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									                                               2009 Honorees

                                   Governor’s Award
                    for Outstanding School-Community Partnerships

Honorees by         Tenure   Volunteers    Students   Activities Implemented To           Results
                             Involved     Impacted    Meet School Goal/s
Stern                 6         69           90       Established a Book Buddy            Over 1,000 hours of
Enhancement                                           Program; volunteer support for      volunteer time resulted in:
School                                                Family Reading Night, Back to       Average increase of at least
&                                                     School Picnic, Fall Festival, Red   one grade level in reading
St. Joseph High                                       Ribbon Week, Ms. Carrie             achievement; approx. 40% of
School                                                Sterns Arts Festival Week,          2nd—4th graders scored at or
                                                      cheerleader camp, and other         above grade level; Average
                                                      events; interaction with            Daily Attendance increased
                                                      volunteers’ parents and             to 97%; increase in
                                                      teachers at THEIR school            volunteers’ awareness of
                                                      activities; Book Buddy              importance of being role
                                                      workshops for other groups.         models.
Jackson Public        5        100+        1,000+     Professional development for        More than 70 people from
School District                                       teachers; development of            diverse groups took part in
&                                                     partnerships with artists and       assessment and planning
Parents for                                           arts organizations; post-           that resulted in a strategic
Public Schools                                        Katrina arts as healing project:    plan; approximately 100
Ask 4 More Arts                                       From LifeShards to                  teachers received
                                                      Cornerstones; LifeShards 1st        professional development
                                                      Saturdays sessions;                 resulting in enhanced quality
                                                      JumpstART program—                  of instruction, energy, and
                                                      collaborative teaching for          higher expectations; parents
                                                      classroom teachers and arts         more actively engaged; at
                                                      representatives; Parent             least 18 artists/art
                                                      Leadership Institute resource       organizations given
                                                      for expanding awareness of          opportunities for paid,
                                                      arts integration in the             professional work in
                                                      classroom.                          classrooms; LifeShards Sat.
                                                                                          attendance is 30-50 people;
                                                                                          schools and arts groups had
                                                                                          improved appreciation of
                                                                                          each other’s importance.
Pascagoula Public     1         18         5,000      Assessed food needs of seven        15 volunteers donated 1,800
School District                                       elem. school families;              hours in the past 6 months;
&                                                     developed Backpack Buddies          cash and grant donations of
Backpack Buddies                                      for families of children in most    more than $21,000;
                                                      need of food for weekends;          5,000 pounds of food
                                                      wrote grants; asked for food        donations;
                                                      and financial donations; found      weekend food for 59 families
                                                      community storage space for         and 181 children; school
                                                      donations; developed needs          snacks for 5,000 students;
                                                      assessment form; established a      attendance up by 40% and
                                                      year-round pick-up schedule;        focus increased for Backpack
                                                      provided school snacks for ALL      Buddies students
                                              2009 Honorees
                                         MAPE Board of Directors
                                       Partnership Excellence Award
Honorees by           Tenure   Volunteers    Students   Activities Implemented To           Results
                               Involved     Impacted    Meet School Goal/s
Hattiesburg Public      1                    4,500      Meetings with parents and           Reached at least 100 people
School District                                         others in the community             who would have been
&                                                       hosted by parents and               otherwise out-of-touch;
Local Parents                                           community members; open             responded to requests for
&                                                       discussions, distribution of        more information via a
Hattiesburg                                             information packets, and            weekly email newsletter to
Housing Authority                                       anonymous responses were            supplement the monthly
                                                        solicited by self-addressed,        printed one; clarified
                                                        stamped envelopes; end-of-the       graduation requirements;
                                                        semester appreciation dinner        established ways to handle
                                                        for hosts.                          disagreements with school
                                                                                            staff; grew from 7 to 20
                                                                                            meetings scheduled and
                                                                                            added meetings for
                                                                                            community leaders and
Hattiesburg Public      1                    4,550      Collaboration of United Way,        300 participants took part in
School District                                         area businesses and                 the dropout prevention
&                                                       organizations, and local school     summit. Evaluations
United Way                                              districts resulted in a forum to:   indicated that awareness was
& Other Local                                           increase awareness of the           raised, responsibility of
   School Districts                                     dropout crisis, recognize           entire community was agreed
& Other Area                                            personal impact of the crisis,      upon, and strategies for
   Businesses/                                          and take responsibility for         encouraging graduation were
   Groups                                               helping find solutions.             shared.
West Primary           13         54          333       Provided incentives for             Partners donated 555 hours
School                                                  students and their parents for      of volunteer time and also
&                                                       good citizenship, perfect           cash and incentive items that
14 Community                                            attendance, and the “No Tardy       totaled over $2,700.
   Partners                                             Party;” donated books for the       These donations served to
                                                        library; donated refreshments       improve attendance and
                                                        for family events.                  punctuality which resulted in
                                                        Volunteers made phone calls,        improved D.I.B.E.L.S. scores.
                                                        chaperoned achievement              Incentives kept behavioral
                                                        events, and provided                problems to a minimum.
                                                        entertainment for awards

Highland                1                     601       Collaborated on the launching       Donated materials that were
Elementary School                                       of “Think Green, Keep MS            taken home increased anti-
&                                                       Clean” new anti-litter              litter awareness.
MS Dept. of                                             advocate—Albert the Monkey.         Independently-formed
Transportation                                          Students created and                student litter patrol
                                                        performed original song and         maintained the playground.
                                                        skit for the launch.                An estimated 500 gallons of
                                                        Classes made posters                materials recycled at the
                                                        welcoming Albert. Age-              school weekly. Grants from
                                                        appropriate “Think Green”           other partners supported
                                                        items were given to all             seasonal gardens and a mini-
                                                        students.                           weather station.

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