gangsters have another ―reason‖ to attack the victim, set up
lies and following, calling people with lies against the victim, threats,
etc., to cover up these ideologies.

as well as myself, then NSA continues to commit crimes with these
gangsters, knowing full well; they continue to commit crimes and try to
document falsities to keep doing so. He suddenly is going to claim he
knows nothing about anything taking place; and has discussed his
involvement with our son. My son is witness to them trying to run us off
the road and the anthrax and many other crimes. My spouse was also at the
time, and as it got more apparent that he would get a divorce, he
continues to go in circles, goes and sees someone about ―lying‖ for one
visit and continues the same circles because of their directed
t_over_fbi_informants_to_pr... of an alleged victim of gangsters and FBI
informants James "Whitey" ... the FBI contributed to McIntyre's
death by giving the two gangsters free rein
e=PF –
Former Boston FBI agent denies tipping off gangsters to indictments ...
off James "Whitey" Bulger and other gangsters they were about to be
indicted. ... -
Of course, the FBI agents, until their arrest, are going to work with the
Gangsters as they did in Russia.
John D. Lovern, Ph.D.
The following paper was presented at The Sixth Western Cliniclal
Conference on Multiple Personality and Dissociation, Irvine, CA. It is
archived with the permission of the author, and may be copied and
distributed freely.

While the NSA, has been using weapons to cause, ―ADHD‖ and can induce by
these weapons ―multiple personality‖ ―memory loss‖ and such frustration
by it to cause anger, on my spouse for years, and they ―surveilled‖ to do
so; the more they could get him to never show any emotion, and go in
circles, while they committed these crimes, they attacked my son and I
more and more, and the Bush administration made up laws only after 9-11
to allow these crimes. When I called his doctor or went to see someone
about it, they jumped in and tried to cover it up, while making more
threats and terrorizing, because at the time I happened to be studying,
and when looking for brain information, I came across one Naeslund,
tortured for finding out about the brain implants. So, they continued
serious crimes to ―pre-empt‖ the crimes they already committed for years.
Some things bring flashbacks regarding their earlier crimes with the
brain implants as billions of people have them. After terrorizing for
years, they manipulated by crimes, our move, and continued with the
crimes, and try to isolate by destruction of career and daily life so
that they can keep up the torture and destruction.

Now, the FBI cannot give any information, but are to ―act only‖ by
orders, as many cases of shooting ―suspects‖ This is what was reported by
the news is that NSA called FBI agents all day long with lies, which they
can continue to use in any way they want for continued activity against
an innocent person.

fired an FBI agent for improperly supplying a classified CIA report to
FBI ... Officials said the agent was fired several weeks ago by the White
House ...

And it is by their lies, and years of crimes, including threats near my
car to blow me up, using two men in each car, and then threatening with
operatives in white vans that were not really FBI; but the top gangsters,
fabricating any kind of lies for files, that they can come back and do
something to the victims and bring out nothing but lies, as millions of
other cases show (2 billion since 1990). After 9-11 there was passed a
law that they can keep their lies in files for over 10 years, while
reports in newspapers show that any truth is being shredded. --Of course,
that was done years ago. During the European Purges, like now, the
rhetoric of ―Terrorism‖ and lying was so bad; no one really knew who was
doing what. This is another case where they committed such serious
crimes, that they have to keep committing crimes to cover up their other

After years of crimes, using extreme tracking by NSA/CIA mobsters
pretending to be ―official‖ causing daily 24/7 harassment, direct weapons
to the head, threats to blow me up, threats by phone, car crashes all
around me, using NSA‘s Business office‖ and the cerebral spying implants
to commit crimes, sending anthrax in our paper bag, 24/7 harassment with
helicopters they try to blow off as ATF. First, they claim that these
helicopters are ―DARPA‖ although DARPA is also illegally using weapons on
the public, by order, with the other agencies. When the victim is in
trauma (see the U.N.‘s report on Refugees from other trauma of CIA
purges) by weapons to the head, to the brain, this is when they stage
extreme attacks, questioning, and lies, and hundreds of more crimes,
while fabricating the lies and try to make themselves appear as official
work to others until their deaths--(as they did to a friend who had to
see a surgeon, but which they continued to commit crimes and deny me
medical care and any justice); used weapons on my spouse to cause him to
be totally despondent, to arguing, to memory loss that one would not
forget, while they harassed my son and I and put us through trauma all
day long; and they have not yet caused the victim a heart attack or
stroke as was tried on us, and phone threats, and the victim has no idea
who is really doing it, they set up threats and fabricated ―questioning‖
and then try to piece together lies and get the JDL and ADL involved in
bomb threats against the victim as well. Who do you think killed the JDL
and ADL programmed killers after using them in crimes?
CIA has been involved along with gangsters, in this current‖ microwave
studies over and over and over again on the whole public which causes the
changes in behavior, to depression (on my spouse) illnesses covered up,
and then to total apathy, NSA and the criminals attacking my son and I
all day and calling it ―surveillance‖ knowing very well of all past
conversations of his involvement in NSA and other things, my request to
―call someone in homeland security‖ while they attacked me and my son,
and all of the other crimes against friends which we discussed.

The Law, International Law, and Hate Crimes, Justice is for everyone;
yet, mass genocide doesn‘t happen because there are really just courts
and just police and just people who will help the victims. At this time
with such high Jewish and non-Jewish deaths, including Jewish that I have
known myself, anyone committing or going along with such crimes is guilty
of the same.
The Hate Crime Statistics Act (28 U. S. C. 534) Enacted in 1990, the HCSA
requires the Justice Department to acquire data on crimes which "
manifest prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or
ethnicity" from law enforcement agencies across the country and to
publish an annual summary of the findings. In the Violent Crime Control
and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, Congress expanded coverage of the HCSA
to require FBI reporting on crimes based on ―disability."
 (Remember, former Mossad agents, Stanford Research Institute, along with
most other Universities, and all of these groups listed above are used
for 31 year, from childhood, to commit crimes on others, including
millions of Jewish who died again)
REPORT ... AREA 51 26-May-00 F-2000-01162 WHAT IT TAKES TO BECOME A
So, the gangsters, and the pedophiles, the ―Satanists‖ and all the others
who are used to pick up millions of ―new test subjects‖ and now direct
weapons at them from any remote place, are going to do anything,
including fabricating ―investigations‖ and ―pseudo questioning‖ while
―Police officials have come to appreciate the law enforcement and
community benefits of tracking hate crime and responding to it in a
priority fashion. By compiling statistics and charting the geographic
distribution of these crimes, police officials are positioned to discern
patterns and anticipate increases in racial tensions in a given
jurisdiction. Law enforcement officials can advance community- police
relations by demonstrating a commitment to be both tough on hate crime
perpetrators and sensitive
to the special needs of hate crime victims.
After committing these crimes for so long, and so many have been arrested
for the crimes or some other part which they played in these crimes,
which includes organized child crimes and molestation, even in the
courts, they then go on to send their lies to other groups formed to
―hunt for the terrorists‖ and make claims that the Air Force, and Army,
and foreign Military personnel brought in, and the Marines, and the FBI,
are using these weapons for ―mind control‖ and ―to control mobs‖ or to
control ―political protesters‖ (this includes those who have had to
research to find out why they are being attacked for so many years, and
who speak up about this torture on their family). If you look at the
state reports for this genocide, they too will come to arrest and
indictments. The ACLU doesn‘t protect Jewish and non-Jewish killed in
these weapons deals, but protects the KKK and the Skinhead groups and all
of the other hate groups that are continuously used against others for
continued wars.
65 " 1999 Hate Crimes Laws," The Anti- Defamation League, New York, N.
Y., 1999, p. 2.
66 Ibid.
67 Wisconsin v. Mitchell, 508 U. S. 4776 (1993)
68 Ibid.
69 " 1999 Hate Crimes Laws," Anti- Defamation League, pp. 7- 10. For
additional information, please refer
to the Anti- Defamation League contact information provided in the
resource section of this manual. 49. ―
The Police (over 300 Chiefs of police already arrested) for going along
with the administrations crimes; usually they are indicted or arrested or
fired or both by being linked to the CIA drug operations (also see RICO
crimes). Skyrocketed to almost 15 million results now.
Since the administration is using the biggest criminals and haters to
commit their crimes; killing victims; both Jewish and non-Jewish, and
including many Zionists; those NOT blinded by hate who could see the
deaths of their own; millions by ―silent‖ weapons deaths; and they have
blocked any victims from justice but continue to set up these hate
groups, and protect them with ―civil liberties‖ it is those right now
lying that are responsible for the last and present holocaust. Many in
Zionism believe they are related to ancient Nephelim, angels thrown down.
This too, is just another ideology that is used for wars and weapons.
People have lived on this planet for over 8 millions years.
Hundreds of agencies are supposed to protect ―Human Test Subjects‖ but
never do for the very reasons above.
These Hate Crimes apply to all. And that includes Jewish gangsters and
criminals in this presidency; and those [in crime] they use who believe
they are ―getting rid of Christians‖ when there are new states being set
up for ―Christians‖
The JDL and ADL will put anyone they can on their list for bombings and
accusations of ―anti-Semitism‖ (and therefore, can be used by corrupt,
unethical groups, gangsters, after years of committing crimes) because of
their own programming, when in fact, Bush Sr., and Bush, Jr. (both in
administrations and attacks on Jewish religious as well) even though
millions of Jews DID die in the last holocaust, and they continued to be
killed through the years of this Russian weapons deals with the U.S. and
the weapons corporations, and even during the CIA‘s directed weapons
―testing‖ before Clinton made deals with Russia and Jewish left Russia
for Israel. (See the deaths of the JDL members who knew too much about
the Russian weapons testing and who were used for bombings in the 1970s‘)
When the Administration sent in the Israelis for activity, the gangsters,
they traumatize the victims so bad by pretending to be police ready to
kill the victim; so that when the victim has terrorized throught,
regardless of what that thought is, i.e., all kinds of questions run
through the persons mind about why someone is committing such crimes, who
is trying to do what, they pick out any kind of reaction from this
trauma, including discussions of a ―political nature‖ since the victim
has no idea why they are doing it, and they fabricate more lies, even
though the victim has committed no crimes, nor has contemplated any
crimes. They did this to Ruth Chapmans sister in Florida, my babysitter,
my neighbor, whom they also accused of having a ―mental problem‖ and/or
―chemical imbalance‖ This is the same activity under Hitler and Stalin,
along with repressions, saving the worst criminal gangs, fraud in all
areas to cause repressions, and ―wrecking‖ or poisoning food supplies,
Those in weapons, simply continue a circle of killing, weapons testing,
using these groups, and claiming there will be democracy, or peace, and
so it is accumulative that anyone who WONT fit into a hate group is
killed; intelligence destroyed; that is except for perceived intelligence
for weapons corporations. It is because of such ideologies and hate,
programming, that they cause the opposite; and by purging so often that
no one really sees the amount of deaths, both Jewish and non-Jewish.
When there was created the idea of setting of criminal groups to get some
other perceived enemy, it then becomes so big, so enormous over time,
that it engulfs every area and destroys what is good; from 1920‘s onward
the testing and sale of weapons becomes the only thing benefiting; while
the criminal element becomes so large it wraps right around in a circle
enveloping the entire system. Linear thought becomes circular when those
ideas, not logical to begin with, grow too large.
We cannot ―sacrifice‖ Jewish and non-Jewish anymore for criminals and
pedophiles, and those who commit such crimes, lies, and then try to set
up and blame the innocent; this includes Rabbis they set up and destroyed
by years of ―mind controls‖ and other forms to their deaths, while the
same benefit from it. How many should continue to be ―sacrificed‖ for
people like Bush and the other organized gangsters? As was the case in
WWII, thousands of innocent Jewish died again, by the mass criminal
groups by such organized crime that only hurts those who are innocent. No
one speaks until 50 years later.
After 1995, the weapons industry put in their newly ready, Russians in
Egypt, and the Iraqi leader was from Russia as well. While millions of
Jews and non-Jews, from America and Russia were killed between 1950 and
1995. When the total purges of all areas, including the IDF, the Israeli
Army, those used in previous studies and mind controls, and Israel
brought to poverty, high divorce rates, there is no winners but those in
weapons. Right now, you are simply seeing new people to continue the
deaths. while many Russians went to Israel in 1999, and celebrated young
marriages, mass deaths, by direct target were still taking place on
Jewish people, including Zionists with years of knowledge in certain
areas of weapons or other.
Their biological chemicals is why my spouse was then ―diagnosed‖ with a
―chemical imbalance that was fixed‖ but still has it and throwing up
blood. And of course, my neighbor who was harassed and terrorized as
well, and then put on meds for it.

S Honaker

Imagine someone doing this to you your whole life and then committing
such serious crimes over and over again along with outward harassment,
and THEN using every ignorant person who couldn‘t even put a math problem
other than 2 + 2 together, to help NSA victimize the victim as well.
Google ―brain interface‖ to see hundreds of pages spun from DARPA‘s pilot
project that was outsourced to the University of Oregon and other
schools. Google as many subjects in this essay as time permits. (This is
your country, and these are your tax dollars at work. DARPA created the
Internet, so use it.)

And while you‘re online, click on for a graphic study
of ―wetware‖: in this case controlling rats via brain ―hardpacks‖ (i.e.
torture) at Johns Hopkins University, where Paul Wolfowitz is (or was)
dean of the Paul Nitze School of Advanced International Studies.
(Assembling the jigsaw pieces of America‘s permanent war policy is not
rocket science; the connections are clear.)
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These weapons are NOT new, and have been used on Jewish and non-Jewish
since before 1920‘s. They have been using criminals, heretics, to pick up
children since then for brain implant and other biochemical weapons.
Since they used severe abuses on myself and billions of others, they must
attack the person and fabricate lies to cover up their crimes. This is
the case with thousands of Jewish killed just since 1990. After they
purged the Mossad in 2003, they claim their ―Christ‖ has come and move in
tanks, put military heads in the Mossad and the ―Temple‖ Now, this was
after millions more mind control attacks even on Jewish thinkers and
those who have a higher understanding of Torah than just some guy-in-the-
sky God. This is the mentality of the people they use.
Biochemical Advances Create New Weapons Potential
By Chris Schneidmiller
Global Security Newswire
―ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Advances in biochemistry could lead to the development
of new agents capable of causing terror, pain and a host of other
effects, an expert said Saturday (see GSN, April 21, 2004).
These weapons could be used by law enforcement and the military to reduce
casualties during engagements, but also would risk falling into the hands
of torturers and terrorists, said Mark Wheelis, a senior microbiology
lecturer at the University of California, Davis.‖
Never have those in weapons and ―mind control‖ reduced neither casualties
nor the deaths of any race, or military, but increase those abuses daily
since 1920‘s; extend the operations as long as they can for more money.
This is published in 2004, after arresing hundreds of police, police
chiefs, agents, gangsters, who were already used in these crimes.

All of the government oversight committees, including the ―Bioethics‖
committee goes along with these gangsters who are perfoming a hit in the
name of ―testing‖
Water Testing. Lead. Radiation. Home > Radiation. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH
RADIATION TEST ... - 19k -
Cached - More from this site
Radiation Studies Home. Public Health Research. Feasibility Study of
Weapons Testing Fallout ... United States Department of Health and Human
Services... -
They then go on to patronize my spouse to get him re-hired, as was done
under Hitler and Stalin. This is only one of the millions of hired ―hits‖
by this idiotic system of criminals. This is years after using him to
cause such disruption with these biochemical‘s and attacks on friends,
including staged car crashes, and frauds.
See for some of the details
More government links to government ―oversight‖ committees who are using
the weapons in the name of testing, which the gangsters in these hits,
have cover up their crimes. And after the gangsters have committed so
many crimes, repressions, and lies for the ―new‖ agents who will ge fired
or arrested later for helping them to kil—they go on to reporting that
the Marines, the FBI, and the Air Force are using these weapons for
‗Politicals‘ and picketers.

These are their death squad crimes by gangsters at the top controlling
NSA and CIA and FBI:
At the top of the purges in Russia, Sudan, Israel, and every other place
worldwide is Gangsters, whom the FBI lists as such, but whom are used in
every case to control the activities of the other groups. The Mossad
itself, the IDF, and all the other criminal agents are used and fired or
killed, with the new oil deals and weapons deals and new constuction
deals, military bases overhauled in the countries.
They have been using biochemical weapons strongly since 1989, at which
time millions of others became targeted, from Mike Boarda to the general
population, including Shiavo directed with weapons to induce heart
attack, and who was having other harassment around her. Not one day to
the wuit depriving the victims of their own life, living, and this is
thier goal, with the other billions of people they are doing it to; that
is if you don't fall for the accident scams, or fall to death by the
weapons, or a Katrina, or killed by shootings after the Katrina, or

Not one day, were non-Jewish Palestinians, or non_jewish Iraqis, or non-
Jewish in any toher country at this time (by ideology) not attacked with
weapons; yet, those behind the administration and the G-8 will continue
to attack Rabbis, arrest these gangsters, and those who are committing
crimes. And the whole goal, when a person is not killed by these weapons
is endless harassment and trying to make ther person appear mental. The
administration, including Bill Clinton, have killed over 2 Billion people
worldwide in this way with weapons dealers, since 1990. This is only
those reported as attacks, and even many attacks not reported. not one
minute, will their criminals stop committing directed crimes. Since
millions of Jewish are killed around these deals, including a Rabbi in
Russia, those who aren't invovled in such crimes, they will know that
their crimes will come to an end.

In every genocide and the laws passed since 9/11, although happening
before, allow for agents within every area, and those who would not
commit crimes have been fired, to harass and destroy citizens. Whether
NSA/CIA and Mossad use harassment around others to destroy the victim or
they directly use them--they use them either way.


Sending trauma and biochemical weapons to the body and brain.

Bob Lilley's (Our real estate agent) Involvement/or harassment around him
centered around move.
Our appointments along with trauma and harassment, to see homes was
extremely manipulated, including through Bob, or around Bob most of the

One military home we went to see was the same thing, homeschoolers, the
husband being military, and harassment divorce. And other homes we saw,
interior and bedroom doors busted down, and Bob cocked his head and said,
"Gee, what do you think happend here?"

Regardless of what was said or done, the fabricated lies to and through
NSA and CIA for endless harassment all day long, while traumatizing on
top of already putting brain in shock from microwave and other
electromagnetic weapons as my friend Ruths' brain injury was documented
by a surgeon, after she was being targeted because of her fathers
involvement in the Masons and ritual child killings.

Everything my spouse and I discussed, there was such harassment around,
that no one could accomlish anything, let alone the fact that they were
using fake police, gangsters, and NSA agents, constantly pull up to the
house, go to house as we were leaving, and try to cause "suspicion" in
other neighbors, follow us eveywhere we went, while using biochemcial
weapons, phone harassment, calling "security" in malls or stores, sending
out people to groups to harass and try to isolate. My sopuse, on one day
called the police dept. who informed him that no one would be out there
and that they were not allowed to write paperwork in developments. This
was CIA and NSA continuing with their crimes.

Russ Tice, fired agent, for not committing the crimes, mentioned Haydens
sadistic enforcement and these crimes, but not until 2005. These crimes
began long before 9-11, of course.

At every moment they use manipulation; I sti down to write a budget, or
on computer, they surveill, use weapons on spouse to forget, lose memory
temporarily, go in circles, then spend destroying the plans, directed
biochemicals to me on body and brain, then have him arguing because he
cannot remember. If it were not for extreme harassment in other areas,
and his symptoms of dizziness, my symptoms of brain shock, overradiation,
sickness throwing up, and threats, and everything else, then we could
assume these things to be normal. All of the government and doctors
against biochemcial and microwave manipulation and the ex-CIA and NSA
agetns fired for not committing these crimes, the weapons documentation
by government itself show that this is what they are doing. And, one of
their "new" scientists declared that she, herself, could take out a whole
neighborhood with these weapons in one week. So, just as I explained
above, they manipulate every single thing the victims are doing to
destroy them, including using weapons on son.


RICO Related Acts against My Family and others around us, as only a part
of the extreme crimes committed against myself and my son, while those
who ‗admitted‘ to ―having a problem‖ or who were killed left the Bush
administration and every criminal they have to attack my self and my son,
and continue after destroying our every routine, to surveill to fabricate
lies, harass, keep me in terror, attacked by directed weapons.

The United States and those from Bush down are not following
international laws against torture, nor national laws, and have changed
the laws every day, long after committing such acts, to suit their
crimes, and have committed thousands of crimes and killings. Senator
Patrick Fitzgerald is said to be documenting evidence of their arrests to
come. The International Committee Against Offensive Microwave Weapons and
other Intnl. Committees have listed charges. The Bush and friends and
their drug links show that people praised by this administration, put in
front of the public as ―professional,‖ dress up as the best there is,
again in every case, show that they are put in for blocking DEA, CIA drug
running and crimes while they come to arrest later. The RICO cases and
other cases show the Bush administrations continued links all around,
from here to South America, to the Summit Airport, to drug running and
CIA killings, even though some are arrested. New Bush ―patriot‖ wannabes
are put in who are willing to commit the same acts.

Arrested in 1997
―Gen. Jose de Jesus Gutierrez Rebollo, Mexico's highest ranking anti-drug
official, 62, a 42-year army veteran, had been appointed in December 1996
as the director of the National Institute to Combat Drugs (INCD), the
Mexican equivalent of the U.S. DEA. Because of his long-standing
reputation for honesty and incorruptibility, he had been named by Mexican
President Ernesto Zedillo especially to combat corruption in Mexico's
anti-drug law enforcement.‖

―U.S. officials began assessing whether confidential sources and methods
had been compromised by Gutierrez's corruption. Gutierrez had been
briefed on classified information during a December 3, 1996 meeting with
U.S. officials to discuss the militarization of the anti-drug effort and
delivery of U.S. military hardware to Mexico.‖

He was praised by the United States until this came out, of course,
because the Bush family and the United States, has used the DEA along
with the CIA death squads to raise money for their operations while
terrorizing and killing millions. Former DEA agents, complaints and
federal disclosures have gone unheard by the courts regarding Bush and
others involvement.

1.         After using the CIA to direct weapons to the head (as I have
documented) the Bush admin. purposely ordered the DEA and CIA/those
acting as ‗police‘ into the Brookside area and used many others after
using micro wave weapons on us for years under the disguise of ―testing‖
by laws they created for such activity alone; the ―drug dealers‖ wife was
connected to the police and ambulance and others in the city of Newark,
and the ―drug dealer‖ moved two streets over after the big ―DEA‖ bust.
2.         While the DEA/CIA did these acts, directed by the Bush
administration, and international links, they had ‗police‘ in the house
and around the house too often for there to be any drug users in the
area, a man who purposely pulled up to get my attention and then pulled
up further to jump out after my son. My neighbor noted the tons of bags
they had the white vans bring out, while arresting the ―drug dealer‖ who
was then put on another street.
3.         They pointed guns at kids; used BFI trash personnel and
replaced the bus driver (a former employee who worked with my spouse who
suddenly died after visiting us) with this Mossad/corruption woman (whom
I have seen in many different areas and ―titles‖) who got off the bus one
day with the ―drug dealer‖ and got into my trash.
4.         They harassed my baby-sitter, two streets over, who was
diagnosed as having a ―mental breakdown‖
5.         At that time, I tried to report these odd events, without full
understanding of the ongoing intention of crimes against myself and was
purposely, by phone (as I would later find out that certain intelligence
in the Bush admin continued to do through brain implant to SIGINT) ,
blocked from having a report made. I called the Newark police department
and was told to go to the station on Newark Elkton Rd. and no one would
take my report. I waited for an hour and was told that the police officer
did not show up but that I could go to New Castle. They put me on a
harass list and began using ―police‖ to harass, especially when (somehow
I came across a book about Klaus Barbie and spoke to my spouse about the
harassment of Dee Arpino and her Nazi-like ―questioning‖). They began
having me called all day long by fake police lists, followed while
sending signals from NSA SIGINT to terrorize me further (already having
gone through shock to the brain as Ruth Chapman), and were flashing
lights (much later, when mentioning the flashing lights, and after firing
agents, they put out propaganda of how the flashing lights were part of
―safely‖)—My father, who had a stroke at the same time I/we were under
micro waving also complained of police flashing lights, including one who
pulled up to him at the bridge toll and even got out and snapped a
picture for harassment.

6.         The Bush administration and those all the way down to those in
the CIA/DEA and others continued to have me phoned all day, followed
under false pretense by those linked to the drug running, threatened, and
terrorized from then on as part of the ongoing killings and harassment
under this administration, even on innocent citizens.

7.         The helicopters which were supposedly used for ―CIA nationwide
microwave/cell phone subliminal mind control testing‖ and data collection
(also used simply for deaths by government), were then used all by Bush
friends alone in illegal operations and then to harass all day for the
next several years; that unit flying in to the Newark pad, behind Dee
Arpinos home, and linked to other criminals and drug running, were
illegally used to harass along with personal helicopters.

8.         They harassed everyone else we were connected to in the area
and from there on fabricated lies to have me traumatized and harassed
even more.

9.         They harassed Andrea Henderson, neighbor, and still have her
admit to having a ―chemical imbalance‖ and used others to have her
committed several times.

10.       They used weapons on my friend Ruth Chapman, with their links
to Amsterdam CIA, Israeli operatives, caused her also to have a brain
injury from electromagnetic weapons, and back to the U.S. where she
finally got help for her brain injury from a surgeon.

11.       The R.I.C.O. cases show the intent of the Bush administration
to link former military and intelligence personnel (my spouse) to the
DEA/CIA drug running (to begin more harassment); the intent in using the
DEA and CIA for death of those on the Bush lists, the destruction of
papers which is ongoing, and their corrupt dealings which have to do with
what they set up in Brookside.
Schlund vs. Bush (several court cases)
Case No: CV-03-1590 PHX VAM
Charles August Schlund, III, 8520 North 54th Drive, Glendale, Arizona
Phone 602-670-2017
Plaintiff In Pro Per
Charles August Schlund, III, an individual
Plaintiff, v. George W. Bush, President of The United States of America,
a Sovereign Nation; et al.,
(The Schlund court claims show his involvement with the FBI, DEA and the
charges of Racketeering by Bush, the harassment against him for knowing
these things, the use of brain implants by NSA/CIA and DARPA, and
terrorizing which is consistent in every genocide before presidents come
to be charged)
            Former DEA agent Celerino Castillo and the editors of
Executive Intelligence Review
show charges of Racketeering and corruption have shown that Bush still
did not come to trial for the drug running and deaths in South America
and the continued use of the DEA in these crimes along with Oliver North.

12.        The Church Hearings show this same activity around victims in
South America--that is linking the CIA/DEA into drug money, money
laundering, and moving on to criminal acts throughout the area and on
former personnel.    -- same activity

13.        They obstructed justice for years while threatening and
harassing and traumatizing me and my son even though there are many

In every genocide and the laws passed since 9/11, although happening
before, allow for agents within every area, and those who would not
commit crimes have been fired, to harass and destroy citizens. Whether
NSA/CIA and Mossad use harassment around others to destroy the victim or
they directly use them--they use them either way.

Bob Lilley's (Our real estate agent) Involvement/centered around move.

Bob Lilley, my son pointed out himself mentioned everything we discussed
in the house, only in a distorted kind of way. Since I was being
terrorized, I felt that Bob was a nice guy and felt like he was someone
with merit other than the criminals. However, it wasn't long before there
was more harassment around Bob. We entered homes that were ransacked,
apparently "Chistian" and Bob said to me, "What do you think happend
here?" He continued to tell my spouse, you have a good wife, while NSA
continued to terrorize my son and I all day long. He made comments to my
spouse every day concerning something we discussed in private.

He continued to say to my spouse, "I need sex" and things of the sort
while NSA/CIA and Mossad targeted me sexually, harassed all day long,
entered the home, using police and operatives in the Newark area, and
knowingly used weapons on my spouse for years, and at that time, during
our move had the doctor make claims that he had a "Chemical imbalance."

Our appointments along with trauma and harassment, to see homes was
extremely manipulated, including through Bob.

one military home we went to see was the same thing, homeschoolers, the
husband being military, and harassment divorce. And other homes we saw,
there were dorrs busted down, and Bob cocked his head and said, "Gee,
what do you think happend here?"

Everything my spouse and I discussed, there was such harassment around,
that no one could accomlish anything, let alone the fact that they were
using fake police, gangsters, and NSA agents, constantly pull up to the
house, go to house as we were leaving, and try to cause "suspicion" in
other neighbors, follow us eveywhere we went, while using biochemcial
weapons, phone harassment, calling "security" in malls or stores, sending
out people to groups to harass and try to isolate. My sopuse, on one day
called the police dept. who informed him that no one would be out there
and that they were not allowed to write paperwork in developments. This
was CIA and NSA continuing with their crimes.

Russ Tice, fired agent, for not committing the crimes, mentioned Haydens
sadistic enforcement and these crimes, but not until 2005. These crimes
began long before 9-11, of course.

In Israel, mass kidnappings and using Jewish children in prostitution
rings is still ongoing
What happens to children when they are kidnapped by criminal agents?
Most are killed by CIA "training," some go through brain implants and
forever harassment, many death, and some end up as boy sex slaves at the
Whitehouse. Thousands of Jewish children were taken even after WWII, into
these sex rings. Most likely, the billions of children they are running
now in sex slave trades, as well.
Some kidnapped children become Washingtons sex-slaves.

Bush and Cocaine Connection:Why Does George W. Bush Fly in Drug Smuggler
Barry Seal's Airplane?
... in 1985 picking up kilos of cocaine at a Florida airport in a DEA
sting set up by Barry SealÉ ... Summit, known to do Contract work for the
CIA, had -

GNN The Bush Hard Drug Empire Evidence
... in 1985 picking up kilos of cocaine at a Florida airport in a DEA
sting set up by Barry Seal ... CIA Inspector General have irrevocably
tied him directly -
The most sadistic, criminal minded, drug using, child molesting criminals
used directly under weapons. Anyone who speaks against perpetuating
nothing but crmiinality for the weapons industry is being directed with
weapons, especially after years of crimes against them for no reason. The
Mossad is sabotaged in many cases, now hiring those who were programmed
in exactly the same way.
Billions put into this ridiculous programming with brain implants,
including those Mossad members, like Abramhoff, used during the Sudan
Massacres, along with the CIA microwave weapons. While these criminals
would like people to only see today and tomorrow, and what the media
tells them, they did this in Israel. Most who would not suspect it are
victim. And those who aren't involved are a minority. Lockheed and other
military and weapons money makers with Russians for years, and now using
the holocaust and WWIII themes. Rand takes all new states Census.

BUSH...'s Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Forums > Is Joss Whedon A
Socialist Or Something?
... of America, by CIA MKULTRA sex slave Cathy O'Brien (Joss Wheedon's
model for ... Chaney was firing at quail and Whitington happened to be in
his line of -

Most people would think, each time they speak of "nuclear weapons" as an
explosive weapon. Although they can be, the weapons which killed millions
of Jews since the 1950's is microwave radiation weapons. If I recall, it
is only these corrupt individuals with the most heretical, criminal
backgrounds who gave these weapons to each country's leaders; from Saudi
Arabia, to Jordan, to Egypt, to Lebanon, and to Iraq, and to Iran;
directely to the leaders of each country.
2005 -2006
Drug drops using Israelis to act as Amish. Two low flying planes, one
yellow and one red, going in circles and then drop near the ground.
Harassment and operatives car activity high.
Constant radiation to the groin. Biochemical weapons to the body. Trying
to cause constant destruction to family, more financial repression by the
"Chemical Leak" less than 1/4 mi. (Mossad and CIA usually put in charge
of these chemical companies, and thousands of these "leaks" have been
occuring in all countries where the purges are happening; of which we
weren't called about by "police recording" until 11:30 at night and it
happened at 6 p.m. Neighbor called early.

Spouse throwing up blood. Doctor Hill still doesn't respond to
Gangster/CIA harassment and symptoms as I asked my spouse to tell him,and
he said he did.
... such as the Masons, Shriners, Eastern Stars, ... The child is lowered
into a hole. ... Almost all mutilations and killings are done with a
ceremonial knife. - 29k -
Cached - More from this site
WHAT IS RITUAL ABUSE? Poems about Abuse. Protect your Child from Abuse
... for information about Ministry to Masons and Ritual Abuse and Secret
Societies. - 86k - Cached - More from this site
... bisexual, but he had married a Roman Catholic girl and fathered a
child with her. ... Even decent masons could often be 'conned' into
providing information on the - 33k -
Cached - More from this site
child sacrifice took place almost continuously for 600 years" ... For
purposes of accuracy it should be noted that the majority of ritual
killings of black
of-death-row-human-sacrifice-ritual... - 247k - Cached - More from this
Because those at the top of Masonic child ritual killings really believe
in their programmed agenda, think of themselves as some big hotshots,
used in every area of FBI, including in the Jon Benet Ramsey cover up,
then there is no end to their idiotic involvement either, i.e. being used
by the mobs until their arrest or death. This is why they had Dee Arpino
question me about them, not knowing really anything at that time, so they
could involve their Masonic ―agents‖ in all areas to help the Gangsters
commit the crimes (as they are arrested after evey other genocide and
being used for crimes—see state reports).
Russia: Contract killings once again on the rise. Somalian and Ethiopian
troops take key towns ... BBC, Catholic Church in row over child sex
abuse Unmasked: Inside the
Freemasons - 71k - Cached - More from this site
... fathered a child out of wedlock with a commoner, and the masons were
enlisted to ... British Masonic ritual 70 years before the Ripper
killings occurred. -
22k - Cached - More from this
in the United States about Masons, Catholics and Mormons who were
allegedly ... Seller) does not describe any ritual killings; but twenty
years later, and after - 40k - Cached - More from this
... of torso on the Thames', Child B and Victoria Climbie have resulted
... Whilst the common perception of ritual killings is that it's
something for the - 36k - Cached
- More from this site
... were simply described as paedophile killings and Gay Byrne made great
02/28/00 -
31k - Cached - More from this site
A list of Masons in the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church ... involves an
elaborate system of symbolic ritual, beginning at the point of the -



The Mossad directing the CIA and NSA, continue to shoot since we lived in
Brookside and they manipulated our move. The kids in Brookside who also
had attempted kidnappings, whereas the CIA during their drug running
grabbed the smallest girl and the brother (who witnessed the guy in the
woods with a gun and who complained to me at my house of the guy pointing
the gun at he and his sister) grabbed the girl, his sister, from the guy
who had hold of her, with two others in the car.
Today, when the lady from the Agriculture Department came to take
information on farming, and we began discussing, school and the Amish
shooting, and which led to other corruption, they began shooting, like
every single time they do so, either while writing about their crimes or
speaking about them. ms. szeller knows my aunt who is also in taking
census and information for Agriculture in MD and DE. This we also
discussed before. So, whenever the discussion is with someone known well
(as CIA/NSA's, and Mossads attempts are to destroy any kind of friends
and contacts, all of which is in their heads that they are doing, since
know many people, but by location alone do they pretend that they are
isolating, including manipulating our move just as blacks were kept out
of new home development in the 1940's and 50's).
Manipulated move by severe threats, trauma, threatening to blow me up,
re-arranging appointents by disruption of those business relations, by
blocking visits, by having homes we were going to look at and property
bought out by NSA's business section. Manipulating settlement, not
putting my name on papers right (which is documented in houses stolen
from widows by their name not being put on documents right from other
housing fraud).
Since moving, every single time I write about their threats and crimes,
or speak to someone about their threats and crimes, they have their fake
Airforce buddies, near Amies house, shoot guns off. She is witness that
these "Air Force" people moved into the place next door, at which time
the Mossad and CIA/NSA continued putting businesses out of business, dove
at us with airplanes (all day long, not just some planes going by) and
continued with threats, blocking reports, knocking down mailboxes of my
neighbors, while purposely hitting our window with and ice scrapiong
truck with frozen ice, throwing it directly at the window; shoving a
stick up Amies horses rearend, following with fake "police" and
documenting falsities for more harassment, when all we are trying to do
is live our lives. She began to have other ―near accidents‖ and then one
of a hit while she was in a restaurant who later claimed she hit them.
They moved some "guys" for "Airforce training and flying" into a house
near hers for spraying the metal particles that are used for microwave
and other directed weaponry. Now, they may not be the one's who kept
bombarding us all day long, diving downwards, and non-stop (as they quit
doing that now that they fired agents, hired new agents, and collected
more of their lies while committing these crimes). The Air Force,
regardless of what they are told about these weapons are committing
crimes. Russ Tice, former NSA who was fired for not committing the
crimes, also mentioned that they went on to commit crimes on him
(although more knowing than someone who is innocent of anything); running
in businesses and pretending to be ―FBI‖ without saying anything, but
going to the clerk with wallets. This, they did to me, and even when
taking my dog to the vet. They did this for years, and still try to
fabricate lies and already destruction but keep trying for more until
When I come to write that they did this, I get radiated on high, and in
the groin. And this is my constant harassment, trauma. I spent over the
last 6 years, from morning to night believing that at any minute they
would shoot me, or do something to family members and try to blame me,
which they are doing; radiating and using weapons on spouse to cause him
confusion, extreme memory erasing, and other to his head, to cause
aruguments so they can make up more lies, and/or try to get away with it
by committing these crimes, supposedly secretly all day long against the
victims. With endless "defense" money and weapons, and hired criminals
during this holocaust, to take out the United States, and endless agents
within every area, and real-time equipment, it takes nothing for them to
harass victims all day long to their death. Anything they can to cover up
their crimes.
10-12=06 Again, the same thing. They use my spouse, to erase his memory,
have him never working together, controlling all there is to do,
manipulating, going in circles, but not doing it (my neighbor is a
witness to the constant frustration he causes because of years of
radiation to his brain and the outward threats and other symptoms go
along with it), causing us to get nothing accomplished, while NSA/CIA and
Mossad commit radiation and other crimes. When he is confronted, he wants
to act like he has no responsibility for anything. Never bills. Never
schooling. Never anything. Just ignore everything. But, when we go to do
it, he interrupts us that he is going to do it. NSA/CIA is behind his
behaviors by radio-freuquency and then they send out someone to harass
and fabricate lies. We know, because of the years of their crimes.
They continue to try to achieve anger and arguments by their constant
manipulation, 24/7 targeting by weapons, to fabricate more lies. But, the
goal is to never stop harassing the victim.
The hate crimes apply not to protecting you, the person they are going to
use someone else against, do not apply to the CIA death squads, nor those
directing weapons at someone trying to force on them their idea of
religion at NSA. Most do not know that they are directing weapons at
schools, churches, and every place else, and in case they can get someone
to go out and shoot or kill their kids by these weapons to the brain,
then they have already prepared for that by hiring thousands more CIA/NSA
―psychiatrists‖ and building hundreds of ―mental institutions‖ even
though there has already been a trial on this too. They will put every
child in school on medicine, and if not, direct weapons at them. After
years of committing crimes, the government will continue to commit crimes
using Gangsters and every criminal group and then try to make claims
against the victims.
During this WWIII, of course, like under Stalin and Hitler, worldwide
there is wrecking going on, including the NSA (as seen in the John St.
Clair Akwai VS> NSA case) as tapping water lines or poisoning them
Most of the wrecking using Gangs, and directing everyone to go along with
it or be fired at this point, since most were including the
administration heads, Park Interior, CIA, NSA, and every other area.

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