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					Strategic Management

Also known a business policy allows the students to put themselves in the shoes of an
              owner or chief executive officer of different organizations.
The major task expected of you is to take strategic decisions & to justify those decisions
              through oral & written communications. Do not hesitate to take a stand
              your rationale for your decision is more important than the actual
              decision, because no one know for sure what the best strategy is for a
              particular organization at given point in time, hence the subjective
              nature of Strategic management process.
Strategic decisions determine the future direction & competitive position of an
              enterprise for a long time. Decisions to expand geographically or to
              diversify are eg. of strategic decisions. These take place in all types & size
              of organization from GM to Small hardware store.
              An organization is in real trouble if Sd. are not made effectively. Doing
              the right things (effectiveness) is more important than doing things right

Text Book: - Strategic Management Concepts & Cases (eleventh / twelfth edition) by
             Fred R. David . concept, theory, research & techniques.
             Associated Web Sites text at
             Online Strategic Management Club

               The book will begin with giving you an understanding of basic concepts.
               It will then take you through developing a vision & mission statement,
               performing an external audit, conducting an internal assessment(last two
               steps also called internal/external environment scanning), formulating &
               selecting, implementing & evaluating strategies.

               It also examines the strategic management concepts in global, natural
               environment & e-commerce perspective the three themes permeating the
               all the chapters

Chapters: -    1 to 9

Part 1         Over View of Strategic Management

               C-1---The Nature of Strategic Management

Part 2         Strategy Formulation

               C-2---The Business Vision & Mission
               C-3---The External Assessment
               C-4---The Internal Assessment
              C-5---Strategies in Action
              C-6---Strategies Analysis & Choice

Part 3        Strategy Implementation

              C-7---Implementing Strategies: management & Operations Issues
              C-8---Implementing Strategies Marketing, Finance / accounting, R7D,
              And MIS Issues
              C-9---Strategy review, Evaluation & Control

Cases         Will do selective cases out of the 40(manufacturing + service, ecommerce,
              small businesses, int business, not for profit) given including the cohesion
              case of Googleto apply concepts & techniques to a real organization. It is a
              rapidly growing, global Co. HQ I Winston Salem North Carolina.
              Each case focuses on multiple business functions instead of focusing
              on one particular business problem or issue.
              You are suppose to read Part 5 “How to prepare & present a Strategic
              management Case”
              There is a case matrix in the preface detailing topics emphasized in each
              case, suggesting how each case deals with the three themes & nine

Experiential Exercises At end of Chapters. To help you apply concepts & techniques in
particular to google Tohelp prepare the students for the case analysis

Quizzes               10
Assignments           10
Class Participation 10
Midterm               30
Project               20
Final                 20
* Marks distribution may change